Gayest Episode Ever
Gayest Episode Ever
Drew Mackie & Glen Lakin / TableCakes Productions
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It’s a great show
Unbelievable deep dive into our history of us being just one off special characters to today’s world. Wish they would cover The Simpsons more tho lol jk. Also bring back Tony again. Also listen to the Cybil episode great stuff
santiago j valerio
A fascinating look at the evolution of queer representation on TV
Besides just being a fun something to listen to, Drew and Glen add a lot of insight to the old cliche of the “very special episode”. As it turns out, those very special episodes tell the history of America’s social attitudes not just towards the LGBTQ community, but towards diverse representation of many classes of minorities. It’s a collection of bold steps forward, cynical grabs, and embarrassing stumbles that both time and GEE have given humor and perspective. So take a journey through America’s stumbling early attempts to understand queer people as Drew and Glen take a closer look at it all while occasionally helping their friends get jobs. What else are you gonna do, read?
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Zack R
Getting Harder to Listen To
I've been a longtime listener to Gayest Episode Ever, but I find myself skipping more and more episodes because they are simply too long. I don't think anyone needs to listen to 2 1/2 hours about a single Boy Meets World episode. Drew and Glenn need an editor.
Fun and thoughtful
This podcast is for anyone who loves LGBTQ+ discussion, sitcoms, or both! I’ve enjoyed every episode, even for sitcoms I haven’t seen and episodes I haven’t watched.
My favorite podcast
I didn’t know how much I was missing this for my life until I started listening to it. Now I can’t get enough!
So good!
There are a ton of people talking about pop culture podcasts out there, but what differentiates one from the others is how likable the hosts are. Drew and Glenn are both extremely likable and relatable, and I hope this podcast lasts for a long, long time.
A podcast so nice we reviewed it twice
Drew and Glen have the knowledge, charisma, and TV-nerdery needed to host this podcast in the most expert way possible. Far and away my favorite podcast. I absolutely love reflecting on art and the queer themes in them, and TV, especially classic TV, often gets overlooked despite just how profound its impact was on the cultural zeitgeist. Thank you for the work you put into this podcast! - Kacey Spadafora Having recently come out, I’ve been spending much of my downtime during the pandemic searching out and digesting the influence and interactions of queer culture in mainstream media, especially in relation to content that I’ve grown up with and maybe didn’t understand why it spoke to me in the way that it did. That said, coming across this podcast felt like hitting the jackpot. Drew and Glen have so much knowledge on this subject, but present it in a way that feels approachable for someone like me that’s going through and making some of these thematic connections for the first time. Fantastic and thoughtful work through and though, I highly recommend them to anyone. - Daniel Fenton Anderson
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Really Good
Very insightful analysis of classic sitcoms. I highly recommend checking this out.
Frey Seagrove
A must listen on my list.
A rich and delightful podcast that covers the incredible histories of each show they cover before breaking down the “very special episode” of the week. I have learned so much from listening to Glenn and Drew as well as they guests and am often delighted when they recall a small tidbit that I too remember from watching these shows. I look forward to each new episode and am loving listening to the older episodes as I play catch up.
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Intelligent and in-depth
This is a terrific show. Intelligent and in-depth analysis.
David Raffin
Love the show. Thanks for going through the shows mom information about what was going on.
Fav podcast
I listen to this podcast while I’m doordashing ( because I’m in my mid 30’s and can’t afford to live of the income of my main retail job thanks boomers!!) anyway I lost my train of thought...oh yeah any chance you will do an episode of the Hulu series the awesomes?
Wonderful Podcast!!
I found this podcast through Matt Baume’s Youtube channel, and I am so glad I did! I have such a desire to learn more about LGBTQ+ history as well as television and media history, and this podcast is absolute perfection. Thank you Drew and Glen! ♥️
A Wonderful Series
Drew and Glenn (and occasional friends) run a great analysis of LGBT experiences in pop culture and media. They have a great chemistry and their episodes are informative and educational. A must listen for anyone who is curious about LGBT history that may not be common knowledge.
Sitcom Geekdom at Its Finest
I absolutely love the banter between the cohosts and their guests and how they painstakingly break down the minutiae of classic (and not so classic) sitcoms. I equally love recaps of series I am familiar with and those I am completely unaware of or know in name only. A must listen for anyone interested in pop culture history!
Comforting Nostalgia
I enjoy hearing these two men and their guests run through nostalgia for shows, even ones I've never watched, or only watched a few years ago. I love hearing about the ins and outs of TV writing culture, and hollywood history. It's one of the more comforting hours of my work week to hear them.
Solid Work
This is the podcast I didn’t know I needed. Viewing classic sitcoms through a queer lens is refreshing. I don’t always agree with Drew and Glen, but I appreciate their point of view and look forward to their commentary every week!
Mr. McRae
Better than table-side guacamole!
This show hits the exact center of my queer/nerd/over-analytical introvert Venn diagram. It’s a carefully researched, well thought out, delightfully hosted love letter to TV history, and a joy for Prince Adam/Fisto shippers like me.
Jon Felix McCabe
Always enjoyable
Drew, Glen and Tony talking about the Muppets plus a Cake reference? My nerd heart soars!
Great podcast!
I heartily endorse this event or product.
A fun and insightful look in sitcoms old and new
I started listening to the podcast after Drew guested on Talking Simpsons. After listening to my first episode I’ve been hooked. A wonderful look into the history and cast of each show, with a deep and insightful dive into the major beats of episode. Both Drew and Glenn have great energy and chemistry as hosts. Also they bringing in expert guests that will cover groups or culture that they are not familiar with. Overall one of my go-to weekly podcasts that look forward to every week.
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Fun, authentic Queer magic
I think Glen and Drew are my spirit animals. They have created something that covers material I’ve spent so much time talking about to myself. Well, I don’t talk to myself, but they wrestle with all the things that I want to spend time dealing with. I love that they are taking on popular culture (TV) with such brazen gusto and charm. They’re great foils for one another and they deeply understand the material. And the best part is that when they don’t know the material, they bring in folx whose voices add such beautiful color to the conversation. I will admit to being slightly in love with them, but I have no shame even tho I don’t know them. I just get super excited when a new episode in my feed! If you love anything queer and you love pop culture and you love thoughtful, and thought provoking banter, do not hesitate. Can I be team both? (Not like in a threesome way, it’s just too hard to choose)
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Great to Fall Asleep To
Important content but the host and most his guests are very dull yet extremely pretentious.
Funny and insightful
A funny and insightful look back at old sitcom episodes through a queer lens. Some of the shows they cover are familiar to me, and some are completely new, but both are very interesting! Also love how they put the episodes in context of what else was going on at the time
Clive Dangerously
Must Listen Pod!
Listening to Glen and Drew bring light to important (big and small) LGBT+ depictions reflected in the TV media has been a highlight of my week!
Bob on Ross
A must listen
I stumbled upon Drew’s work ages ago when he was analyzing the etymology of video game names on his blog and have been following him ever since. He has teamed up with Glen for this podcast and they’re both insightful and funny. This is one of the podcasts I have to listen to every week (enough so that I’m now a patron).
Warm, wholesome & snarky
Like a hot apple pie with a self-deprecating caramel sauce. I could listen to these chaps all the livelong day.
Silly me
I started supporting on Patreon a couple of months ago but I kept forgetting to give my five star rating. Silly me! This is one of my new faves!
To paraphrase Tony the Tiger
It’s gaaaaaaaaaaaay-reat
The Rabbbbbbit Hole
Love, love, love this podcast! They go DOWN the rabbit hole dissecting television episodes, how they fit in current and the cultural landscape when they aired, IMBD histories, connections to other television moments and do much more. They have a witty banter back and forth as they do a scene by scene recap of the episodes. I’m about 10 or less episodes away from having to listened to them all! Check this show out!!!
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ctopher in mpls
Nothing makes me happier
This is by far one of my favorite podcasts. I love to reexamine the tv shows of my childhood (and beyond) with a queer magnifying glass, and I listen every week.
Intelligent and fun!
Great podcast. So interesting and fun. More, please! #TeamGlen
But everyone should like this
This is such an entertaining podcast. I get so much out of it. Not only is it interesting from an LGBTQ perspective (I say as a boring straight person), it's also great if you love pop culture and TV history. I've really enjoyed episodes for shows I know very well (Frasier, Simpsons), as well as episodes of shows I know nothing about (Barney Miller, Jennifer Slept Here). So don't let your (lack of) knowledge about a show stop you from listening. Drew and Glen are great hosts (I'm on Team Glen, by the way), and I appreciate the research that goes into each episode. I can't help be feel some kinship with them, as I'm about their age, I watched a lot of Frasier in high school, and I like video games. This is a super interesting and thought-provoking podcast.
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Snail Island
One of My Favorite Podcasts
I can’t get enough of this podcast. Even when they cover shows I’ve never seen, I find their discussion so entertaining and informed. Thank you Drew and Glen!
Dean Kewntz
My favorite podcast
This is my favorite podcast. It really is like hanging out with friends and just talking about favorite things, random trivia and weird things. It is also added to my enjoyment of watching classic TV. I enjoy Drew and Glen’s dynamic and how welcoming they are when they bring guests into the show. And even when I am annoying and Tweet things at them, they are gracious in their replies.
Drew and Glen!
Drew and Glen do a great job presenting a thoughtful breakdown of the very special episodes of classic TV shows that also happen to be the very queer episodes.
These are my only friends...nerds like Gore Vidal, and even he's kissed more boys than I ever will.
Drew and Glen play very well off each other. They're funny, intelligent and quite skilled at having discussions that lend real insight to the shallowness of old sitcoms. They are excellent at finding guests with interesting perspectives and the humility and wisdom to find people whose experiences are relevant to the topics when their own experiences fall short. Really though, it's worth listening just for Glen.
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a queer representation time capsule
As someone who hadn’t yet been born when most of these episodes were originally aired (and hadn’t heard of some of the shows), this podcast for me is a very interesting and informative look at how queer representation on television has evolved. Their friendship, great editing, and calming, inviting voices add to the well researched episode discussion to make a pleasant listening experience! Highly recommend!
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Great show, peeps!
I’m too poor to contribute on Patreon at the moment, but am going to have a holiday job starting tomorrow, so we’ll see what happens. If I can’t do that, at least I can leave a good review!
I look forward every Wednesday
These lads are smart, funny and very appreciative of unsung television actors. Also The recent re enactment of the cheers episode with Sam pancake and Tony Rodriguez is one of the funniest things in this decade so far
One of my favorites
I love this podcast. It’s really informative and entertaining.
Insightful, funny, and important
Drew & Glen’s project addresses an important topic in an accessible manner. They interact well—providing complimentary perspectives—while reviewing LGBT+ issues in television history.
One of the most intersting podcasts
I stumbled on this podcast and it has become one of my go to Podcasts. Glen and Drew bring an insight to shows I remember in a new and exciting way.
fascinating and funny
i’m really interested in pop culture depictions of queerness, but sitcoms have always been a blind spot for me. taking a deep dive into those shows that were always just on but which i never actually paid attention to, and looking at how they talk about lgbt themes (or don’t talk about them, sometimes!) has been really fascinating! and the hosts’ sense of humor and passion for the subject makes it way funnier than “listen to two dudes describe an episode of Cheers for an hour” might suggest.
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Informative and Fun
Love hearing these two go down the rabbit hole of pop culture through a queer lens. Their clear (platonic!) affection for one another and for the shows they review is clear.
A fun listen at all levels of expertise
When I found this podcast, I assumed I'd just check in here and there. I wanted to hear people talk about the shows my parents had exposed me to as a young teen, specifically the episodes that'd been some of my first exposures to queerness, from people who were close to the material. I'd skip through for stuff I liked or at least knew, and that would be it. Turns out that Glen and Drew aren't just compelling critics, they're genuinely fun personalities with great chemistry. I soon found myself picking up episodes on stuff outside my knowledge sphere, simply to hear more of their voices. New episodes are now the highlight of my week, even when it's about stuff I've barely thought about--certainly I'm more interested in King of the Hill now than I ever expected to be. And it's especially fun to dive into an episode on a show I've literally never heard of, and let Drew and Glen guide me through a wild new experience. If you have even a passing familiarity with sitcoms, I wholeheartedly believe you'll fall in love with this show, just as I did. End of review. Bye forever.
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You're All Cot Up!
Funny & informative!
Love this podcast! Stumbled upon it because I follow one of the hosts (@bobservo) on twitter and accidentally got addicted. It’s great to take a look back on classic shows and dissect their perspectives on homosexuality, while still being able to laugh about the context. To the hosts, great job!!! Keep doing what you’re doing!!
Super fun!
Enjoying the podcast. You have reminded me of how much time I can whittle away in front of a television. I really enjoy the podcast and am now restarting it.
Nostalgia in shades of purple
Glen and Drew have a humorously antagonistic dynamic that I look forward to each week. I love listening to them share their interest of sitcoms from a time when I too was growing up. As someone who likes to learn about the people behind the scenes of various things, I appreciate the research they put into these shows and the people involved in making them. They view the episodes through the lens of todays progressiveness while acknowledging the society and culture of “back then”. These sitcoms helped shape me in both good and bad ways and it is both entertaining and thought provoking to revisit them and get a hindsight look at my own queer history.
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thank you for being a friend
i look forward to this every week. it’s fun, educational and full of tidbits. thanks to our sultry hosts, people get more insight into sitcoms & how they’ve evolved. i’m looking forward to the spin-off podcast about queer hour long dramas.
Daves brain
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