Gadget Lab: Weekly Tech News
Gadget Lab: Weekly Tech News
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Opinions from cry babies
trucker Bryan
One of my regulars
Michael and Lauren hit just the right mix of tech product comments with non-tech recommendations at close. It's like grabbing a cup of coffee with friends once a week. Happy 2021 New Year guys.
Silverwing Flyer
Informative and tasteful in its own way,they display there opinions in an agreaeble way and the hosts are well educated and are experienced writers and have all the angles👍
A really great podcast
This is my favorite podcast. Love the hosts and appreciate hearing their opinions & stories. Topic selection is spot on for me, I feel caught up on tech news & issues & gadgets. I like that they cover all the major tech conferences, and interviews are usually pretty interesting. And I love the recommendations segment. All in all this is a very enjoyable podcast for me. I’ve been listening for a few years now. Thank you Mike, Arielle & Lauren!!
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Great Podcast. Bad production.
I love the content of this podcast. But, I listen to most podcasts while running with my airpods. So far, this is the only podcast I've found that has issues with sound leveling. One person will be talking quietly, so I have to turn the volume up. Next person talks and nearly blows out my eardrums. I'm constantly jockeying the volume up and down, which is very annoying. Please figure this out, and once you do, send me a response. I'd like to give you five stars.
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Good with Goode
Glad Lauren Goode has found a podcast home again after leaving The Verge.
My best friends
This is such a great fun and funny podcast about the biggest tech news of the week. So glad I don’t need to read the news anymore and that I can just catch up with the jokes and puns of Mike, Arielle, and Lauren. 👍👍👍😘
gfi its me
Too Political
If you’re seeking a tech podcast without an extreme political bent, this is not your podcast.
Liquid 360
Needs an Audio Engineer
The most recent episode released a few days ago only has the audio of Lauren and not anyone else so it’s a lot of silence and awkward pauses.
Great topics, need different hosts
The topic selection is great, but I always come away disappointed with the content. Latest example: sleep paradox. Would have loved to hear more about the tech / gadgets rather than the hosts cats sleeping habits. I find the hosts rambling, unfocused, and tedious to listen to.
Best podcast
The best podcast about technology period. I love all the co-host from the show since the beginning.
I'm a New Listener & I Love This Podcast
My title tells you I've not had a ton of experience listening yet, but the experiences I have had have been excellent. My favorite episode to date is the one that’s sort of a review of the best tech in 2017. I got a lot of great tips and advice from it as well as an idea for a birthday present for my son! If you don’t have a lot of time to stay on top of tech news I think this podcast is a really good method for doing that!
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Love it
Great content
Nate Rumble
Less is more, and clean it up
There are some nuggets of good information here but way too much filler and the profanity is jarring and unprofessional. Some younger pod casters are under the misimpression that throwing in the occasional obscenity lends authenticity to their work. But it is like nails on a chalkboard to listeners trying to glean useful information about tech trends. So use an editor, and acceptable vocabulary and you might have a podcast on your hands.
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Vox Populi
These guys are very entertaining and informative. I have used many of there recommendations and have not been let down yet!
Really great tech show. Hosts are LOL
Hey all you broken URL haters...Stop taking it out on this awesome podcast and subscribe like a normal person.
Vinny Vine
Great stuff!
I look forward to Friday's for these guys. Their every week schedule with guest themed shows since the new year has been a nice shift. I'd only ask that they add some news to the podcasts more frequently, if only for a bit at a time, I like hearing their opinions outside of articles. Keep up the good work!
Good podcast
best tech
i listen to about 4 tech podcasts but this one is by far the best
Prince Shmee
Dedicated Listener
I really enjoy that both of the guys don't stop at "This is good" or "This is bad". They actually, with education, say WHY they think one way or the other and what they think the future will be. And I get some really cool ideas or new toy ideas.
Enjoy it Everytime
Love David Pearce, glad that he got away from the Vergecast and found a new home here.
my favorite podcast
I'm not an early adopter of new gadgets, so for me this podcast is a useful way to stay informed about new things in the tech world. I subscribe to podcasts for information not entertainment, but the hosts of the gadget lab are both informational and entertaining.
For a specific audience
Audio quality is better than it was a year ago. The podcast is mostly about two person's opinion about the latest gadgets in relation to their work and lifestyle therefore it caters to a very specific audience. Sometimes provides interesting insight.
Really good tech podcast
This is one of my favorite tech podcast. They are very good at keeping the topics relevant, topical, and simple for even the most lay person.
It's like soooo annoying and stuff
The vocal fry, like, makes this show like completely unlistenable... like totally.
At last
Finally a tech podcast I can relate to. Their measured, mature pace is a pleasant relief compared to the frenetic programs I normally hear. Keep it up!
Best new podcast
Perfect mixture of nerds
This is just the right mixture of technology, nerd and comity in one pod cast. I love and respect the opinions of these guys and hope for many more podcasts
Bill McAlonan
Just what I needed
I feel like this podcast really keeps me up to date and makes me sound less like a bitter Luddite when i say i dont have facebook and don't need new technology. At least now I KNOW about what is new and wonderful in the technological landscape.
Great new format
Since the reboot earlier this year, the show keeps getting better. Early audio problems improved and the information is more in-depth than ever. Keep it up!
New format is a win, but needs better sound quality
I watched the old video version of this periodically, and this new format I think is really great for being more in-depth and more accessible (being audio-only). My only complaint is that the audio quality surprisingly poor for a tech company like Wired - it sounds like it was recorded in a metal barrel!
Big disappointment
Audio is just terrible and annoying to listen to. In it’s previous iterations the Gadget Lab was very focused and concise. This new version is just two guys rambling for an hour, much as other technology podcasts do. Definitely a step backwards.
Marco Leavitt
Horrible audio
For a tech podcast to use such poor audio is unforgivable not worth listening to😢😒
I can't subscribe because it says it does not have a valid URL. Please fix so that it can update.
Solid Podcast
Informative. Well produced. Good job.
The place to go to be in the know
The Gadget Lab podcast is a great resource for learning about the latest tech products, from phones to laptops. Since the Wired guys live and breathe this stuff every day, you know that you're getting the scoop on the most current products on the market. A must for the early adopter. The format is very casual... just 2-3 guys sitting around talking about the latest tech gear, just like the way most people discuss their new digital camera with their friends.
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Good podcast!
Very good podcast. Really fills me in on the latest gadgetry. Could be longer, but why complain? Keep it up
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