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Get to Know your S.O.!
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Ep. 5 - It's Accessible: Modern Music Debunked - PART 2
59 minutes Posted Feb 9, 2021 at 2:00 pm.
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Episode 5 - It's Accessible: Modern Music Debunked PART 2

Here we go again! Today? The 1960s through the present day. 

Ever been put off by 20th century orchestral music? Too "modern sounding" for you? Not enough melody? Prefer Rachmaninoff or Tchaikovsky? If you've answered "yes" to any of the above, boy do we have the show for you! Today, Drew & I show you just how accessible 20th Century music can be!

After introducing the "how" and "why" of this episode, Drew and I dive into each decade of the 20th century and show you examples from each. These pieces are not only important, but also accessible and not too far out there for the ear/mind to digest when you're listening to them. We each choose 1 piece of music per decade, and since there's so much music, we have to throw some honorable mentions in there! We then pick one of the two and play an audio clip to give you a taste. We hope you not only have fun along with us, but that this also gives you a new appreciation for 20th and 21st century music. Hopefully it will encourage you to find your own favorites! Have some we didn't mention? Let us know!

Our picks: Drew's & Wojciech's in that order, separated by "&"
**doubles are omitted and substituted

1960s: Shostakovich: "String Quartet No. 8" & Virgil Thomson: "Autumn"
Honorable mentions: Bernstein "Chichester Psalms" & Stravinsky: "Canon on a Russian Theme"

1970s: G. Crumb: "Mikrokosmos" & Arvo Part: "Spiegel im Spiegel"
HMs: Arvo Part: "Fratres", Górecki: "Three Dances for Orchestra", Astor Piazzolla: "Libertango"

1980s: Arvo Part: "Fratres" & Michael Nyman: "Memorial
HMs: Arvo Part: "Los Angeles Symphony" & Peter Maxwell Davies: Orkney Wedding at Sunrise; John Adams: Short Ride in a Fast Machine

1990s: E. Rautavaara: Symphony No. 7 "Angel of Light" & A. Marquez:  Danzon No. 2
HMs: W. Kilar - Requiem Father Kolbe

2000s: M. Richter: "On the Nature of Daylight"  from "Blue Notebooks" x2!!! (We agree!!)
HMs: P. Glass: "The Hours" & J. Higdon: "Blue Cathedral"; M. Bates: "Mothership"

2010s: S. Reich: "WTC 9/11" & M. Richter: "Four Seasons Recomposed"
HMs: W. Marsalis: Violin Concerto & R. Orth: Pineland Breeze 

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