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Getting Over: Wrestling Podcast
Getting Over: Wrestling Podcast, Adam Silverstein
WWE: Big E goes over, Hurt Business reunites, Raw steps up, SmackDown has a problem
1 hour 23 minutes Posted Sep 28, 2021 at 10:57 am.
]. The Main Event focuses on Big E's two big meaty matches with Bobby Lashley for the WWE title, including a steel cage main event following the shocking return of the Hurt Business [12:25]. The guys break down the booking for Big E, who has a new challenger in Drew McIntyre, and Lashley, who has Goldberg waiting for him. Up next is The Good, The Bad and The Ugly [31:15] where topics include two tremendous midcard title matches, Riddle vs. AJ Styles tearing the house down, some atrocious women's booking, Naomi's big moment and much more. Follow Getting Over on Twitter @GettingOverCast.
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With Extreme Rules in the rear-view mirror and the WWE Draft ahead, a pleasantly surprising Raw showed that WWE may have finally found its footing with its former A show. Host Adam Silverstein and co-host Chris Vannini discuss why Raw has succeeded the last three weeks going up against Monday Night Football as well as some issues with the new A show, SmackDown, that are preventing it from being as great as it can be [