The FreshRN Podcast with Kati Kleber
The FreshRN Podcast with Kati Kleber
Kati Kleber, MSN RN CCRN-K
Your first year as a registered nurse is challenging. This podcast is hosted by Kati Kleber, BSN RN CCRN and features experienced nurses from, who discuss the basics of that first year. From orientation, code blues, tricks of the trade, and personal experiences, to time management, delegation, patient deaths, and more.
I Finally Know What I’m Doing - Now What?
You are now clocking in with confidence, and you’re ready for the next challenge. But you enjoy your role, your team, and don’t want to change units or go back to school. In this episode, Kati, Amber, and Chelsea discuss some next steps you can take in your career now that you are no longer a newbie.
Jul 20
38 min
How to Prepare for Your First Shift
The first day of your new job is surely a mix of excitement and anxiety. It’s not uncommon to want to prepare for your first shift. This week Kati, Amber, and Chelsea discuss what you can and cannot prepare for, as well as how to handle the transition from nursing school to working full-time as a nurse
Jul 13
33 min
When You Don’t Land Your Dream Job
So you didn’t land your dream job right out of nursing school. That’s OK! Many new nurses don’t. This week Kati, Amber, and Chelsea talk about how to handle not getting that ideal job and how to become a stronger candidate for the next time you apply.
Jul 6
34 min
What Does a High-Performing New Grad Look Like?
Your idea of a “high performing” new grad might not be the same as what your leadership team actually expects of a brand new nurse. In this episode, we hear from Amber and Chelsea, who lead a nurse residency program, about what qualities make a really great new grad nurse.
Jun 29
35 min
The Unspoken Nursing Hierarchy and Why It’s Garbage
By the time we leave nursing school, most of us have a hierarchy of nursing roles ingrained in our minds-- that you should want to work your way “up” to the ICU and also go back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner. Well in this episode we are talking about why that hierarchy is garbage and some of the interesting and valuable nursing jobs that you may not have learned about in nursing school.
Jun 22
59 min
Nursing Interview Questions: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
In this episode Kati, Amber, and Chelsea sit down to discuss nursing interviews. We cover some very common interview questions, discuss good and bad answers, and learn what your interviewer is really thinking.
Jun 15
1 hr 5 min
Proactively Preventing Nurse Burnout
What is nurse burnout? Why does it happen? How do we prevent it? In this episode, we talk all about nurse burnout, self-compassion, and things you can do to live your healthiest nurse life.
Jun 8
49 min
Unwritten Rules of Nursing
In this episode, we are discussing the rules of nursing that are not found in your textbooks. What’s cool, what’s not cool, and how to be an awesome teammate right out of nursing school.
Jun 1
37 min
Tips for New Charge Nurses
The charge nurse is the boots-on-the-ground leader and a role model for a unit. It can be a stressful job, but it can also be fun and empowering as you gain knowledge and experience. In this episode, we chat about charge nurse responsibilities and some tips for new charge nurses.
May 25
28 min
Tips for New Nurse Preceptors
We don’t stay new nurses forever. And some of our earliest Fresh RNs are now precepting newbies of their own! In this episode, we discuss when to start precepting, your role as a new nurse preceptor, and the challenges that come along with it.
May 17
52 min
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