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Ghost Stories, a Destiny Podcast
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Episode 58: The Vault of Cast
2 hour 11 minutes Posted Jul 24, 2018 at 10:19 am.
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Episode 58: YOU DIED


This is Episode 58 and on this show we’re saying it's Episode 59. What does it mean?! This wasn't the Vault episode I was expecting! In any case, we're finally back behind the mics to take a stab at making a show without the kind of rigid structure you're probably accustomed to from us. We'll talk about why during the show, along with a whole load of other things including where we've been, what else we've been doing, and desperately racking our old man brains trying to figure out what happened between the last episode and this one. We know we forgot stuff. This is essentially DGS VARIETY HOUR PART 2, so set your expectations accordingly. Also, Xray swears a lot.

It's been a while.

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