French Conversations for Beginners Archives - Real Life Language
French Conversations for Beginners Archives - Real Life Language
French Conversations for Beginners Archives - Real Life Language
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Maybe rehearse / script something out before you start recording? American Wife/ girlfriend voice is painful. French Husband / boyfriend is NOT into it. Audio levels totally inconsistent between the two of them.
There is too much unnecessary chatting!
I don’t recommend this, the females pronunciation is very off and I cannot understand what there saying!
1st Episode and i wanted it to be over
So dry…. And this is the 1st episode. I will give it another try, for another episode and i will update my star rating
Needed preparation
They overlap on each other sometimes, and the approach they have to the actual teaching aspect is slow but not in the way that makes it easier to understand. They deconstruct the sentences and then she just starts asking him how to say things. If she would just let him talk, and then translate for us It would be easier to follow and have an actual flow to it. It felt awkwardly stitched together. She shouldn’t be speaking French when she doesn’t know how. It sounds like she’s reading from a piece of paper a sentence either he wrote or she wrote and didn’t remember it, she definitely sounds like a student which isn’t a bad thing particularly but maybe leave the speaking to people who can teach you how to pronounce things correctly and not like a full blown American.
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They need to do more preparation. The one episode I tried sounded like their organizing meeting, or rehearsal, trying to decide on a department store. I gave up while they were discussing “ What if I ...?”
You have to be very patient to sit through this.
Melisa McKee
Terrific Learning Experience!
I have very much enjoyed the first few lessons; they have set the tone for what I know is going to be an enjoyable, helpful and highly instructive learning experience. Many Thanks, Folks!
Really good
It's worked for me. thanks anyway
The worst
This is beyond the worst. They don’t explain anything and they go way too fast. Unreal.
Shouldn’t be considered a French Podcast
For starters, the male host does NOT want to be there. You can tell in his tone. Secondly, the woman speaking does not have good pronunciation so they shouldn’t be doing a podcast.
Lucas Kaitsas
Too much chat
Too much chatting. Prefer more explanation of language skills
Flamenco Vail
A total waste of time.
Good content. One constructive thought for improvement: when the guest is being interviewed, a lot of the time, their voice isn’t always clearly heard - due to closeness to the microphone possibly ? If the interviewer could repeat what was said or ask the guest to speak louder it would be very helpful. Turning up my volume doesn’t work either as it only blasts the interviewers voice & i still can’t always make out the guests responses. So there’s not much point at listening to the podcast - since it’s one sided.
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One can barely hear the French Male Host
The French male host obviously doesn’t want to teach French or be helpful in understanding French. The American host speaks clearly and directly into the mike. The French male host speaks very softly in the background. The French male host is evasive and doesn’t want to participate to this podcast. He is vague and blurts out answers so one can not hear him.
Queen Mary II
Not enough content
15 minute podcast with less than 1 minute in the target language. If you want to learn French this is a waste of your time
This is a great podcast.
Perfect for me! It was just my speed.
This podcast was just what I needed after a year and a half of speaking no French.
No Thanks
It seems that French people are rude. Really you can’t judge people by one guy, but he made this uncomfortable.
Good Content.
Good stuff. The guy is boring and doesn’t seem interested, which is distracting.
I love this podcast. Easy to follow along. Thank you!
Grumpy host?
The info is good but like others have said the male host seems like he doesn’t want to be doing the podcast at all which makes it hard to listen to. The language info and pace is good, I wish the host wasn’t so grumpy!
The guy host is discouraging
This is not a very helpful podcast to listen to. You will be discouraged from the very beginning by how the male host reacts. He doesn’t even try to engage the audience. It’s like he doesn’t want to be there doing this crap. I regret listening to this. I didn’t learn anything.
Awesome podcast!
The topics really make sense, thank you for this podcast, it's really helpful
Didn't like it
The audio quality is not great: the sound is distant. The guy is grumpy. The girl is good.
Camila 41934D6E92
Fun Way To Learn
Love the show. Great and organic way to learn French. Great job and thank you. 😁
Angela Brown Oberer
Practical and beautiful!!
Great lessons for practical conversations one would have in French speaking countries. Love it. So well done.
So Good!
What a helpful tool, I am working on learning how to pronounce my wine labels, and this show is helping to understand the language in a very helpful way! thank you!
If you are learning french ...
You need to be lisening to this podcast!
Learn French with Janina & Joel
In this episode Janina, the French teacher, and Joel, the Frenchman, teach us how to order postcards in French. Since my wife is French, this show is a must for me! Great timing and I wish you continuing success!
Don Hutcheson
Love it
I'm so thrilled I found this show, I love the french language and the way you deliver the classes
Alex Dali Rizo
My high school French is coming back!
FCFB is an easy way to dust off my old French. Thanks!
Beautiflul show for learning fevch
Nice and Useful way of learning a new language in general and French in particular. I like the fluency yet the practical conversations.
Hayut Yogev
Ohhh Bonjour!
So happy this exists. I've forgotten all my French from college. This is exactly what I need.
Kristy Arnett
Excellent Podcast!!!
I just got back to French lately and I love this podcast! So easy to understand and to follow. Great job guys! C'est super!!!
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