Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness
Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness
Earwolf & Jonathan Van Ness
A weekly exploration of all the things Jonathan Van Ness (Queer Eye, Gay of Thrones) is curious about. Come on a journey with Jonathan and experts in their respective fields as they get curious about anything and everything under the sun.
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Premier soul
JVN is a premier soul of whom I remain in awe and the world is a better place because
Yes ❤️
every time I’m stressed or just feeling bad I listen to this podcast love them very much Jonathan’s vibe is everything :)
JVN is one of the most joyous, intelligent, and gorgeeeeee people on the planet. I’m inspired by him almost daily. Thank you for your spirit and your coffee dances!! You make me smile :)
Genius and joyful
JVN is a joy, and this podcast has taught me new things week after week. The guest choices are always brilliant and insightful, and Jonathan’s energy will draw you in.
Great conversations
Jonathan van Ness is a good soul, and it shows in his work, as “Queer Eye” fans certainly know and appreciate. Just listened to his excellent, important interview with Dr. Edith Eger. So many people lack curiosity, but his is expressed thoughtfully, with genuine interest. Dr. Eger was a delightful guest, but it was clear she was there because she recognized his open, loving heart. Now listening to another valuable episode on unions and their relevance. Great guests, a fine host who is a natural teacher.
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IFS with Richard Schwartz
I wish this episode was still available to listen? I want to share it with others but it seems to have been taken down for some reason?..
One of the best podcasts out there!
Getting Curious has become one of my favorite podcasts and in fact, I get giddy every time a new one is released. Jonathan is an empathic and energetic host whose authenticity comes across so well with guests. I have learned so much listening to this podcast. Every time it’s an uplifting experience and I always look forward to the next episode.
Love this show! Has turned into a classic go-to for me. @jvn ilysm 😭 could you please try to work on not interrupting people? Your guests have some great things to say and you cut them off so much. Love you bb ♥️
This is the podcast I need right now
I’ve been binging Queer Eye during quarantine, and decided I needed more JVN in my life.
Learning while laughing
My favorite part about this show is how you hear what makes these brilliant experts laugh even while discussing very serious and fascinating topics. It’s both humanizing and disarming, and is a brilliant use of JVN’s talents and personality. Even when the language or reactions are playful, there is still a mindfulness in the moment to tug on an answer and go a bit deeper. It’s really well done and I learn something every time. I love it
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Love you!
Hi Johnathan, Have loved listening to your podcast. You are such an insightful, smart guy! Especially loved the show with Aly. Truly appreciated that MOST of the show you hadn’t dropped one f-bomb.. but then it came! Oooh! My husband & I both turned 70. He says that’s the way kids speak today..I have to close my ears! I find it very offensive. Please consider that there are all kinds of folks & of so many ages that LOVE you!! Thank you, Denise PS..tell Tan has a very, very poopy mouth too. Just finished listening to your podcast with Senator Ed Markly. Fantastic Johnathan!! Thank YOU for being so respectful and not dropping one F-bomb!! Just one little A word but hey, this old gal totally appreciated your thoughtfulness in keeping it clean! Love you!! Denise Oregon
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Ashlee marie preston episode blew me away!!
amazing interview with ashlee marie preston!!!! I work in the nonprofit sector and learned ALOT listening to her perspective, experience and wisdom. 10/10
So smart
I love the topics and interviews! So smart and fun!
Love 💕💕
Thank you like always for being a bright spot in an otherwise very weird and dark time!! Always informative episodes and even if I’m tempted to skip because I don’t think the topic will interest me I’m always glad I listen anyways because I’m ALWAYS interested. Especially loved the conversation with Aly, as a former gymnast and current gardener. All the love to you and the creators of the pod!
Simply joyful
JVN makes learning about life JOYFUL and hopeful and FUN. I can listen to this on a run and not get bored, which is the highest compliment I could give to a podcast!
Love this podcast!
JVN’s non-judgy curiosity makes for a great show, every time.
I love her more and more every day!
I love the topics and Jonathan’s questions are perfect
Highly recommended
Jonathan’s podcasts are so interesting. I learn so much about the world around us and highly recommend listening in to everyone. Thank-you Jonathan for your curiosity and efforts to make our world better. I appreciate you very much!
D in Las Vegas
Great podcast.
This podcast is so fun to listen to. It’s also very informative while at the same time feelings like you’re just chitchatting with friends.
You’re the best human
Love you so much JVN. Love your ideas and hard work. You’re a beautiful person!!
Kaasssiaa gnnnieeewwzz
You’re my favorite uwu
Hi Johnny (can I call you that?), I just wanted to write a review to tell you I love your podcast and you’re my favorite person! -Anna
It’s like going to a Ted Talk at the hair salon.
Love JVN. Love what he talks about. Thank you for bringing social justice issues to light.
She’s great but there are uncorrecter errors
We love van ness: BUT Your holocaust episode: 1. Nazi party won 44% of vote not 30% 2. Hitler did not become Chancellor because predecessor died. Your Professor/PHD expert must be thinking of Hindenburg who died 1.5 years after Hitler became Chancellor and held the position of President anyway which he had held for almost 8 years.
JVN is gorgeous!!
I learn so much from each episode! He’s such a bright ray of sunshine. ❤️
Really Happy for this Podcast
I’m so so happy I found this podcast and immediately put it in my rotation. Thank you JVN for following your curiosity!! Getting Curious reminds me of Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell (who is also so so good!!) and I love it. Jonathan is such a bright ray of sunshine and this podcast is a gift. Love!
Only JVN!
I do NOT do politics. *snore* In my entire life, only JVN has made it interesting and engaging and make me feel as though my participation is essential. Thank you for being so political, JVN! Thank you for educating and empowering us! Thank you, most of all, for being yourself. You make me unreasonably happy and help me in more ways than I can say, just by being you. Oceans of Love.
Stay sexy
Get the MFM women! Talk about toxic masculinity!!! And laugh!
Love this! Great interviews and guests. Education is power!
I love this podcast!!! It’s so fun and informative - thank you for the work you do👏👏👏
Court a
Love this podcast! Amazing intriguing content and experts. I do get frustrated how often JVN interrupts who he is interviewing, and often gets on long tangents that often don’t get to any point or allow the interviewer to have their needed time to explain. I also think JVN should prepare a more defined path of questioning, so that he can get to points he’s trying to get in the podcast ex: Bill Nye episode reflects the importance of this. HOWEVER, jvn’s personality, humor and intelligence shines brightly and brings great entertainment.
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pc court
Love love love
Love this so much
A Fun Bumpy Ride
Most of the episodes are really well done, I recommend this podcast to my friends! Once in a while when JVN gets really excited he tends to talk over his guests before they finish speaking or his thoughts scatter around for a couple minutes, but it’s easy to just rewind a few times so you don’t get lost. In a way, it does show how engaging and passionate some of the guests are when sharing their expertise. I mean, I wish the snake episode was twice as long! Overall, it’s a fun ride albeit bumpy at times.
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Honey! This pod is amazing!
I learned SOOO much about dinosaurs and birds on the episode with Dr Clark. JVN, your questions were so thoughtful and this pod is delightful!
Love the history episodes!
I love history and, obviously, so does JVN. He has great background knowledge on the topics and his guests share so much information. I always learn new things about the topic. I recently listened to #155 on the Civil War and shared #188 and 189 about the Holocaust, with my 20 yr old son while we were on a road trip. Keep up with these type of episodes!
My favorite podcast
I love the guests he brings on and he talks about a wide range of topics. Love love love!
FIV + Cats
Hey, J, I absolutely adore your pod, so much great info. It’s amazing. I love hearing you talk about & normalize discussions around HIV + people. I was wondering if you’d ever considered having someone on to talk about FIV in Cats? I know you are a kitty lover & I work for Best Friends Animal Society, so I was just thinking that might be a cool crossover/ way to raise awareness of something that cats go through in shelters that can be a death sentence, but shouldn’t be. Just an idea! I love the pod, thank you so much for how you are positively changing society & all your hard work! 😸❤️
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RE: interview with Sallie Krawcheck
I just want to say, that I was very interested in this interview. I went to the Ellevest website to start up, but I wasn’t able to. Because as a single working mom, of two children and I work very part time. So unfortunately, I don’t make the $12,000 a year requirement to start an account thru Ellevest. Am very disappointed that I don’t qualify. This is one of the reasons that women feel they must Save Money instead of Invest. Because I do not make enough to qualify.
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Profoundly stupid
I listened to the civil war podcast and our host knows less than your average 6th grader. Why do we, as a society, hold up people who are so idiotic that it’s hard to fathom? The guest was great but clearly overwhelmed by the lack of erudition on the part of the interviewer. He could’ve done a much better job had he done just a little bit of studying. Don’t waste your time.
Thoughtful. Passionate. Intelligent. Funny. Over the top.
Loved the two part episode you did a few weeks ago. Would love to see those more!
Joyful, provocative, inspiring
Jonathan's passion, enthusiasm and genuine intellectual curiosity are so inspiring. What a joy to listen to him draw out the wisdom of far-flung experts and never be afraid to admit he doesn't know something. Thank you, Jonathan, for sharing yourself with the world. For introducing us to new ways of thinking. For making us laugh. You are a light.
great topics & interview style
i love the format & topics of course love love love JVN
You should do a podcast with Laurie Hernandez
Yep, these podcasts are SO FREAKING GOOD.
As a person who was never into podcasts before, JVN has changed my entire perspective! I’ve seen all the Queer Eye episodes (p.s. when is the next season ready.... IM GOIN CRAZY) so I figured I would love listening to anything and everything within Jonathan’s podcasts.. I seriously find myself randomly smiling and laughing in my car whenever I’m listening. These podcasts are a MUST and that’s coming from someone who has never been into podcasts at all.
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I LOVE U JVN! You should make more Queer eye seasons Btw I read ur book!!! Its awesome
Except the truth
I appreciate JVN so much for always being curious. He has super interesting guests and asks very thought provoking questions, and I learn so much during every episode! This has become one of my favorite podcasts to listen to!
Laugh out loud informative!
I love when JVN covers a seemingly random topic. He brings on very knowledgeable experts and explores topics with a sense of humor and genuine curiosity. A bit of comic relief pairs well with the interesting info!
this podcast just brightens up my day! I live for jonathan’s energy! his authenticity is so inspiring and contagious 🥰 not to mention I’m also learning a lot
LOVE this podcast!
Jonathan’s ability to be absolutely authentic brings me such joy. I have learned so much from the experts and Jonathan about things I never even thought to get curious about. I have laughed, cried, and screed in righteous anger right along with every episode and look forward to them every week!
Wolvie's girl
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