Gayest Episode Ever
Gayest Episode Ever
Drew Mackie & Glen Lakin / TableCakes Productions
Maude Goes to a Gay Bar
1 hour 24 minutes Posted May 26, 2020 at 9:02 pm.
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Show notes

“The Gay Bar” (December 3, 1977)

And then there’s Maude — for a second time! In this final-season installment, Maude battles Arthur (Conrad Bain) over his opposition to a gay bar that’s just opened up in town. It’s basically Arthur having conversation after conversation in which other character break apart his justifications for homophobia. But funny!

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If you want the backstory about how Maude came to be, listen to our previous episode about it. And if you want to find out about the strange way Maude ended, listen to our Night Court episode, in which Drew apparently ended up talking about it. No, he doesn’t remember why either.

Back in the early days, SNL was brutal to Anita Bryant in a way it’s not really capable of anymore. Also here is a song she never had any business singing.

“Inuyasha!” “Kagome!” “Inuyasha!” “Kagome!”

And, of course, the secret extended version of the theme to Maude.

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