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From the Couch Sports Talk
Peter Rogers
Giving you the passionately obsessed fan’s perspective on all sports but with as little glamor as possible. You're welcome.
Episode 36: Talking The Sad Ending To The Patriots Season
After whats felt like years, Pete, Will and John return to the couch to talk about the sad sad loss the Patriots took at the hands of the ferocious, ball rubbing Broncos defense. But its not all tears. The guys talk about their favorite plays of the year along with who the Patriots should go after […]
Jan 27, 2016
Episode 35: Talking STAR WARS: The Sports Awakens
Pete, Will and John decided to celebrate the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens by casting Boston athletes into the starring roles of the film. Who is the best Luke? Is Pedro Martinez as wise as Master Yoda? Who wears the hoodie better: Emperor Palpatine or Bill Belichick? The force is strong with this episode. […]
Dec 17, 2015
Episode 34: Talking Ben Simmons OR Patriots Repeat
THEYRE FINALLY BACK!! WITH BAD SKYPE CONNECTION AND ALL! Pete, Will and John return to the couch after two weeks to play the sexiest game on the internet: Would You Rather. The guys pose the toughest of questions including another Super Bowl or a World Series for Ortiz? Ben Simmons or beat LeBron in the playoffs? Plus […]
Dec 9, 2015
Episode 33: Talking #HotTakeThursday
Pete and Will are by themselves this week on the couch and decide to spit the hottest of takes for you. Ranging from Steph Curry is the best basketball player ever to Kevin McHale will send Boogie to Boston to even BEN SIMMONS BEST ROOKIE EVER, these takes are so hot theyll burn your ears, to listen […]
Nov 20, 2015
Episode 32: Talking Is Jared Sullinger Finally Legit?
Pete, Will and John get comfy on the couch and debate if Jared Sullinger is finally living up to Celtics fans hopes and dreams. The guys admire Sullys game against the Wizards but wonder if hell be able to sustain this production throughout the season. They then wonder if they could replicate Kelly Olynyks ability […]
Nov 11, 2015
Episode 31: Talking Early Celtics’ Peaks And Troughs
Pete, Will and John climb the mountains and slide down the valleys of the first three games of this young Boston Celtics season. The guys list the positives and negatives so far with the Cs including a lack of rookies, David Lees disappearance, Marcus Smart commanding and for some reason John talks about Steph Curry […]
Nov 3, 2015
Episode 30: Talking And Watching Celtics Season Opener
Pete, Will and John watch the 2nd quarter of the Celtics opener against the 76ers and talk about whatever tickles their interest. The guys have a little fun with the trade machine, predict the most realistic future of this Celtics team and even splash in a little Patriots and fantasy football talk to fill your ears. […]
Oct 29, 2015
Episode 29: Talking 2015-16 NBA Season Preview
NBA season is just around the corner and Pete, Will and John are here to give you their uneducated thoughts. The guys predict which teams will make the playoffs from each conference, then hand out MVP, CoY and RoY awards. Plus John shares one of his trademark Would You Rathers. Don’t worry, we bleeped it […]
Oct 22, 2015
Episode 28: Talking Celtics Preseason And Passing Out Beers
Pete, Will and John finally come back to the couch and record a podcast about the Celtics preseason. We are sorry it took so long. The guys get all giddy over David Lee and his outlet passes plus the play of the youngest members of the Cs, particularly a certain 80’s pop song star. Plus […]
Oct 15, 2015
Episode 27: Talking Celtics Media Day Fun Day Trivia Game of Life!
Pete, Will and John take the bland, basic answers of Celtics media day and turn them into an excellent trivia game! Play along at home as Pete quizzes the guys on their knowledge of vague answers that never actually answer the question. Then the guys talk some Patriots football and even take a stab at […]
Oct 1, 2015