Gamers With Jobs - Conference Call
Gamers With Jobs - Conference Call
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Decent Gaming Podcast
This is a decent gaming podcast built around an excellent community. I’ve listened to it since 2007, so like many I’m disappointed that the former hosts have moved on. Shawn was the soul of the podcast, Sean the wit, and Julian the heart. Without them this is a serviceable podcast but for me no longer a must listen. Do checkout earlier episodes. And the forums built around the Gamers With Jobs site are still some of the friendliest game discussion you can find online.
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Moppin Toppin
Great bunch
Good folk
Used to be good
GWJ used to be one of my go-to podcasts. Then several years ago they took a hard-left turn and suddenly seemed incapable of discussing anything without brining politics into it. Decided to check it out again recently, and if anything, it’s gotten worse. A shame.
Amanda ruined GWJ
Gave the new group a chance.
I’ve listened to this podcast for years. I was excited when Amanda stepped into a lead role. But over the past 2 years that “xfactor” the previous crew had, has dissipated. Don’t misinterpret, I think it’s still an informative podcast and it has moments(usually when someone from the original group comes on). But, the overall genuine excitement I used to feel from the group has largely vanished. If you’re looking for the “public radio” of gaming podcasts, then this is it. If you like more personality I would keep looking.
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Game on!
I love learning about the latest and greatest in gaming from GWJ! The conversations are always interesting, informative, and entertaining. A must listen!
Here’s a Spoiler After I say it
Come on. I’m sure you will just make excuses why I was supposed to know what was going to happen after you beat the game. Or why it’s not a big deal. I should have known the ending. I’m not even going to write out which game it was since unless you spoil the endings of a lot of games it should be known.
Simply one of the best
This is such a wonderful podcast. It is one of the most thoughtful, welcoming, and kind game podcasts. So many discussions around video games are negative and toxic; thankfully this podcast is positive and nice. They go in depth with many topics and discussions surrounding all aspects of gaming. Make no mistake criticisms are made of games but they’re thoughtful. And the panelists often disagree but do so in an agreeable manner. I love the hosts and the topics and it is like having a pleasant conversation with your friends. I cannot recommend this podcast enough!
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Adman the badman
One host (Amanda) has ruined podcast
Jumped into the podcast today to hear Shawn say Amanda is in charge and has been doing a good job is so wrong! She has ruined GWJ! I have listened to this podcast for over 10 years. I can’t listen to it anymore because one particular newer host (Amanda) is like listening to fingers nails on a chalkboard. I have tried to tune out when this person speaks, but I have decided to just move on. I recently decided to check each episode to see if Amanda is on the show, but now she seems to be on all. I am officially done. Thanks for the many good years. Update: saw some of the old crew (no Amanda) back on ep 714 and downloaded it and listened. It was great. Tragic this show ruined under current format and host...
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Wonderful Gamng Podcast that dares to be Different!
I really appreciate this podcast. I am new to it, but find if refreshing to have a podcast that doesn't focus just on AAA games, but includes indy games and other interesting titles. I also very much appreciate how they discuss some of the politics of games-- games are not created in a void- they often have political bents and I love to hear that discussion (if you just want info and rote descriptions of AAA games, there are plenty of sources for that material!) Richard Lovejoy is my favorite commentator, he is very knowlegable but also interesting angles and insights into games that I appreciate! Keep up the good work!
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Once great - now not worth your time
Much like many other recent reviewers I finally have to speak up and voice my displeasure with this show that I have listened to for almost a decade. It used to be one of my favorite shows out there, but due to the cast member changes it is no longer worthy of my time. I remember when they actually talked about games and only games. Now it feels like it is a non-stop political and social agenda-driven propaganda piece. I play games and listen to podcasts about games to get away from all the BS political messaging that saturates the world today. I wouldnt have even minded the cast changes if they could just talk about the games and not politics and agendas. Im not mad, i'm just disappointed...
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Reminisce the good old days
I loved the show for so many years and enjoyed the chemistry between them. It hasn’t been the same for about a year now with the new host. I stopped listening in 2019, but I happened upon episode 714 (6/17/20) with Julian, Sean, and Cory back together, it suddenly brought back the nostalgic feeling of the good old days. Otherwise, 1 star.
Needs to strike a better balance
Been a listener for several years and genuinely looked forward to the podcast each week. While I don’t have a problem with the new hosts, I of course have some nostalgia for old familiar voices. The problem I’ve come across lately is most of the new hosts just don’t play the same games I do. As an exclusively console player, it feels like more and more of the conversation on the show revolves around smaller PC and indie titles, many of which I can’t play even if I wanted to. I’ll keep listening for now, but hope they strike a better balance going forward.
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Can't recommend
Used to be one of my favorites, but Amanda Knowlton as host is not working. Tough job to replace Shawn Andritch, for sure, but the quality and rigor and camradarie of the old shows is just lost. Very nice people--don't get me wrong.... I would instead recommend MINNMAX, a new gaming podcast created by the journalists from Game Informer. They are from Minnesota (America's Canada) and down to earth, very kind, and talk specifically and passionately about games. A great alternative.
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One of the consistently best gaming podcasts.
I’ve been enjoying it even more under Amanda’s leadership. Really enjoying the subtle changes to format!
An actual gamer.
Used to great, now not so much
Originally a trailblazer, recent host changes clearly for the worse. Will check in periodically in case old cast return but otherwise it’s a pass.
tony donse
Amanda is great at hosting!
GWJ has been a mainstay for YEARS and Amanda has taken the reins of the show with aplomb. Always a fantastic listen, and I can’t wait for each episode to be released!
SJW Trash
More SJW trash and virtue signaling. If you sponsor this show, I will not buy your products.
Not the same
Listened for years. Got a sense of the reviewers, understood their history, understood their biases, etc. The show always had a focus and its own checks and balances. Now it just feels all freeform and purposeless, a mess really. Reviews often lack depth and detail. Somehow in each episode since the great change, I always end up asking myself, "Why am I listening?" and I realize it's just my hanging onto to something that has gone away. So, it's time to stop.
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Where did everyone go?
I’ve been listening to the Podcast for around 4-5 years every week. I can appreciate Amanda trying to keep it together but I have been curious as to where the other regulars went (Sean, Corey, Julian). It feels like they’ve been MIA aside from 1 or 2 appearances for the whole year. With that group including Amanda and Alan there were pretty diverse genres of games being discussed. Now it seems like with Amanda, Alan, and special guests it’s relegated to predominantly obscure indie games. Hoping the other guys come back and Shawn eventually too. This was a great Podcast and it may just be a down time for now.
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Time for me to move on
I listened to GWJ for the last 3+ years and it was a great ride. However I feel Shawn Andrich’s departure has left the call with a large void that can’t be filled. Lately the show has been mostly focused on Indy games and some of this is related to what’s currently being released. I also feel like the show has been too focused on relating games to social issues. While I can appreciate this from time to time, I play games mainly to get away from social issues and not to dive into them. Perhaps the true answer is the show is not meant for me anymore. As such, I’m moving on. Good luck GWJ!
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Don't upgrade this app.
Best gaming podcast, straight up
Love the guys and gals of GWJ. Huge fan of the format of both electronic and board games, great guests and dangit I wish I lived stateside to drop in on some of the meet ups. Top notch stuff and been listening forever. — I see a bunch of truly nasty people showing up in recent reviews and it makes me really quite sad - hang in there new crew, you’re appreciated!
Not the same without Shaun
I’ve been listening for about two years now and I really enjoyed Shawn Andridge as a host. He plays similar games I like, like RPGs, Action/Adventure, cRPGs. He has a good taste in games, and he knows how to make those games appeal to his listeners. He describes the story and mechanics of a game very well, the things that matter in a game. Every time he recommends something, I tend to check it out. On the other hand, Amanda Knowlton seems to play these weird quirky Indy games that I don’t feel are as interesting to talk about. When she’s describing how a game is, she repeatedly states whether a game depicts graphic violence or sexual content. She seems to dive into the political aspect of games immediately. She seems to be hyper-sensitive to the way some games depict violence, woman, and social issues. I am 31 years old, I have my own set of morals and I do need someone else lecturing me and warning me about a graphic depiction of violence in a video game or racism etc. etc. You are wasting your time with these topics for whether the game is good or not. If I want to read about morally wrong issues with today’s society I’ll go to a news site. I think we all know her stance on social justice issues, but she continually critiques games from these topics. If the video game is labeled M for mature I’m sure it has plenty of violence and other mature themes. Talk about the story, game mechanics, length of the game, controls, not whether it is ethical or not. Also, yes ever since Shawn left it seems the cast rotated continually, there are new folks on the show I don’t even recognize. I listened to the latest episode with Lauren and Shawns ex wife forgot her name. Basically this episode made me unsubscribe, I guess this podcast has gotten too sensitive for me but I’m a white male so what do I know. Hopefully Shawn comes back sooner rather than later, and takes his show back and actually describes how the game plays, and not talk about social issues that has Amanda butthurt.
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Not for everyone
I don’t mind people’s opinions but I’ve listened to a few of their podcasts and I feel like their opinions about social justice hinders and will hinder their opinions on games now and in the future and will just make it a bad show which it seems have unfortunately started.
Waiting for old host to return
I used to listen to this podcast weekly, and stuck with it after Shaun (Sean?) left hoping I would adjust, but his presence is just too missed for me to continue. I hate to write anything negative since I really do think GWJ is important, has a wonderful community, and I still visit the website and forums. I just can’t listen to the podcast anymore. It feels doubly bad because Amanda is pretty much the only woman regular on the podcast, and I’m worried this review will be written off as sexist. But she’s just not entertaining or a good host. I don’t hate Amanda, she was a fine guest( but I cannot imagine why she was picked to host in Shaun’s absence. I still subscribe to the podcast because one day I hope that I will see Shaun has returned, or maybe the Game King will take the helm. But until then I delete every episode that I see Amanda is hosting. I still think this community is great and I don’t want anybody to feel bad, but I still felt the need to say why I dropped off in case others felt the same.
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More generic virtue signaling trash
When I listen to a gaming podcast I go into it fully aware that I’ll be hearing plenty of political propaganda. It’s the state of modern games “journalism”. Either way I like to hear others opinions of games even if I don’t agree with them on everything and I just try to ignore the cringe worthy political banter. The recent Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order discussion though led me to unsubscribe. Knocking a game solely for the fact that the main character is a straight white male (they used the derogatory term cis white male) is racist, bigoted trash and I have no time for it. Keep screaming into that echo chamber, GWJ. Keep being the things you claim to oppose
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Longtime listener, unfortunately not for much longer
After listening to this podcast weekly for probably more than 5 years, it’s with great sadness that I’m unfortunately going to likely have to find another podcast. The reason I loved this podcast was that there was intelligent discussion of the latest and greatest (mostly) PC games. I gelled with Shawn Andrich in particular, with his interest in deep, story based games and RPGs. His commentary was always very insightful and the show ran very organized, small bits of humor, but very on task. Since Amanda has taken over as host, the cast seems to change entirely every week, the organization is all over the place, and the content meanders wildly. In particular, when she talks about playing a new game, it’s incredibly vague and ramble, “I played a game, it’s kind of like an action type of game, the controls are really great and it feels great, and you should play it, it just feels so good. One time I played a game like it that I really enjoyed”. I often leave having no idea what the game is about aside from her personal opinion, and she indulged quite a bit more with side jokes with guests etc. I understand she’s all about the GWJ community, but it makes me feel like an outsider, despite having been a listener for years. I’m sure people who entrenched in the community will say it’s good, the show is now more accessible to a broader audience, or I’m from Gamergate for not enjoying the show, or likely it’s “not for me”, but that’s a shame. Oh well, I guess it’s time for me to find another on-topic, thoughtful PC gaming focused podcast for mature adults (easier said than done).
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Please drop Amanda as host
Used to love this podcast and listen a ton. Never really loved Amanda as a guest but at least she was generally in moderation. Now as lead, she killing the show. Injects tons of personal / political assessments into her game reviews that are totally unnecessary, rambles and takes forever to make a point, and just generally makes me want to rupture my eardrums. Unsubscribe.
Relatable, professional, wonderful
I really enjoy this podcast for the mature and considered approach they take. I’ve tried several podcasts and “people talk about stuff with no real rhyme or reason” seems to be a common approach. I don’t really have the patience for that. GWJ takes your time listening seriously. They do spend a bit of time catching up at the start of each episode but it’s usually focused on being informative. When I first started listening I felt like I’d found kindred spirits who love games but also love life and try to mix them intelligently. As I’ve listened more I’m more certain my initial assessment was correct.
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Bloody Initiate
Amazing show
I’ve listened to the show on and off for several years, and it makes me happy. :) Keep it up!
Amanda’s great, sexists to the left
I’m a relatively new listener, and what drew me to GWJ is that it’s a group with a variety of backgrounds and interests. “Gamer” doesn’t just mean one thing anymore; it’s a little sad that some recent reviewers (slash-gamergaters?) are having trouble adjusting to that. - dr_mindbender_37
Shawn's leaving, Amanda's taking over... I'm out!
I've been a fan of this gaming podcast for over 10 years, but... I just listened to episode 669... Shawn Andrich is leaving, Sean Sands ducked taking over - they gave the lead to Amanda Knowlton. Ever since she joined as a regular to the podcast I've been disappointed. Mainly her vocal fry shreds my ear drums. It was funny, as I was listening to 669 and they were talking about their Patreon campaign, I jokingly said to myself "I'd donate if they got rid of Amanda"... I got the opposite fifteen minutes later. I can take the hint lol. Unsubscribe.
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Amazing show!
Been listening in the car with my dad since near the beginning, I’ve always loved the show! Keep up the good work guys!!
Dad gamer here
love hearing the opinions of what i consider my peers, dad gamers. Also love the banter whenever there is a disagreement.
Thank You For All You Do
I’ve listened through the 2018 podcasts twice, and now with the update I can listen back to previous years. On the May 30, 2017 episode, Sean Sands reminded us once again to go leave a review, nay, a five star review! So here I am, thanking you guys for all you do. Every person who is involved on the call and with the call, every guest, and also what you all do on your personal feeds and in your own lives to educate and perpetuate the world of gaming. You have a great cast and chemistry and I so look forward to every Tuesday or Wednesday of a new episode dropping. The experiences and interests of the cast is varied and I really appreciate that. I found this podcast in a rough patch in my life and was immediately hooked. Thanks for all the shows, please keep up the good work.
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GWJ? More like SJW.
Is this a gaming podcast or a politics podcast? I don't mind podcast hosts with opinions beyond gaming, but the hosts' politics on this show pervades everything they discuss. These Canadian hosts denigrate and make snide comments about how US politics are run by Russia while their own head of state is buying prostitutes for Qatari princes while simultaneously pretending to be woke af. Stick to the games. More SJW than GWJ.
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Life can be busy
I don't have time to put 40 hours into a game in a week, I can't even put 40 hours in gaming in a month. But on my drive to work I can get a warm fuzzy feeling listening to people talk about games who are at a similar phase of life as me. All the hosts are great and it feels like listening to a good group of friends week after week.
I've always loved the positive vibe and insightfully mature conversations GWJ has. So I find it strange that they support someone who can’t have a mature conversation, is constantly adversarial, and blatantly verbally abusive to her community. Jessica Price acted in exactly the behavior you describe as wrong. This makes me think of library patrons and especially the immature kids (which price resembles in the situation). We have children at the public library that break the rules, make people uncomfortable, and are confrontational. They get kicked out of the library even though they call everyone “racists” on the way out the door. No one is running to these kids defense saying, “you all are racists! You made minority children leave the library!”. They were in a public space, they broke the rules of the social code that the community or entity has established. And they face consequences for acting in a terrible manner. When someone really is racist, they have consequences. Roseanne got fired, the racist pool guy got fired, unfortunately Trump isn’t, but there is obvious backlash. Now a sexist confrontational anti-man poster child lashed out after an easy to find past and had repercussions for it. Yours is a very skewed representation of this situation. If I called a parent at my school an “asshat” over social media I would be told to apologize publicly or I would lose my teaching job. You can’t ask others to be respectful and accommodating when someone like Price is a representative of the movement asking for better behavior. If Arenanet didn’t have rules regarding social media, maybe they were heavy handed. But the way she acted is not acceptable as someone publicly representing her company. And they sure better have social media rules going forward seeing how someone like her can bring so much vitriol to her public communication.
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Great show, old epis?
Love the show, but is there a way to access all of the episodes? Podcast app only goes back to Nov 2017. Keep up the good work!
Don Weatherson
My main source for what's happening in gaming
I've been listening for years (and years) and only now getting around to rating on iTunes (not my platform of choice). Intelligent, interesting and informative discussions - and also a really enjoyable listen.
A great variety of games discussed by thoughtful, real people
It's just that. GWJ offers great variety in their discussions of game and platform types and the GWJ-ers come to the topic with enthusiasm measured with experience.
Good Variety
They talk about more than just what the new triple A games are.
Well-worthy download
This podcast has sufficiently replaced GFW for me. The conversation is witty and entertaining, and is much more mature than most videogame podcasts. That's not to say GWJ doesn't have its immature moments, but by and large it is well worth the subscription. Edit --I'm still listening regularly, 8.5 years later. They've added a few to the rotating cast, and it has never been better.
Perfect balance
This is always in my rotation of great gaming podcasts.
The Gaming Podcast
Like games? Then this podcast is for you. A great mix of characters join the show every week to discuss the latest in gaming. They touch on a lot of different genres and interesting games you might not have heard of. Listen and be happy.
Video gamers that have jobs?
Do you have a job? Do you love Video games? Perfect! Listen and enjoy
Excellent and intelligent
I've only been listening to GWJ for a year now, but I am extremely impressed with the quality of the podcast. The GWJ Crew is always well informed about gaming related news. Their discussions regarding the games they've been playing are always high quality and they are able to beautifully explain in either a few words or great detail what they are loving or loathing about what they've been playing all while keeping the podcast clean and not having to resort to swearing. I love that I can listen to the GWJ Crew around my kids and not be worried about if they're gonna start going low brow because they never do. The GWJCC has a structure to it that flows and is nicely paced. Though I feel it's the perfect length I'm always left wanting more and eager to listen to the next episode. Bonus points they read my email about esports on the show one time and spent a good long time discussing it. I was as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning listening to that segment.
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Video game positivity
I always felt like I didn't have any one to talk to about my passion for video games until I found this podcast. Sometimes they discuss the exact things that I have been thinking. They have genuinely deep discussions about video games, but also love to joke around. Also, it is a very professional podcast and they post every week consistently.
Nicco, DC
My only gaming pod
I can't believe I've listened to GWJ for 7 years and have never written a review. Love the show and the incredible community around it. Seriously the only gaming podcast you need!
Absolutely my favorite gaming podcast
There are very few podcasts I look forward to every week, this is one of them. The GWJ crew is amazing and their various opinions and preferences make for a great panel on what is currently happening in the gaming world. The GWJ community is a wonderfully collaborative, supportive, and rare compilation of gamers from all walks. This is the best gaming podcast out there in my opinion.
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