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Ritha Pierre
Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges: A Conversation with Rikimah Glymph on Empowerment, Wellness, and Professional Success for Black Women
1 hour 14 minutes Posted Apr 19, 2023 at 6:45 am.
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Show notes

Get ready to feel empowered and inspired because, on today's episode of Freedas World Podcast, we are joined by the amazing Rikimah Glymph, Founding Partner of Glymph Consulting, LLC, and a trailblazing black woman who has dedicated her career to changing the hearts and minds of leaders and staff alike.

In this episode, Rikimah will share her wealth of knowledge and experience in building business infrastructure, coaching, mentoring, and promoting organizational and individual wellness and well-being. She'll also talk about her incredible journey from serving as Chief of People & State Operations for Bernie 2020 to becoming a sought-after speaker and consultant in the progressive non-profit space.

But that's not all – Rikimah is also a mom, world traveler, foodie, and horse enthusiast, and she'll share how she balances it all while prioritizing self-care and personal development.

So, whether you're a black professional woman navigating the mean streets of the corporate world or just someone looking for some inspiration and guidance on your own journey of self-discovery and empowerment, this episode is not to be missed. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and join us as we chat with the one and only Rikimah Glymph on Freedas World Podcast – the podcast for savvy, confident black women who are on a mission to achieve self-acceptance and self-love.


To learn more about Rikimah, visit her website.

Don't forget to check out Rikimah's books Total Wellness and Real Talk.


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