Full Body Chills
Full Body Chills
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I only started listening to this about a week ago. I’m addicted. My 13 year old son loves this podcast, but he will only listen with me cuddled on the couch!! Thank you!!
....set your reality aside.
Your delivery is intense and addicting. It tend to give me chills down the spine. It glues the listener in and keeps her/him on the edge. Thank you.
Best Show Ever!!!
This is the show I never knew I needed, absolute gem! And Ashley Flowers is my all time favourite. Can’t wait for more episodes.
5 stars isn’t enough 🤩🤩✨
I absolutely loveeeeeeeee this podcast!! I wish there were more episodes and I can’t wait until more come out. Ashley has the perfect voice to read these stories, and she does them so well! I think these stories would be really neat to turn into a tv show, but only if Ashley is narrating of course!
Easy Listens Comes From Hard Work.
I am a stickler for clean speech patterns and error-free narration. You didn’t say “umm” once. You also delivered the story with emotion while not making a single error. I doubt you did it perfect the first time so I thank you for not posting the first draft, the way so many others do. Well Done!!
Even tho its fictional GIRL- it’s got me LITERALLY in full body chills and omg I think it’s your most recent one “US” had me crying in fear! Even tho I knew it was fake it was so bone chilling jeeeez! I almost binged all of these and I found this channel yesterday, also I’m also from Indy what’s up Ashley! You ever around broadripple area I would love to meet you😂😂
These stories are incredible and do give me full body chills. I can’t wait for more!!
So talented!
Ashley Flowers could do a dramatic reading of a phone book and I would love it! I’ve binged almost all of her content and I can’t wait for more!
Love so much! Can’t get enough! Keeps me wanting more!
I love all episodes!
That is the only word I can use to describe how I feel about Ashley and Britt’s podcasts. This one is amazing just like their main baby crime Junkie. I love Ashley’s voice. It’s so soothing yet has the power to turn up the scare factor that is needed for these kind of stories. I wish I had more stuff to binge from you guys!!
Please someone make a tv series of each episode, my favorite so far is Diary. Full body chills for real!
Ady Cakes
Perfect story tellers
I love this show. Seems like anything Ashley is involved is really good! Keep it up! These stories are sooooo creepy. Love it.
Bebe Unicorn
Where’s the chill. The stories are lame, and not the least bit spooky.
Make more please but good
ugcucurxtic ruch uur uf
I mean, the word TRUE should have given that away. I can’t believe Ms. Plagiarism still has a job “reporting” on crimes we can just read for ourselves. It’s not really called “investigative reporting” when you’re just reading, verbatim, what other journalists have said. They do all the hard work and you bat your eyes and tell the story as if it’s your own words. You know when you. An tell Trump is reading the teleprompter? Sounds like that. The least she can do is give credit, since she won’t own up. When called out she backtracked and either added some resource links to the episode or straight up deleted it. Anywho, if you’re in to true crime, don’t get it from Ashley Flowers. If you’re in to campfire ghost stories, made up by someone else, she’s your gal.
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Love it!
When will we get more?! Binged through all, even bonus episodes. Highly recommend this podcasts. It’s one me and the family can listen to in the car.
10/10 recommend 2/10 recommend not watching with surround sound unless you are ready to GET SPOOKED LOVE IT
I’m new to this type of podcasts. I listed to NPR and documentaries but when ever I tried crime, thrillers there were hosts quarreling, making bad jokes and just amateur hour! This narrator is smart, great voice and professional. Excellent!!!!
AK Ajijic
This podcast has become one of my all new favorite podcasts to listen to! they’re so entertaining to listen to and they definitely give you FULL BODY CHILLS!
Love love love this podcast! Literal full body chills from the first episode.
You already know
Listen I normally don’t even leave reviews because I forget to or just bring lazy but I’m so obsessed that I’m at my call center job listening all day back to back. I love it
renzo graham
Disturbing but hooked
So I’m coming from Ashley’s other podcasts so I didn’t realize these were fictional stories at first, especially with her first person performances... the every year on my birthday episode....nightmares!! So happy to find out they’re fiction lol
Give body chills
Perfect combination of scare and suspense
Full body chills!
I love the narration and production of this podcast. The stories are real good and there are definitely moments where I get full body chills. I hope there will be more to come!
You’re doing wonderful
I love this podcast. I love that I can visualize the stories that she tells. Keep up the good work.
5 star podcast! I LOVE THESE!!!!!!! Full. Body. Chills.
Liv Napier
Very good
I love it! I’m sooo obsessed with it do you know when you’ll do more?
Tater the waiter
Not what I expected. I found the show from Crime Junkies. The stories here are far from chilling, more like a weak campfire story.
Amazing podcast!
My sister had recommended me this podcast and just two episodes in got full body chills! Would recommend to everyone!
So addicted that I basically listened to all the episodes in one sitting, super interesting stories that keep you on the edge of your seat. I absolutely love the way the stories are told with sounds in the background!
This is great
I know you probably see a lot of love review but this is my all time favorite podcast ❤️❤️❤️ Ashley flowers voice is great for narration! But..... the first problem is that they don’t past often :( PLEASE POST MORE!! and the second is that the DEAR DIARY one is disturbing along with vinyal words:( ok thanks for reading I suggest this podcast so much !! Have a great day
Thank you
Excellent stories and narration
Best Podcast Ever
I am 100% obsessed!! I get FULL BODY CHILLS with every episode!
iam madkat
Best stories/story teller ever
These are the best stories. Told by a really good story teller. She don’t try to act all dramatic and phony! It’s like sitting around the campfire listening to spooky story’s. You enjoy it so much you don’t want it to end,yet can’t wait to find out how it ends.
Grants Pass Or
This podcast is fantastic. Highly recommend.
The narration
Truthfully Ashley i want you to know i listen to these when i drive at night and i know i shouldn’t, but your narration of Us was just so gotdamn creepy and amazing i was scared for you. I love it
David Blare’s voice is so soothing!
I loved loved loved listening to hearing David Blare’s story from The Runaway episode! This might be my next favorite podcast, coming from being a loyal Crime Junkie listener, you’ll love this too!
Just started listening to it and can’t stop listening to it!!!!
i love the way the podcast is creepy but informational. My freinds and family love these podcasts
Great podcast!
Great podcast with great stories!
Nathan B P
Just listen to Season 1
The stories in Season 1 were delightfully creepy, captivating, and several of them were the kind of story that stick with you and I wished there were more episodes. In my opinion, the episodes in Season 2 don’t have those same qualities. They have seemed more like a chore to get through and most episodes didn’t catch my attention.
Go girl
Haters aren’t worth your time
Luna Loper
So we have to subscribe to to sticher premium !?
I really do like this podcast a lot but I simply cannot subscribe to Sticher premium for a seasonal podcast. I don’t get why they would do this ? I like listening to all my podcasts on the same app.
Great host I am subscribed to all of her podcasts. This podcast was a bit to scary for me, but if you can handle it, go for it!
The weird kid club
Fictional stories
These are just fictional stories, should be categorized under fiction.
Love it!
Really have been enjoying this podcast! The voice of David Blare is truly amazingly creepy. Love hearing him tell the stories. That interview with him about the Runaway was incredibly interesting. Thanks for creating something truly fascinating! Can’t wait for more! 💜
Omg please not her again
I unwittingly subscribed to this not knowing who the host was. Once I discovered it I still tried to listen but after half an episode I unsubscribed. She doesn’t keep me interested in a story because she just sounds so cold and you can tell she could care less about these people she reads about. She tries to keep you interested but she’s definitely not a natural story teller and it shows with her poor attempts at building suspense. Wish she’d go away. Sure others love her but I never could tolerate her. I never leave any bad comments but I decided I needed to. I can’t be the only one that feels this way.
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true crime fan 1979
Did you buy reviews??
You must have bought reviews for season two since they all say the same thing. Season 1 was awesome, Season two seems like someone just rushed to get stories out. Could have been so much better. Also every story is about mental illness, it full on is saying that mental illness is just this scary thing and that people with mental illness are not worth of love.
The best!
I love this podcast so much! I have listened to all of the episodes over and over and I still get scared. I love all of Ashley’s podcast crime junkie being my personal fave. Ashley is an amazing storyteller!
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