French Verb Drills (French Today)
French Verb Drills (French Today)
Camille Chevalier-Karfis
When it comes to verb forms, it's always the same problem: lack of speed. You understand the tense, and when you write, you can eventually put it together. But when you speak, you stumble, hesitate, have to stop to think and "write it" in your head... It's very frustrating. These French Verb Drills are designed to help you memorize the verb forms, and the way they are pronounced in French today. The aim is not to explain the tenses, nor to help you figure out how to construct them, but to help you gain speed when it comes to saying that verb form. Make sure you first listen to the intro to make the best use of these verb drills. Transcripts, additionnal drills, and more audio material are available at (by the author of
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Leader of the Pack
There are a lot of French podcasts out there and this is the best I have found so far. Drills are fabulous and helpful.
Excellent for Reinforcement
Learning a language is not mere logic; a lot of it is repetition and internalizing the grammar. It may not be the most stimulating thing to do, but it is absolutely necessary. This podcast provides a convenient way for students studying languages independently or who don't have access to language lab-type drills to provide some reinforcement. I only hope that the series will be expanded. In addition to other verb drills, I'd love to see an entire range of "Transformation" exercises.
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Verb Pronunciation Help
French is a beautiful language, but pronunciation can be a challenge. That is why podcasts like this are so valuable. This podcast enables you to practice your pronunciation by working on verbs. Camille ensures that your verbs will sound "parfait" if you repeat after her. I found the exercises to be very useful and they have given me confidence to continue wanting to speak better en français! If you like this podcast, you will also enjoy Camille's other podcasts: "Easy French Poetry" and "Classic French Tales."
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