My Backstory with Josh Boyer
My Backstory with Josh Boyer
Josh Boyer
Welcome to My Backstory with Josh Boyer The show where anything goes. We’ll talk about mindset, motivation, philosophy, personal growth, and life. Our experiences largely shape our lives. We all have a story and this is My Backstory!
Ep. 87 Sean Whalen
I am so happy that I had the opportunity to do this episode with Sean Whalen. Sean is an amazing orator and shares his story so passionately that its virtually impossible not to be moved by it. We talk about how he lost millions and managed to build it back up. We discuss the importance of the stories that we tell ourselves, and how they can have a direct impact on your trajectory. Sean talks about tackling his fears. The greatest take away for me was," what if we're already perfect?'
Sep 28
1 hr 25 min
Ep. 86 Jeddy Azuma
This was another powerful episode. Jeddy and I discuss everything from Men's work, shedding our old stories, plant medicine, and bring our best selves to the world. Jeddy shares his journey from living life in the fast lane on the East Coast to moving across the country by himself to find what he was missing in his life. I'm sure that this episode will resonate with a lot of you, especially men!
Sep 23
1 hr 11 min
Ep. 85 Danny Warrick
This was such a powerful episode. Danny is a man that I met at a Men's retreat, and we instantly connected. On this episode he shares his journey of dealing with drug abuse, mental health issues, and how he finally decided that there is so much more to life that he was missing. We talk about his transition out of his dark places to deciding that he wanted to contribute more to society. I also share my opinion about the importance of aurhenticity when it comes to teachers. I hope you all enjoy!
Sep 1
1 hr 23 min
The Hard Question Ep. 12 of 12 with Kevin Hines
Here is the final episode of the 12 part podcast series "The Hard Question" with Kevin Hines. Kevin's story is nothing short of amazing, and it makes me so happy that he is here now to share it with everyone. Kevin shares his story, what he thinks people can do to save themselves, and what we can all do help one another. This series is dedicated to the memory of Rory Hamill, his amazing kids, and to continuing his legacy of helping people in need.
Aug 24
33 min
The Hard Question Ep. 11 of 12 with Chris Osman
Here is Episode 11 of 12 of The Hard Question Podcast Series with Chris Osman. There are very few people that I have as much Love for as I do for Chris. Chris and I have done a couple episodes together and this one didn't disappoint. Chris always keeps it real and shares exactly how he feels without the fear of judgement. He owns his past and is willing to talk about it all openly, which is helping more people than he probably realizes. I am super thankful for Chris and this super important episode!
Aug 17
2 hr 14 min
The Hard Question Ep. 10 of 12 with Syn Martinez
Here is episode 10 of 12 of The Hard Question Podcast series with Syn Martinez from Afro Brutality. This episode was pretty profound for me. These episodes were born out of the desire to continue Rory's legacy of helping so many people, especially in terms of mental health. Rory only knew Syn and I for a brief amount of time; however, he left such a lasting impact on both of us. We talk about that impact, our views on suicide, social media and so much more. I hope you all walk away better for listening!
Aug 10
44 min
The Hard Question Ep. 9 of 12 with Doc Todd
Here is Ep. 9 of 12 of The Hard Question Podcast Series with Doc Todd. This was an awesome episode for a multitude of reasons. We talk about mental health, the pressures of trying to make a positive difference, and how important it is to check in with ourselves in the midst of helping others. We talk about the financial stressors of living your passion and purpose, and how important it is to be supported. I think you're all going to dig this episode!
Jul 27
1 hr 23 min
The Hard Question Ep. 8 of 12 with Joshua Coburn
Here is Ep. 8 of 12 of The Hard Question Podcast Series with Joshua Coburn. This episode was super important to me because Joshua Coburn has made a huge impact in my life in terms of mental health and otherwise. I know that whoever listens to this episode will immediately understand why I have so much Love for this dude. This episode is real, raw, authentic, and full of helpful tips that have helped us battle our own internal demons. I hope you all dig this episode as much as I did recording it
Jul 21
1 hr 15 min
The Hard Question Ep. 7 of 12 with Austin Legg
Here is Ep. 7 of 12 of The Hard Question Podcast Series with Austin Legg. This episode is so near and dear to me. Austin shares his powerful story about his battles with mental health, and where his life is today. He talks about going from wanting to end his life to finding a glimmer of hope that literally changed the trajectory of his life. Austin is such a positive force in the world, and I am so thankful for him and his story. We need more Austin Legg's in this world. You're going to Love this episode!
Jul 13
1 hr 41 min
The Hard Question Ep. 6 of 12 with Clark Impastato
Here is episode 6 of 12 of The Hard Question with Clark Impastato. This was our 2nd episode together, and it definitely didn't disappoint. We talk about how he's doing, his thoughts about alcohol and mental health, his views on suicide, and how he finds his way out of funks if he ever finds himself there. I know this episode is going to touch people, and hopefully make a huge positive difference in many people's lives.
Jul 7
1 hr 7 min
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