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I hope people open their minds to the fact that our vets are not always doing what’s beat for our pets. They think they are as they are doing what they have been trained to do. However vaccinating every year, prescribing drugs they know has severe side effects is only self serving and in my opinion, a little lazy. Listening to this series is a start. Finding holistic vets, researching the ingredients in your beloved pets’ food are all your responsibility. It’s your job to protect your pet and not just nod your head to whatever the vet says. I’d like to think we question our own doctor so why aren’t we pinning down the vets about their recommendations. And I’m not saying vets are bad. I’m saying ask questions, research the hell out of everything.
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After listening to this podcast I really look forward to hearing the next episode. Very informative and truly about a person who really loved her beloved dog Diamond. Keep up the good work !!
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