Free Music Ed Podcast
Free Music Ed Podcast
Stephen Cox
The Free Music Ed Podcast covers issues relevant to music and music education. Beginners to professionals will enjoy this podcast that touches on such musical topics as choosing and instrument, managing music classes, and interviews with professional musicians. Brought to you by
Ep. 43 Going from High School Student to College Music Major
This week we are releasing the first episode recorded in front of a live audience. During the Texas Music Educators Association convention in February 2014 I was privileged to be the moderator of a panel of college deans and professors. This panel answered questions regarding majoring in music and we gave advice including information about degree plans, reasons for majoring in music, and time management. The panel included: Dr. Robert Tucker - Hardin Simmons University Dr. Marylynn Flecher - Victoria College Dr. John Scott - North Texas University Dr. David Scott - Texas AM Commerce
Feb 27, 2014
57 min
Ep. 42 Gannon's Repair Corner - Band Instruments
Nothing worse than when an instrument breaks, so lets learn how to fix them. This week we talk about easy repairs band directors can make and what tools to keep on hand.
Feb 6, 2014
36 min
Ep. 41 About Suzuki, Kodaly and Rote Teaching
While they are all different methods of teaching music Suzuki, Kodaly, and Rote teaching share some similar characteristics. In this episode our hosts sort out these methods, their similarities, and their differences.
Jan 16, 2014
35 min
Ep. 40 Does Musical Talent Exist?
On the one year Anniversary of the FreeMusicEd Podcast, we examine one of the oldest questions in music education. Is musical talent a real thing? Is it something you have or don't have, or do you develop it. We also look at tone deafness and rhythm deafness.
Jan 2, 2014
36 min
Ep. 39 Tech Company - Musicopoulos w/Con Eliopoulos
This week we interview the music education technology company Musicopoulos with their founder Con Eliopoulos. This company is responsible for excellent music education apps including a metronome, ear training application, an innovative vocal warm up app, and a music theory ipad training course. Learn More at:
Dec 11, 2013
21 min
Ep. 38 Teaching Brass and Improvisation w/Dr. Dave Wilken
Journey into the world of Jazz improvisation and brass embouchure this week with Dr. Dave Wilken of Dave studied at Illinois Wesleyan University and DePaul University. He also directs community ensembles, performs as a freelance trombonist, and composes/arranges. Learn More at:
Nov 20, 2013
49 min
Ep.35 Tone Deaf Comics w/ John Bogenschutz
If you're in music education and you need a laugh, a guaranteed win is Tone Deaf Comics. This week artist John Bogenschutz joins us for a conversation all about his excellent web comic and the road so far. Visit and check out John's work.
Oct 10, 2013
58 min
Ep.34 The Open Well Tempered Clavier w/Robert Douglass
Back in 2012 the Open Goldberg Variations sought to "Set Bach free." Now, the team behind the ground breaking project are continuing that quest with The Well Tempered Clavier - Ba©h to Bach. Robert Douglass, MuseScore, and Kimiko Ishizaka return to take Bach's masterpiece - The Well Tempered Clavier, and release it to the world with copyright free recordings, typesetting, and a digital score. In this interview Douglass shares the vision, history, and motivations behind this 2nd project as they do a major part to preserve and share one of the most significant works in the world's musical heritage.
Sep 20, 2013
37 min
Ep.32 Joytunes Returns w/Yigal Kaminka
This week we have the pleasure of a return visit from Yigal Kaminka from Joytunes. Yigal is the Oboist for the Jerusalem Symphony and the music arranger and consultant for Joyutnes. We talked about arranging for the applications, their new application PianoMania, and working in a music technology start up. We also played a few of Yigals arrangements.
Sep 5, 2013
33 min
Ep.31 The Electric Bass
Gannon shares some excellent bass education resources and sheds some light about some important beginner bass techniques.
Aug 22, 2013
25 min
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