Garrett's Games and Geekiness
Garrett's Games and Geekiness
Douglas Garrett
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Long running podcast, great perspective
I'm a big fan of Doug and Shelly's podcast, listening since the very beginning. I've purchased lots of games based on their reviews and have avoided some duds as well. I like the game explanations, but even more, I like the different perspectives about games they present. I feel like I'm at the table with them, with my glass of wine, enjoying a game discussion. Highly recommended.
Joe Andrews12
Good stuff for Eurogamers
A consistently upbeat, thoughtful, and informative tour of new Eurogames, though the married hosts never, ever have a strong disagreement about anything, so you're really just getting one voice, with the other being fairly redundant. The dry recitations of game mechanisms can become old after a while, as can the recent (2013) adoption of a single sponsor who is discussed ad nauseum.
Dice All Day
One of my regulars
This is one of the podcasts I listen to without fail. It is always entertaining to listen to Doug and Shelley converse back and forth. If you are a boardgamer this is one of the ones you should have for listening back and forth to work.
A casual & fun gamer, but a high quality podcast
GG&G is a great weekly podcast that continues to invite you into the life of Garrett & Shelly and the games they played. He includes reviews of both Games (and wines) and light banter about their recent game experiences of modern board gaming. This is a great board game podcast and has helped me find great board games that I otherwise would have missed. Thanks!
Great Podcast
I like there reviews on games, wine and the best places to eat when your at Origins. Thanks for putting all your time into time. Mark
Great, relaxed interviews for games new and old
There are two main reasons to love Garrett's podcast if you're into games. The first is the casual and conversational tone of the podcast - whether alone or with guests, you feel like he's just sitting in your living room telling you about what games he's played. His comments are constructive and not overly judgemental. The other main reason is that he doesn't just review the latest games (although that's nice). He will talk about whatever they happened to have played that week - so you get his insight on older games you might enjoy. Good times - subscribe today!
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Casual podcast with interviews
GG&G is a weekly podcast that is usually a very casual conversation between Doug and his wife, Shelly. They recap the games they've played recently and new games that are on their radar. Occasionally, they will take the show on the road to gaming conventions and include interviews with game designers or publishers. They also have an occasional round table discussion that is very informative.
A wonderful easy-listening and fun podcast about boardgames
Doug and Shelley Garrett provide a weekly dose of entertainment, education and reviews. They make a great duo for an easy-listening, casual board gaming podcast. If you want to find out about the best in euro-games, imports and domestic, Doug will always give his opinion and tell you about the game. Their podcast is sometimes serious and always entertaining. Doug is an estute gamer favoring those on the lighter side. Pour a glass of your favorite wine, get comfortable in your best easy-chair and enjoy about 60 minutes of weekly news all about boardgames.
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Gamer Phil
One of the best, most consistent boardgaming podcast
Of all the many boardgaming podcasts out there, that have come and gone, Garrett's Games and Geekiness has been the longest running, most consistent one. Others may have started sooner and are still around, but the 200+ episode count speaks for itself. Doug Garrett clearly has a passion for boardgames and this is prevalent in each of his casts. He and his co-host Shelly do an excellent job of constantly introducing and review new games. They break each description down to the finer and most important points without dragging on about the details. I've often learned more about a particular game in the 5 minutes they spend discussing it, then perhaps a full length 30 minutes review. That says a lot for a podcast that consistently runs in around the 30-40 minute mark. Definitely my favorite of all boardgame podcasts and one I'm always looking forward to each week. A rare feat when most of the other options come in around every two weeks.
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Great podcast!
Doug and Shelly offer a great podcast covering modern hobby boardgames. Each WEEK, this pocast is updated like clockwork and is full of humor. It typically fits into a very manageable 30 minute timeframe. I can’t recommend this podcast enough!
Good show
Doug and Shelley are entertaining, and provide a great amount of information about new games, including a large number of games not yet available in the US.
The right amount of detail
Doug has a great way of explaining games such that I get a really good feel for whether I will like it. Games i've gotten thanx to Doug include Der Goldene Kompass, valdora, Keltis, and Die Goldene Stadt. Other than turning me on to great games I love the conversational and unscripted tone of the podcast. Makes Monday mornings at work a bearable place.
Entertaining even to Amerigemers
Doug and Shelly's podcast is a great weekly listen. They tend to concentrate more on Eurogames than Amerigems (which I tend to like more), but I enjoy hearing reviews and opinions on game that I don't tend to pay attention to. Several games in my library were bought thanks to this podcast. Try it out, and you will enjoy it.
Great couples perspectives
I have not listened to Garrett's Games for very long, but so far I have really enjoyed the husband and wife perspective on many games. A lot of the time the only available gamers to play are my wife and myself, so hearing some recommendations on what games play well in that environment is a great perspective to hear. They also frequently play the game in a multi-player setting as well, so the ones that work well for both a couple and with a group are finding their way to my wish list quickly! They are quick listen, and they are definitely worth your time.
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like hanging out with friends over a glass of vino
Doug and Shelly put together a technically excellent show with interesting content and reliable reviews. I like the fact that they don't like all the games they review. That's a necessary part of good reviews. This show tends to keep content towards euro and party games. There are virtually no wargames or role playing games in their show. If that's your interest, you will enjoy this podcast. I also like Doug and Shelly's guests. The whole package is outstanding.
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A Weekly Treat
Doug and Shelley share a humble, down-to-earth description of the games they play each week. The way they relate to each other on the show is cute, but real. It's their realness that adds to the appeal of the show for me. Their reviews of the games are straightforward, and I find their opinions to be helpful when deciding which games to purchase. This is a valuable podcast for those looking to expand their library of games.
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Rock-solid, every week
Like clockwork, Doug and Shelly make their weekly appearance in my podcatcher, with entertaining and informative reviews of (mostly ligher) euro-style boardgames. And occassionally food. As someone whose primary game partner is my wife, I appreciate the insight, the perspective, and the encouragement. Keep up the good work!
Joe K (Sevryn)
Great gaming podcast - perfect length!
I generally listen to podcasts as I am rocking my little girl to sleep. I like the length of the podcast, 30 minutes is just about right. I like that it covers usually one or two games in depth, and I like interaction between the hosts. Congratulations on reaching 200 episodes, looking forward to the next 200.
Very current with accurate reviews and helpful insight
I listen to several gaming podcasts and GGG is the only one that has up-to-the-minute reviews. In most others, by the time the hosts get around to reviewing a game, editing the podcast, posting it, etc... the game has been out a while and all its strengths and weakness have been debated online at sites like BGG. Kudos to GGG for sticking to a weekly production schedule and being the most current podcast.
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Excellent Game Overviews
Doug does a great job at giving brief overviews of the games he and Shelley play on a weekly (Yes, every week) basis. It's great for deciding if these are games you would like because you can get a good feel for how the game plays. It always nice when they have guests because the "sameness" of each episode can feel a little monotonous. That said, I listen every week. I'd give it 4.5 stars if I could give halves.
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consistent quality
If you like playing Eurogames, this is podcast to listen to. Doug and Shelley put out a new episode pretty much every Sunday, usually talk about a new or relatively new Eurogame, and chit chat about other geekiness. They have a nice chemistry (they should, you know, being married) but the show gets really interesting when Shelley's been sipping the vino. But even when sober, they put out an entertaining show. Keep it up!
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Great podcast, easier commute
I have been listening to Garrett's Games and Geekiness for a couple of years now, and it is always entertaining. The style is fluent and light and the episodes short and manageable. Doug and Shelley are doing a great job hosting and talking about their gaming and what they enjoy about the games being reviewed. They do get to play so many games I'm a little envious. All in all a great podcast which does a lot to pass the commute time very pleasantly.
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One of the Best
Garrett and his wife put out one of the best board game podcasts there are. I never miss an episode and can't recommend it enough for those of you who like to hear news, views, and strategies for the best board games out there.
My favorite part of Monday Morning!
Every Monday morning, I look forward to the latest podcast from Doug & Shelley. They have a great conversation style and I thoroughly enjoy their discussion on the boardgames they have played. I have made a number of purchases based on their discussions and greatly enjoy those games.
Rob Cannon
Consistent and Good
Not only is GG & G probably the only weekly boardgaming podcast, it's also one of the best. They keep it short and sweet at about 30 min. Great for my commute. Also, they have wonderful guests from time to time, including game designers, Aldie and Derk from Boardgamegeek, and other interesting friends of Doug and Shelley such as Mark Jackson and Greg Parker. Most games reviewed are in the superfiller category 45-60 min. Doug loves new games and picks up a lot of imports and it's fun to find out about the esoteric stuff. If you like heavier games or conflict, you may not hear much about those games.
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Enjoyed podcast
Hey there Garrett. I just started listening to your podcasts. I just listened to ep 202. I throughly enjoyed it. I see I'm not the only one that actually tries to play or simulate a heavy game such as agricola by himself! Luckily with that game you cna play by yourself and I defn agree with how you should play yourself before you try and teach a group of people. It's somewhat embarassing when you forget a rule and you have 5 people over and you have to look back in the book to confirm a hunch on some rule. I don't always want to listen to music when I'm working, so I'll defn plan on listening to your podcasts instead. Thanks!
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Garrett's Games & Geekiness
Doug and Shelley (and their occasional guests) are entertaining and informative. Some quick reviews and some indepth reviews, even some general game industry/design discussions. It's also a plus that this podcast gets posted quite often. Can't wait for the next
sultan of chance
All the great points about board games
This podcast contains everything great about board games into podcast form. You can hear the excitement and enthusiasim in the hosts as they share their love for the hobby. It is very much worth your time.
Always the Latest Games
Doug and Shelly are always on the cutting edge of the latest games. The games they discuss are so new sometimes that I actually have to go back a half dozen or so episodes to hear a review of a game that is going to be coming out. Informative, consistent and enjoyable.
a great podcast
i found this podcast a few months ago, and it's one of my favorites. the podcasters are enthusiastic but not bombastic. an intelligent show, a real gem.
Games? Games!
And a little bit of wine. Great reviews of current board games on a lively podcast. Well worth listening to on a weekly basis. The conversations between the co-hosts are quite fun. Subscribe now!
magisterludi on bgg
A Couple's Perspective on Gaming
I never miss an installment. Doug and Shelly share their passion of gaming. I love their in-depth descriptions of games, new and old, and I especially like hearing about how games scale for two players, since our kids are still a little too young for anything more complicated than Gulo-Gulo. It's also fun to listen when they've had a little too much wine.
Home-Baked Goodness
Listening to this podcast is like eating a warm chocolate-chip cookie right out of the oven. It's very comfortable and personal. You'll feel like you are there with Doug and Shelly in their home, hanging out, talking about board games. This is what I listen to when I want some relaxing, intelligent conversation. They are true lovers of board games, and they'll help you find the good ones.
If you play Designer Board Games you should be listening to this
Great podcast. Your addiction to the cult of the new really helps the rest of us learn about new games before we have to make a purchasing decision. Since I play a lot of games with my wife too Shelly's imput on games is a great addition. Keep up the great work.
Very good perspective
It seems that each boardgame podcast fits a specific niche and each one is a bit unique. This podcast works very well for me because of a few reasons. First I am looking for good two player games that can scale well to more players if need be. Although this husband and wife duo often game with others it seems they more frequently play the games with just the two of them, and then explain why it did or did not work well with two players. This is very helpful and I think a little unique from other podcasts about boardgaming. They are also looking for games that play in a fairly short duration, can be taught fairly quickly, and most of their favorite games are simple and are accessible to us "non-gamers". If you are looking for podcasts about wargames, or really long complex games, then other podcasts may be helpful. If you are looking for a professional, brief look at two or three boardgames every week...this is the podcast. Well done!
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There's a girl on this here podcast
Doug and Shelley are an entertaining listen with some of the best sound quality out there.
Excellent gaming podcast
Doug and Shelley give lots of in-depth information about the games they have been playing. I like their interaction, and it's nice to hear a couple that games together. It's also nice to hear the descriptions of how games are being used in the schools, and how multiplayer games work as two player experiences. I could do without some of the off-topic discussions of the wines they have been drinking, but I suppose that fits under the generic "geekiness" category. Definitely recommended.
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Short, Sweet and Neat
To the point and down to Earth. A great podcast, sans all the clutter that can make other gaming podcasts last way too long. Keep on keeping it simple!
Thunder Radish
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The best podcast for staying up-to-date on boardgames. Doug and Shelley are a fun couple to listen to, and their love of good games is obvious in each podcast. Listening to this weekly feels like finding out what your friends have been doing and enjoying. I look forward to each week's episode.
One of my favorite boardgame podcasts
I've been listening to all the board gaming podcasts I can find for several years now. Garrett's Game's and Geekiness has been a standard favorite. Some have come and gone, but Garrett and Shelley are always there with solid reviews and background information. He and his wife, Shelley, are just a lot of fun to listen to. Shelley cracks me up cause she's obviously such a sweet woman and just has this great laugh and puts up with Garrett's obsession with love and gets into it herself as well. The sound quality is good, the hosts fun and friendly AND up to date with what's going on in the gaming world.
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Excellent Podcast for the Game Enthusiast
The Gerretts are always entertaining and always have great content. They always explain games clearly and perk my interest in games I otherwise would have passed on. Keep up the good work!
A weekly dose of boardgaming goodness
Excellent weekly dose of boardgaming goodness. I look forward to Doug and Shelly's reviews. Podcast is done with high audio quality and high quality content. Doug, keep up the good work.
A Don't Miss Podcast
I’ve been listening to Garretts Games and Geekiness since the beginning. Doug’s love and excitement for gaming really shows through in his podcasts. His reviews are honest and well thought out. I've flat out bought many of the games he has recommendations and have yet to be disappointed. Shelly also is a pleasure to listen to. She is the Ying to Doug’s Yang.
Great gaming podcast.
This is a great gaming podcast. New episodes are available weekly and are consistently 30-45 minutes in length. So many other podcasts run very long, it is great to have one that fits into a single commute. Doug and Shelly are fun to listen to and are always talking about an interesting game...most often something new, but they bring up some oldies often as well. They have a consistent perspective, which is nice because once you listened to a few episodes you'll know how their opinion relates to your own, which makes their reviews more valuable.
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Great, but....
You don't let all your weirdness shine through.... that would make it awesome-r. oooooohhhhh..... which one of your students wrote this review..... You will never know...
Da Face Monsta
Great boardgame podcast! One of my favorites.
Tsk tsk Mr. Garrett
Explicit podcasts, for shame! On a normal note the podcast is very entertaining. I had no idea there was this whole universe of board games. And now I know exactly WHERE in Germany those games come from. Keep up the solid work!
The onioner
Most Consistent, Very Entertaining!
If you gotta have your weekly dose of boardgaming discussion, Doug and Shelley are the way to go! Loads of information about what they're playing as well as commentary on the larger boardgaming community... and some occasional non-gaming geekiness to boot. It's the first podcast I listen to each week!
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