Gayest Episode Ever
Gayest Episode Ever
Drew Mackie & Glen Lakin / TableCakes Productions
Back in the day, a major sitcom doing a gay episode was a big deal. A proper gay episode would get headlines, but it would get the attention of two young guys who were still figuring things out — sexuality-wise and culture-wise. Gayest Episode Ever has screenwriter Glen Lakin and stay-at-home journalist Drew Mackie going through the great and not-so-great gay episodes of sitcoms past.
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Insightful, funny, and important
Drew & Glen’s project addresses an important topic in an accessible manner. They interact well—providing complimentary perspectives—while reviewing LGBT+ issues in television history.
One of the most intersting podcasts
I stumbled on this podcast and it has become one of my go to Podcasts. Glen and Drew bring an insight to shows I remember in a new and exciting way.
fascinating and funny
i’m really interested in pop culture depictions of queerness, but sitcoms have always been a blind spot for me. taking a deep dive into those shows that were always just on but which i never actually paid attention to, and looking at how they talk about lgbt themes (or don’t talk about them, sometimes!) has been really fascinating! and the hosts’ sense of humor and passion for the subject makes it way funnier than “listen to two dudes describe an episode of Cheers for an hour” might suggest.
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Informative and Fun
Love hearing these two go down the rabbit hole of pop culture through a queer lens. Their clear (platonic!) affection for one another and for the shows they review is clear.
A fun listen at all levels of expertise
When I found this podcast, I assumed I'd just check in here and there. I wanted to hear people talk about the shows my parents had exposed me to as a young teen, specifically the episodes that'd been some of my first exposures to queerness, from people who were close to the material. I'd skip through for stuff I liked or at least knew, and that would be it. Turns out that Glen and Drew aren't just compelling critics, they're genuinely fun personalities with great chemistry. I soon found myself picking up episodes on stuff outside my knowledge sphere, simply to hear more of their voices. New episodes are now the highlight of my week, even when it's about stuff I've barely thought about--certainly I'm more interested in King of the Hill now than I ever expected to be. And it's especially fun to dive into an episode on a show I've literally never heard of, and let Drew and Glen guide me through a wild new experience. If you have even a passing familiarity with sitcoms, I wholeheartedly believe you'll fall in love with this show, just as I did. End of review. Bye forever.
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You're All Cot Up!
Funny & informative!
Love this podcast! Stumbled upon it because I follow one of the hosts (@bobservo) on twitter and accidentally got addicted. It’s great to take a look back on classic shows and dissect their perspectives on homosexuality, while still being able to laugh about the context. To the hosts, great job!!! Keep doing what you’re doing!!
Super fun!
Enjoying the podcast. You have reminded me of how much time I can whittle away in front of a television. I really enjoy the podcast and am now restarting it.
Nostalgia in shades of purple
Glen and Drew have a humorously antagonistic dynamic that I look forward to each week. I love listening to them share their interest of sitcoms from a time when I too was growing up. As someone who likes to learn about the people behind the scenes of various things, I appreciate the research they put into these shows and the people involved in making them. They view the episodes through the lens of todays progressiveness while acknowledging the society and culture of “back then”. These sitcoms helped shape me in both good and bad ways and it is both entertaining and thought provoking to revisit them and get a hindsight look at my own queer history.
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thank you for being a friend
i look forward to this every week. it’s fun, educational and full of tidbits. thanks to our sultry hosts, people get more insight into sitcoms & how they’ve evolved. i’m looking forward to the spin-off podcast about queer hour long dramas.
Daves brain
Excellent Podcasting Behavior
These gentlemen delight me to no end. Thoughtful and humorous. A welcome change of pace, that will make you lol while giving you a new perspective to consider.
I keep waiting for them to fall in love
In a world where practically every set of friends is making a podcast, this is the one to listen to. Good research, good trivia, good humor, nice voices. But with their cute story of meeting and pandemic lockdown I assume they have to be falling in love and I am thrilled be listening to their courtship each week.
Love these guys!
They’re usually one of the highlights of my week! 🤩🤩
Come for the Nostalgia, stay for the sexual tension
Gayest Episode Ever has been my first foray into podcasts, I never really got into them and thought they were all just about murders, but to my surprise here was a fun discussion of one of my favorite things: TV! While I have not seen every Episode Drew and Glen discuss, they do a great job of setting the scene and dropping in clips so you feel like you are watching along with them. It is quite fun to listen and remember episodes and get to feel like you are part of a discussion - I mean I give my point of view in my head even though Drew and Glen can’t hear me... at least I don’t think they can. Is it weird to say that a podcast feels welcoming? I am always excited for the new episodes to upload as it does feel like I get to chat with friends for a while and forget the world is in a pandemic. It’s a nice escape and thank you to both Drew and Glen for doing this! The two of them have a fun banter with one another that is very enjoyable to listen too and both bring lots of great knowledge to the show (specia thanks to Drew since he researches each show and gives some great info upfront of each ep!). It’s always a great listen and I’m always a bit sad once it’s over. And with only a microphone separating them it’s the either the tinge of disdain or it’s an unbridled passion in their voices that I’m sure results in each episode ending in either a dynasty level smack down or a tawdry dynasty style affair in that kitchen - both of which I would pay extra on patron to see! Oh and hi Thurman!
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Garrett 2 r's and 2 t's
Great podcast to binge.
Great Show!
Great podcast to listen to while commuting to work!
Good show
Learn from elder gays about our history in classic tv shows. Takes me back. #TeamGlen
Fun and entertaining show
You should listen to this fun, entertaining show about LGBTQ episodes of classic sitcoms.
These Guys are Wonderful
Thank you!
This is an amazing show. I’m always learning something new and Glen and Drew are hilarious. As a lover of tv and queer culture, thank you!
Good Queer Fun
There’s truly nothing I love more than looking at queerness in media, so this podcast is perfect for me
Wonderful and informative
I love listening to the banter and actually learn some queer theory as well. I am about the same age as drew and glen and they have interesting perspectives on shows that I saw but never really thought about. Great job.
I love listening to Glen and Drew just talking. Each episode is well-researched but each podcast is Glen and Drew, and sometimes a guest, thinking out loud...
Great show! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Fascinating look at where society was in the handling of queer themes at various points in TV history! Great banter too!
A comfy podcast
Like kicking back with a 3rd season episode of Cheers on your TV and hot cup of night coffee in your hand
T. Monet
Fun and informative!
The hosts are delightful and the deep dive into sitcom history is well researched and interesting.
Great podcast
Super interesting podcast with excellent research and thought provoking discussion. Interesting to view this through a current day lens and see what has held up well and what is a bit cringe worthy.
Tons of fun, well researched
Binging on this, very funny and even informative. My episode recs to start with: 7 - Simpsons, 50 - Golden Girls, 49.5 - Que Pasa USA, 29 - Living Single, 14 - King of the Hill, 11 - Batman
Phil Crehan
Gee, what an great podcast!
The hosts, Drew and Glen, present fun, informative and engaging podcasts packed with LGBTQ sitcom history that I always enjoy. Even shows that I haven’t seen or know about are presented with a perspective that keep me interested and smiling until the closing credits. Keep up the excellent work!
I’ve been listening from the beginning and have heard the show mature and hit its groove. Its a unique idea, and really refreshing to hear something lighthearted. Please keep on! Thank you
I love this show
Thanks guys. This show is so good. I just signed up for the Patreon and have no regrets other than not doing it sooner. Keep up the great work.
Glen 💜
Wow, what a fantastic show. I just adore the dynamic between Drew and Glen. Glen’s hilarious quips and non-sequiturs -are the perfect colorful additions to Drew’s straight(???)-man play-by-play. Glen is the perfect “friend in my head”. There voices are soothing and offer great critiques and analyses to TV shows from a different era. I always smile when I see a new episode pop up and add an extra jump for joy when I see that Tony joins.
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I Know Where I’ve Been
Today, as LGBT people in the US, we can turn on the TV, choose almost any show, and we’re likely to see someone who looks like us telling stories like ours. And that visibility has transformed the world in unprecedented ways. But as a child of the 80s and 90s, I remember a time not very long ago, before Ellen, before Will & Grace, when representation was rare and many Americans didn’t want us in their living rooms or their lives. In Gayest Episode Ever, Drew & Glen take us back to this time and on a tour of our history as told by popular culture. From classics like the Golden Girls to less familiar subjects like Herman’s Head, you’ll see yourself through the eyes of Middle Americans of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Funny, insightful, educational, occasionally heartbreaking, and always sharp and pithy: I’d recommend this to any LGBT pop culture aficionado, or anyone who wants a look into what the world looked like just before we collectively came out of the closet and into the spotlight.
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Well Done! This is very enjoyable
I really enjoy this podcast. I find it calming, soothing and funny. I enjoy pop culture and appreciate the deep dives into “very special episodes” of legacy sitcoms. Well done guys!
Re: the female version of Adam & Steve
You can use either Ada & Eve or Addie & Eve (I think the latter has a better flow). Possibly Adina & Eve
Intelligent and fun!
Great podcast. So interesting and fun. More, please!
Misogyny lite
I have usually enjoyed this podcast and appreciate the in depth commentary and knowledgeable hosts. I learned quite a few things listening to it. However in the Scooby Doo episode, one of the hosts (I honestly can’t put names to voices) said that whenever he talks to straight women, he feels that they are less intelligent than queer women. Oh the ironic misogyny on what was supposed to be an episode about celebrating the accomplishments of a woman. I’m glad the other host replied with “maybe that’s just the straight women you talk to” but the other dude wasn’t letting up. I find this especially ironic considering how they were just discussing how women had to play dumb on TV and how there weren’t a lot of smart female characters on TV at the time. What does a woman’s sexuality have to do with her intelligence? You would think that the host would have more intelligence himself to not use anecdotal evidence and his own personal encounters to paint straight women as stupid. I’ll no longer be listening.
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Great for trivia buffs
Glen and Drew know so much inane trivia about these shows and they both have the right sort of intellect to dissect them from a modern perspective. One of my favorite podcasts.
Great take on TV podcasts
Just discovered this podcast when it was mentioned on Paul F Thompkins’ new podcast and I’m thrilled there’s a whole backlog of episodes to listen to. Smart hosts provide interesting, specific history on myriad old TV shows and the appearance of gay characters and themes in them.
New Favorite
I came for the Dungeons and Dragons episode and found my self starting from the beginning. From Diff’rent Strokes to Gimmie a Break, Glen and Drew cover all the great (and often far gayer than I remembered) shows from my childhood. It’s a trip down memory lane through a fantastic new lens! I can’t wait to hear what’s next
Robb Anybody
Hidden gem
I discovered this on my travels back and forth from Maine to NJ before my wife and I moved. Glen and Drew are amazing, I'm always excited to listen to the latest episode when it gets released.
Maine Roots Owner
Fun and insightful
Being a fan of classic tv, I look forward to hearing these guys dive into each episode through the lens of a writer’s perspective in present times, and as a gay. It’s always an interesting listen. Thank you guys for this wonderful topic that I look forward to.
Davey 3333
Word up!
One of my favorites
Definitely one of my favorite podcasts. The guys do such a good job of revisiting our favorite episodes of old sitcoms and pointing out things that truly flew over my head when I was a kid. I especially love that they add in scenes from the ep they’re talking about for more context plus the commercials of the time. So good.
Insightful, informative, and funny queer analysis.
This show was right up my alley simply because queer talk about about TV is gonna be my jam. But I've been most fascinated by learning how queer representation has evolved, how well even decades-old sitcoms I've never heard of handled it, and how queer context has changed over time. Plus, it’s delivered with a pleasantly dry and moderately cynical (but still loving) sense of humor that makes this a real easy listen.
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Never miss an episode
I appreciate all the thought and research that goes into this show....but how have you missed Kate and Allie: The Landlady in all this time? :)
Toxic Listener
Thoroughly enjoyable
Highly knowledgable guys who Offer intersting perspectives on Television series and how they Treat Their queer characters
Topic suggestion
It’s not a sitcom, but you should do an episode on the Thirtysomething episode Strangers season 3, episode 6. It aired on November 7, 1989, caused a lot of controversy but was so hot and as a 26 year old gay man I loved actually seeing two gay men in bed, after having sex, on a mainstream tv show.
Been on a binge. Thoroughly enjoying the memories, analysis, and trivia!
Entertaining, Amusing & Thought-Provoking
I have adored just about every episode of this podcast from the deep dive into “Gimme a Break!”’s very gay episode to the very well-laid discussion of Shelley Long’s career in the installment focused on, “The Boys in the Bar.” The hosts are well-informed and a pleasure to listen to; everyone should subscribe to GEE!
Fun and eye opening.
I love listening to this podcast and going back and watching the episodes afterwards. When I was younger watching most of these shows I think most of the gay things In them really didn’t make an impression on me. I was really sheltered and didn’t know gay was a thing. Also I think I’m a Glen. Or maybe I just want to hang out with glen. Or date him, or eat tacos with him. Not sure. Thanks for the hard work guys, mostly Drew i suspect. Lol
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