Game Changers with Molly Fletcher
Game Changers with Molly Fletcher
Molly Fletcher
Game Changers with Molly Fletcher is a podcast designed to help you maximize your influence and unleash your potential. Each episode, we take you behind the scenes with peak performers to learn what makes them tick and discover how you can apply their lessons to your life. For additional resources, visit
3 Tips to Help You Navigate Unexpected Change
How do we navigate change that’s unexpected? This is a question that I’ve found a lot of people are struggling with today. Change is inevitable, whether it's in our personal lives, careers, or society at large. It's like that surprise guest who shows up uninvited when you least expect it… and is here to stay. While we can't always control change, we do have some say in how we respond to it. That doesn’t make it easy though!   Here are three questions to help you get back on track when life throws you a curveball:  What can I control in this situation? How can I shift my mindset? Is there a silver lining or hidden potential within this change? By asking ourselves these questions, we can begin to navigate the unexpected with a bit more grace and resilience.   
May 30
32 min
John Maxwell on The One Question Every Leader Should Ask
Are people better off because you’re leading them? That’s the number one question that leadership expert John Maxwell says you need to ask as a leader. John is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach and speaker whose passion is to develop leaders at all levels. He is the founder of The John Maxwell Company, The John Maxwell Team and EQUIP, a nonprofit organization that has trained more than 5 million leaders in 180 countries. John was a pastor for more than 30 years before devoting himself full time to speaking and writing. His new book is called High Road Leadership. On this episode, we talk about the principles of high road leadership, the difference between success and significance, and why you should focus on growth over goals.
May 22
52 min
Achievement vs. Fulfillment: Do You Know What You Are Chasing?
Have you ever noticed how achievement and fulfillment can get mixed up? On my first solo episode of the podcast, I talk about how I learned this lesson the hard way (Enneagram Type 3 over here!). While you can have both, it’s important not to confuse them. Achievement centers on tangible outcomes, but it’s often temporary and can get addicting. Fulfillment is something deeper. It’s about finding purpose and living by your values. It lasts longer and feels more real. Without it, success can feel empty.  Here are three questions I use to check in with myself, when I feel the lines start to blur: What am I chasing? Why? Do I like who I am becoming in that pursuit? 
May 15
16 min
How to Improve Your Metabolic Health with Dr. Casey Means
What if taking control of your health was easier than you thought? Today’s guest Dr. Casey Means is a Stanford-trained physician and co-founder of Levels, a health technology company with the mission of reversing the world’s metabolic health crisis. In her new book Good Energy, she explains why nearly every health problem we face can be explained by how well the cells in our body create and use energy. The good news? We have more control than we think. On this episode, Dr. Means shares five tests to help you evaluate your metabolic health, the five components of the “Good Energy Eating Plan” and three things to eliminate from your diet today.
May 8
46 min
Choose Hard Things with Notre Dame football coach Marcus Freeman
Notre Dame football coach Marcus Freeman is a rising star in the world of college football. With the Fighting Irish positioned for success in his third season as head coach, Marcus reflects on his leadership journey-- from standout player to NFL hopeful to college coach. In this episode, we talk about facing adversity, seizing opportunities, and leading with authenticity.
Apr 24
37 min
8 Hidden Habits for a Truly Rich Life feat. #1 Bestselling Author Robin Sharma
Robin Sharma is one of the top leadership and personal growth experts in the world. He’s mentored billionaires, superstar athletes, world class entrepreneurs and world leaders. His #1 international bestsellers, including The 5AM Club, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, and The Leader Who Had No Title, have sold millions of copies and made Robin one of the most widely read authors alive. His new book The Wealth Money Can’t Buy teaches a life-altering system to help you lead your richest life before it’s too late. On this episode, we explore the 8 hidden habits of authentically wealthy people and what holds most people back from living a more fulfilling life.
Apr 10
59 min
Bet On Yourself with Emmy Award-winning Journalist Tamron Hall
After landing her dream job on the TODAY Show and establishing herself as a well-respected anchor, Tamron Hall was replaced and offered a diminished role with the network. Undeterred, she chose to bet on herself, walking away to write her next chapter on her own terms. Today, she hosts the acclaimed talk show "Tamron Hall," now in its fifth season, captivating audiences with her fresh, relatable voice and insightful interviews with changemakers. As an Emmy Award-winning journalist, Tamron's career includes hosting the third hour of TODAY, anchoring MSNBC Live, and hosting Court TV’s original true-crime series, “Someone They Knew With Tamron Hall.” She is also a successful author, known for her “Jordan Manning” mystery series, with her second book, Watch Where They Hide, recently released. In our conversation, Tamron shares lessons on knowing your value, having the courage to leave situations that no longer serve you, and the transformative power of betting on yourself.
Mar 27
47 min
Protect Your Peace with Mindset Expert Trent Shelton
Your perspective on life can be your power or your prison. It can serve your anxiety, your stress, and your depression, or it can support your peace, your courage, and your growth. Trent Shelton is a mindset expert and one of the most impactful speakers of this generation. When his NFL dream ended abruptly, Trent began recording 2-minute videos of his daily progress and posting them on social media with the hashtag #RehabTime. Today, Trent reaches over 60 million people weekly through his hard-hitting yet always uplifting messages. His new book Protect Your Peace is a guide for how to protect your energy from the things that drain it, your mind from the things that distract you, and your soul from the things that don’t fulfill you. On this episode, Trent shares practical strategies to disconnect from negativity, hone your vision, and bring your life into alignment with your true purpose.
Mar 13
45 min
Don’t Downsize Your Dreams with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie
What would your life look like if you stopped playing it small? If you pursued your dreams wholeheartedly? Savannah Guthrie is one of the biggest names in television and she’s reached that level of success because she’s not afraid to take risks. Savannah is the co-anchor of TODAY, NBC News’ chief legal correspondent and a primary anchor for the network’s election coverage. She’s interviewed some of the most recognizable figures in the world from former Presidents to the biggest celebrities and newsmakers. Her work has been recognized with the Edward R. Murrow Award and multiple News Emmys. Savannah is a New York Times bestselling author for her book “Princesses Wear Pants” and the sequel “Princesses Save the World.” Her new book, Mostly What God Does, is her most personal yet as Savannah explores the place of faith in everyday life and the many ways God loves us. In our conversation today, we talk about the value of taking risks in your career, finding fulfillment, and never downsizing your dreams.
Feb 28
42 min
How to Set Healthy Boundaries with Instagram’s Favorite Therapist Nedra Glover Tawwab
Healthy boundaries. We all know we should have them. But what does that really look like? And how can we set, communicate and stick to them? Nedra Glover Tawwab is a licensed therapist, sought-after relationship expert and the author of the bestselling book Set Boundaries, Find Peace. Her new book, Drama Free and the accompanying The Drama Free Workbook, is a guide for understanding and moving past family struggles—and living your life, your way. On this episode, we talk about signs you might have a boundary problem, why healthy relationships need healthy boundaries, and how to communicate boundaries effectively.  
Feb 14
36 min
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