From Rock Bottom to Rockin' It
From Rock Bottom to Rockin' It
Eric Gilbert-Williams | Entrepreneur & Philanthropist
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Stumbled upon this podcast searching thru Apple Podcasts. Glad I took a second to listen, I'm thru 10 episodes so far. Great stories from guests that have overcome real life obstacles.
Thank you from ATL
My friend referenced this podcast to me as I'm currently coming out of a battle with drug addiction. These episodes have inspired me to that I can beat my battles & become destined for Greatness! Thank you Eric.
Inspirational and insightful
Eric has a unique ability to dig into his guests’ personal stories and to find the great lessons embedded in their darkest moments. He sure knows how to bring to light these very inspiring stories to motivate his community. Great show!
Albert S
feel asleep
Apps should be bug free
Thank you for sharing these stories! Would recommend this to anyone!
Great stories from ordinary people who became extraordinary
Amazing the stories told in this podcast. Gives a great hope for those people who feel lost or don’t believe in themselves anymore after bad events in their lives... everyone can climb from bottom to the top! :)
Inspiring approach to business
Amazing podcast with great wealths of knowledge. I highly recommend this to all listeners.
Thank you
These stories need to be shared and it’s an honor to be able to share in their highs and lows
Jon Eckel
Fantastic and Inspirational
This is exactly the type of energy we need during these challenging times!
Gotta Get the Word Out
The more we can share stories like these, the more people will hopefully reach for treatment or never reach for that first smoke or drink. Podcasts like this are awesome.
The Addiction Podcast
Really good and really inspirational
Plunkett Family Music
Vital Info
Intense and true. This is exactly what is needed right now. Bringing up people's awareness is only route out.
An amazing journey..
This is a heart-felt journey through peoples’ amazing perseverance in life’s darkest hours.. if this doesn’t get you inspiration and perspective, nothing will.
Stories that live beyond us
I love this Podcast!! It’s exciting and touching and presents the world in an awe inspiring way. What a wonderful way to feed your mind !
Very inspiring
I am really enjoying this podcast, looking forward to new episodes.
Just what I needed!
This podcast from Eric Gilbert Williams is amazing. Especially at a time right now, #covid19, when it feels like all is lost, this is a triumphing reminder of the human spirit and the ability to overcome the odds. It’s fairly early in the podcast, but I love it so far! His interviews have me inspired and intrigued. Keep up the awesome work, Eric!