FUT Weekly Podcast
FUT Weekly Podcast
EA FC Ultimate Team Weekly
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Comprehensive FUT Coverage
These guys are probably the most informative FUT podcast out there
Great show
Great to listen to and always greats tips. I’m an average FIFA player but when I started listening to the gameplay episodes I got way better. Cheers Ben, japes and all the others!
Solid fut podcast
This podcast always delivers worthwhile fifa info with great personalities and guests
Chad MH
Best FUT related pod
It’s hard to find a better FUT pod out there, the host and guests do a great job discussing the latest FUT news and content. The weekly discussion keeps the listeners up to date on all things FUT. The guests have great chemistry with the host and the overall vibe of the pod is very positive, would highly suggest subscribing and more!
Entertaining but awful takes
The hosts make an entertaining show, but when it comes to issues between EA and the community they always give EA the benefit of the doubt on everything, while always finding holes in the issues raised by the community. Strange behavior
Love love love
Worth a listen.
Gold!!! 5*5* like Neymar
If you love FUT, this is the only podcast worth listening to. Everything Host Ben touches is gold!
Amazing Podcast
Great fifa podcast, it’s very informative and gives a ton of good playing tips! Went from Gold 1 to Elite 2 because of it.
Fantastic podcast! I’ve been playing Ultimate Team for about 3 years now and listening to this podcast for 2 years now. Listening to this podcast has helped me get from a consistent Gold 3 player to a consistent Elite 3/Elite 2 player. I’ve tried listening/watching others cover FUT but no other podcast (or anyone on videos) has had as much insight on the game at a level that matched mine. they offer such a unique point of view of the game from just about every experience level on the game. On top of that..discord community is also incredible! Plus Ben is such a great person. So thankful for this! Keep it up everyone!
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OBS Proponents LOL
This dude just told people OBS could still be effective! What a clown. A game killing tactic and this dude is telling people to use it.
Great FUT content, better hosts, amazing guests.
Free pods are a must listen and the Patreon exclusives are worth every penny. Great insight, great guests, and an amazing community.
Always a must listen the guys are very knowledgeable and will definitely make you a better player by just listening.
Best FUT Pod
The best place for FUT
The Best
An intelligent and mature take on FIFA Ultimate Team. Some of the most knowledgeable minds sharing their perspectives on current and future trends in the game.
Fat Lewis 17
The absolute best fifa ultimate team podcast
I’ve been listening to this pod for about 2 years. I’ve been playing fifa for nearly 20 and the FUT game mode for the past 6. If you want to become a better player, learn more about the game, this pod has everything to make you better from squad building to the transfer market to general game play.
Major Bummer
I used to love this podcast and have been listening for years, but I’m not crazy about pods going behind a pay wall. All the best podcasts are completely free, and I’d totally deal with more ads not to get gouged for money that should be going towards fifa points. Don’t go behind paywalls, market yourself to advertisers better.
Grumpy Gustaf
High Quality FIFA Podcast
Great hosts, information and entertaining. Professionally done and look forward to each episode
Good Stuff!!
U no ego
Awesome Pod
Great Pod. Loved that you guys brought probably the best known fifa YouTuber (Nepethnez) to the pod. This one was fantastic and gives a lot of insight!
David Finer
Love the show!
By far the best FUT podcast on itunes. Enjoy the show every week.
FUT Weekly Podcast
Absolutely awesome content from Ben and the crew. In-depth discussions for all ranges of FIFA fanatics!
Weekly FUT pod to add to rotation
This is a good listen. If you’re a FIFA player like me and listen to podcasts constantly, add this one to your list.
Go Gunners!
great pod!
If you are a FUT player and listen to podcasts, this is a must listen. My only complaint is I wish there were more of them! Keep up the good work guys!
the half way crook
Best FIFA Ultimate Podcast Ever!
This is the most informative, entertaining, and helpful podcast for Fifa Ultimate Team. Ben,Horace, and the Fut Economist do an amazing job covering all the material and happenings in FUT each week. Any fan of FIFA must listen to this podcast!
Ryan Witcher
Best FUT Podcast out there
If you play FUT at all this is a must listen. Great tips, market review, previews, and player reviews, look forward to it every week! Keep up he good work!
CR7 G.O.A.T.
Listen up
Great content but they can be slightly inconsistent. Keep up the great work!
A must-listen for FIFA 17 fans
If you play FIFA Ultimate team, this is a can't-miss resource. Ben, Horace and Jamie do an excellent job breaking down the most important topics of the week in the FUT world. Listening to this podcast helped me become an above-average player, and the investing tips on the pod have helped me push my transfer profit above 2 million coins. FIFA is more fun this year because of this pod.
If you play FUT. it's a must listen! Learned a lot!
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