Frida riebel
Frida riebel
frida riebel
In this podcast I will talk about what I have learned about horses over the years. Interesting conversations about learning to listen, talk and walk with you horse.
Frida Karsberg Equus Coach
With Frida we talk about the other side of the horse relationship, us as people. How can we get coaching and understand ourself better by looking at a horse and what can the horses body language tell the coach about us? Can we then take the emotion the horse brings out and mirrors in us to our everyday life ? Let’s find out ! @fridakarsbergcoach
Sep 6
31 min
Fire season
The fire season is here! Let’s talk about how we best prepare and how we keep safe in an evacuation. What do we keep in our emergency box ?
Aug 30
38 min
Season 2 is here !
Hello everyone! Just a quick kickstart to our season 2 and our fall 2020. So happy to be back and can’t wait to continue this journey!
Aug 23
19 min
Off the Track. OTTB
Let’s talk about off the Track thoroughbreds ! What are some of the challenges that come with a life off the Track and how do we retrain from going super fast to low and slow? Can you stop cribbing and is it contagious?
Jun 21
39 min
Charlotte Chanler part 1
We get to meet with beautiful Charlotte Chanler, we get to hear about her past and that she is adopting a horse ! And wait did the horse tell her what name she wanted ? @charlottechanler @hearthorse
Jun 14
46 min
Answering your questions!
In today’s episode I answer some of the listeners questions and also give some advice on my favorite tack items and books I like to find inspiration from.
Jun 7
36 min
Tista Wicklow - Hearthorse
I get to sit down with my dear friend Tista. She is the cofounder of heart horse and she is a queen at clicker training. We also get to learn more about consent training and what is a horse girl zoom hang out? Tista Wicklow.
May 31
31 min
A Little Rescue
Having the honor to sit down with the founder Brandi of the organization A Little Rescue. She takes in the horses with little to no hope.
May 24
32 min
Let’s talk about Mustangs
In this episode we discuss mustangs, the stigma around them and what can we do about that? We also talk about training mustangs and is it different from other horse breeds? Also as always I will share some stories of the mustangs that has changed me !
May 17
40 min
No she is not a bitch she is just trying to tell you something
In today’s episode I talk about if your horse is in pain or is it a behavior issue ? We go over a checklist of things to look for and I share some of my experiences.
May 10
44 min
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