From Rock Bottom to Rockin' It
From Rock Bottom to Rockin' It
Eric Gilbert-Williams | Entrepreneur & Philanthropist
28: Susan Laurie // Extreme Alcoholic to Sober Forever
53 minutes Posted Oct 5, 2020 at 10:19 am.
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Susan Laurie is the author of From Rock Bottom To Sober Forever, which is the story of how a hopeless alcoholic, resigned to an early death, found complete freedom from her addiction. This book is her story of conquering alcoholism forever, and it is essential reading for anyone concerned about their drinking or the drinking of someone they care about.

Alcoholism took hold of Susan’s life and brought her to her darkest and deepest rock bottom moments facing imminent death. After finding a treatment that really worked, she regained control of her life once again. Today, she is a High Profile Expert at the House of Lords Commission on Alcohol Harm.

If you are having problems dealing with alcoholism or you just want to get some guidance and directions, you can visit Susan’s website at


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