Get Ready For It! Podcast
Get Ready For It! Podcast
The Amazing King
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Live and in color, Get ready for the trio cast debating on everything from deep and emotional to down right petty, not to Mention the love/hate relationship between host and Co-hosts.
You want to talk about real life? Lets get REAL!
Come join us as we talked about real life with our guest bebe, back in the house by popular demand. also we tackle local Topics such as Tampa Bay Tech High School .you want to talk about real let's get real.
Aug 19
1 hr
Our Friend: Cycle Of Life
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Aug 12
1 hr 9 min
The Ambush Of: The Amazing King
Help❗help❗ there was an ambush that happened here. Come join us today on the get ready for it podcast as we are joined by special guest Todd. As we take on all the Hot Topics that are going on in today's entertainment. But please listen and you will...
Jul 29
1 hr 3 min
Sexy Lex up in this Bih !
Sexy lex up in this Bih❗come join us as we are joined by The Fabulous CEO herself Lex. as we talked about where her love of makeup came from,how her parents felt about her doing makeup and so much more about her life. also we tackle a few hot topics...
Jul 22
1 hr 7 min
Relations No Sex: Part 2
Come take a seat at the table as we talk about everything that deals with relationships and nothing to do with sex. Featuring The oh so lovely Jessica and also the Beautiful jelly. Is watching p*** considered to be cheating? Come find out our opinion on...
Jul 15
51 min
The Great Debate: Round 2
Let's get ready to rumble. Round 2 of the great debate Starts Now come take a listen at the returning guest the inhuman with the new girl on the Block Brandi. you wanted to debate come get this debate!
Jul 8
55 min
Let's Talk About It!
Hey how about we talk about it! Come join us as we talk about some off-the-wall crazy topics and find out where chickens really come from on this week episode. you're in for doozy this week! Ready Set Go.
Jul 1
56 min
Talk with Your Music!
whats the most underrated genre of music?
Jun 24
39 min
Come and get these laughs!
Do you need a good old fashion laugh like everbody else does? Well coming join us on this episode featuring the funny lady herself Asia. And also a new guest Roan. As we talk about everything that's happening in urban entertainment .And since we have...
Jun 17
54 min
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