Game Design w/ Joe Method
Game Design w/ Joe Method
Episode 23 –Walk Through Producer at Gamefront and Improviser, James Heaney
1 seconds Posted Jan 31, 2013 at 12:31 am.
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I talk about “yes and-ing” during creative development and how it helps facilitate collaboration, I also talk a little bit about the rule of 3 and my theory on why it exists. Then I interview improviser James Heaney about what makes a comedy improv scene fun and how it can relate to video game design. Check out his regular series on Game Front: James VS Games Subscribe to his youtube channel or else: James Heaney on Youtube Check out his latest shows if you’re in the Santa Monica area: Westside Comedy Theater Check out the channel of his latest guest, Epic Lloyd (who also performs at the Westside Comedy Theater) who is the co-creator of Epic Rap Battles of History: Epic Rap Battles of History I started a firstgiving page for Child’s Play Charity. Donate anything you can give if you feel inclined to do so. I give all donators a shout out on my podcast! DONATE!