Foreplay Radio – Couples and Sex Therapy
Foreplay Radio – Couples and Sex Therapy
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This is so helpful! I love the clarification and articulation of confusing and difficult to talk about issues. I have peace of mind that what I’m experiencing is normal. This has given me the courage and confidence to boldly embrace and talk about the most intimate issues. I now have words for all the feelings! Thank you so much!
My fave podcast. Real ways to talk SEX & LTR
Brava! Truthful, professional, and science-based content all of us can use tonight. (And it won’t embarrass you to listen! Ok, much...) Tho this is definitely a “straight” pod, the relationship work hits it + the how-our-body-actually-works info is invaluable no matter your age or persuasion. Feedback — how ‘bout we mix up those roleplay names? ... Miguel or Jamal, occasionally, rather than Joe? This is SUCH great work, I’d love it if it would be a tad more inclusive, ethnically. We know this baby is heard and enjoyed ‘round the planet. Big thanks to hosts & crew. Keep em comin’.
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authentic beast
Interesting take on the delicate intimacy tango
Love the analogies. This episode calls both partners out for their contribution to the problem but in a way that identifies the ‘cycle’ as perpetrator, and the couple as co-victims. Has huge merit if both parties can buy into this, the only derailing risk being in not dealing with each one’s own issues (family of origin, abuse, etc.)
Amazingly Real and Helpful Advice.
This has been the most beneficial podcast. The examples, situations, emotions, and vulnerabilities around relationships and sex are spot on. The advice provided is so supportive of both partners regardless of the situation and continually encourages patience, love, compassion, and support. Hands down the best relationship Podcast available.
Saved my marriage
I love this podcast!!!!!
I am a psychotherapist and certified EFT therapist in Utah, and I love this podcast on many levels. Professionally it helps me better understand emotional negative cycles and sexual negative cycles, and it helps me be more effective as I work with both my individual and my couples clients - I am doing a better job of helping them them make sense of these difficult cycles that cause so much pain. And personally, this podcast helps my wife and me in our marriage big time. We listen together and it helps! I refer clients to foreplay radio all the time - and my clients and friends rave about foreplay radio. It makes my job easier. Keep the great content coming Laurie and George!
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Ed P Therapist
Marriage Saved!
After 23 years it was either divorce or a serious reset. My OB/GYN suggested this podcast when I met with her to discuss low libido. This series has truly pulled our marriage out of the abyss. I am forever grateful to Laurie & George for their candid and caring approach to grow and improve connections for husbands & wives inside and outside the bedroom. We are thriving because of putting into practice what this podcast is teaching us!
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Changed my life
What an amazing gift. I had listened once before but wasn’t in an open place to absorb this maxing content. Started back again and it’s changed my life. Thank you George and Laurie
Better relationships, better sex
This show brilliantly blends the scientific and academic world with the everyday world, allowing us regular folk to apply research backed methods to improve our relationships with our partners. I started listening to this podcast to learn how to be a better lover for my partner, and I continue to listen to this podcast so I can be a better partner for my partner. The show respectfully approaches sex, providing space for people with various backgrounds who struggle to communicate about sex: religious upbringing, abuse, zero exposure, recent negative experiences, and many others. The concepts are explained clearly and succinctly, allowing me to enjoy a couple episodes while I mow the lawn or commute to and from work. I also find myself replaying a few episodes, specifically those that address withdrawers mindset and how to engage and support pursuers, to make sure I absorb every morsel of information. I am thankful for having found this show and look forward to each episode.
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Traveling Chris
Thank you George and Laurie! You are covering topics that all of us need to be educated on. There are very few of us raised with good healthy relationships with love and sex. I’m learning so much from you! It’s giving me not only valuable information, but now moves that I need to work on! Being a withdrawer this has been so helpful in seeing that my pursuer wasn’t criticizing as I had taken it, it is them fighting for us. It’s not just sex, this crosses over into all aspects of relationship. Thank you so much!
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Making difficult concepts understandable
Thank you Laurie and George for sharing your knowledge with the world! I appreciate the professional yet relatable way you explain relationship and sexual issues and how you connect the two. You’ve helped me deepen my understanding of attachment and have normalized so many experienced for me. Please keep doing what you’re doing! Chris
Smart pod
The last five episodes on persuers and withdrawers are something everyone needs to hear. Ever considered changing the name so we can send it to co-workers or family members to prevent any potential funny looks?
team Steve-xxxx
New drinking game
My friends and I created a new drinking game. Every time George says the word “conversation,” we each take a shot of tequila. It’s great fun!
Insightful and self reflection
I listen to a lot of these to help my partner and I learn to communicate better and to discuss the hard things between basic things and sexual needs. This podcast has helped be with being more gentle as I can be a bit abrasive and demanding and it’s allowed me to step out of my shoes to see where my partner could be coming from. We listen to the podcast separately and come together discuss. What stood out, where we related and if we have any apologies or anything we’d like to readdress.
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Love it
Vety enjoyable and very informative. Entertaining with tons of valuable information thank you
Recommended for all humans
Episodes are just the right length, focused, include perspectives from both men and women. Hosts are active professionals bringing years of experience from working with people of all types. Subscribe to this podcast to keep your love relationships thriving.
Fun, helpful, caring.
Thoughtful, funny and insightful. Always walk away with something learned.
Changed marriage!!
My husband and I have been married over 26yrs and we thought all our issues were unique to us and life circumstances; but this podcast has opened our eyes. So many times we would enter into a negative crazy cycle and didn’t know how to break it. Many of times one of us would feel angry and rejected while the other felt hopeless and misunderstood . I didn’t know about “pursuer” and “retriever” which describes us so perfectly sexually and emotionally. It seemed the more we “worked” the further from each other we’d be. It’s given us so much knowledge and tools and it has opened up our eyes that we are not alone. We continue to listen and learn daily and share with friends & family. I wish I would’ve known this info years ago. However we’re now on a journey and looking forward to our relationship on a whole different level thanks to Foreplay Radio podcasts.
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The importance of Laurie and George’s contributions to human well-being cannot be overstated. These podcasts are essential for me in my work with distressed couples and helps to fill in missing but vital pieces in my training. I also find the podcasts to be deeply edifying on a personal level, and my wife and I enjoy listening to them and discussing the various topics. I invite you to take the journey, 300+ episodes and counting, something here for everyone!
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I love listening. I do find G a bit too shallow, and his voice is annoying.
Foreplay Radio
AMAZING!!! I find myself sending podcasts to my friends. I am a loyal listener, you can always find a podcast that you can relate to from your past, your present and maybe your future. Keep up the AMAZING work and thank you for the knowledge and help.
Opens conversation
My boyfriend and I are always looking for ways to grow our relationship. This podcast really helps us to talk and approach awkward topics in a fun way. Love the two hosts, they are a great pair!
Awesome Information
George and Laurie are the Lewis & Clark of relationships. They are knowledgeable, informative and funny. Listening every week has been a journey of improvement. They help their listeners discover new ways to improve their relationship with their spouse. I’ve been listening for over a year and I have learned so much about being a better man and a better husband. Thanks for a fantastic podcast!! I appreciate all your hard work.
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I’m so thankful I found this. I have learned so much about myself and have used the things shared to improve my sex life. I love following them!!
I love this podcast!!!
As a brand new couples therapy intern, this show has been super helpful and informative! I really enjoyed learning about the dual interactional cycles of intimacy and sex as well as how they can switch or be congruent. I also appreciated the recent episode about EFT because this is the model I'm using at my practice. I hope to learn more about helping couples improve their sexual intimacy using this model. Keep up the great work! I know I will keep listening to inspire me in my professional work and my personal relationship with my partner!
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Great show
Of all the podcast on here George and Lori consistently deliver great content.
Love it
I love listening to George and Lori and look forward to their podcast episodes each week. I have learned so much from them. And they are fun and entertaining!! Thank you! 💜
Love listening to George and Laurie every week to learn something new and enhance my understanding, learn to view issues in a different light and learn new tactics 💖I just connect with them so well!
Mahi Luna
You don’t know what you don’t know
For the longest time I just blundered through life just doing things I knew worked but not understanding why it worked or didn’t, after listening to this podcast I find myself being more aware of what I’m doing and being more intentional in my actions, it’s helped allot
Thank you both for doing this show. It has helped me understand my partner and myself so much.
cobgruent withdrawer
Yes, yes and yes!!!
I am a Psychiatric NP by profession and I wanted to share how much I appreciate the relationship focus , the teaching of relational and sexual dynamics and the importance of all perspectives. I have learned so much listening to the both of you. They way you two relate on the podcast is a real time modeling of mutual respect , intelligence and humor ! Look forward to many more ! Thanks , Holli
When asking for what you want is a turn off
What do you do when asking for what you want in bed is a turn off for the other person. My partner tends to think that we should just know what the other person wants and talking about it takes away the mystery.
Great show, gives healthy, balanced advice on how to keep and form happy relationships.
So helpful, thank you for making this podcast!
This podcast is fabulous and Laurie and George are wonderful! Very helpful and relatable! Also, if you ever see their Great Sex, Great Love Seminar it is very insightful and worth the investment!
Good stuff
This is a great podcast. Anyone familiar with EFT therapy will enjoy the pursuers and withdrawer’s perspective, in the cycle as it relates to sexual and emotional connection. Highly recommend.
Makes everything feel normal
I love these guys and how they really bring to light how cycles impact our sex lives behind the scenes. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.
Jeff Everage
Revive your relationship!
This podcast is an incredible resource for couples wanting to have both a deeper emotional and sexual connection with one another. George and Laurie keep it real, and they boldly talk about the connection between good sex, eroticism, and good communication. As a marriage therapist, I know couples will find that Foreplay Radio is an incredible tool, and it will bring them closer to having the relationship they have always wanted.
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OC Therapist
Clear and Real Podcast
As a therapist, this is an amazing resource primarily because of the down-to-earth and real language. Very vulnerable and invites dialogue in places that are typically fully of shame and not welcomed.
Jeff Scott, LCSW
Saved my relationship
I have health problems and sex can be hard for me, I’m also 35 to my mans 29 years and my drive isn’t not always there. Sex is usually painful because I have interstitial cystitis amongst other things, and I’m not the pursuit but I do understand my man has needs and feels neglected. Listening doesn’t make me feel alone I feel you put things into perspective so instead of making it about my health issues I could see his sexual frustration was equally relevant.
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George Faller
This dude bro has some deconstructing of the patriarchy to do. He uses some language that is cringe-worthy and takes up a lot of space. I appreciate this space in a lot of ways, and have learned a ton, but not sure how much longer I can hang on due to George.
Anal beads
I came across your show and I love it, great info… but how can you be a sex therapist snd not know what anal beads are… that’s like sex toy 101. … wow. That’s like saying I’m contractor but don’t know what a tape measure is…. What? How can you counsel sexual relationships an have no idea what basic toys are.
Super Insightful 👍🔥
I’ve been listening for some time and always learn something new. The conversations are always insightful! Dr. John - The Mens Self Help Podcast
Best marriage podcast!
A buddy of mine shared this podcast with me… told me it had really helped him and his wife have a breakthrough in their sex life and relationship. Im not much of a podcast listener—but I’m so glad I gave it a listen!! Really opened my eyes to understand my wife and how to communicate better—in and out of the bedroom. Thank you Laurie and George for bringing us closer together!
Best podcast about healthy sexuality and intimacy
Laurie and George are amazing. I learn so much with each episode. I’m a couples therapist and constantly share episodes with clients. Such good stuff!
abby lmft
I’m a with drawls person
Fear of rejection so I pre-reject for them I rechecked myself. I met someone is very good at drawing me out he calls me baby girl he pets my hair it tells me he’s not leaving here for me feels so good to be with him he is a dream come true he is a pursuer. He loves when I feel safe and Pursue him . He affirms me. He has a lot of life experience I don’t know how he’s so good at this.but he isYour show helps me realize this even more thank you for the topic
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lady onna
You have no dino nuggets cooking 😡
Changing Me for the Better
I started listening to this podcast about three months ago, and now I listen to it every day, catching up on all of the previous episodes. I can't say enough good things about this show. I am in a relationship where there are some challenges in the sexual area, and this show really helps me identify the challenges and develop great strategies for working on them with my partner, even though my partner is not yet a listener. I find Laurie's overall approach to topics very educational, funny and most of all, human. She gets down to the nitty-gritty of what makes sex good and how couples can make their sex life better – and how they can mess it up. But the advice she provides has helped me grow a great deal in a short time. One thing I love is the emphasis that sex can and should be playful. I also enjoy Adam Mathews' perspective and his focus on the importance of talking about sex so that things don't just fall into a rut. Together these two provide a show that is thought-inspiring and extremely useful. I've already told many friends about the show and I hope they are listening too!
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Zolo rocks
Hey George...
You’ve joined a great podcast (my favorite) and have added so much insightful information about EFT. But, please take a page out of Laurie’s book and converse more, lecture less...podcasts are available to entertain as well as inform. I miss the fun back and forth banter that she had with her previous co-hosts that made complex topics about sex so easy to absorb. It seems the two of you haven’t quite connected in that way. Defer more to Laurie’s expertise on both podcasting and sex, and you two will be fabulous together...the content is already fantastic!
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I recommend
Really good! They are professional, down-to-earth, and practical. For everyone, whether religious or not, married or not, newly wed or long-time married.
EFT is a game changer
We were on the brink of divorce, and finding an EFT counselor and embracing the process (finally) has turned our marriage around. This podcast is such a great compliment and covers many topics we never even thought of. I love that it’s often funny, classy, and respectful with no religious slant. Healthy relationships take work, and this podcast is a great tool if you’re trying to cultivate a better connection and improve communication with your partner.
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Love this podcast
I love the honesty and kindness in this podcast. Re the menstruation episode, Orthodox Jews and many Muslims observe ritual purity laws around menstruation. I am Jewish and observe sexual abstention during menstruation and one week afterwards and go to the ritual bath or Mikvah before resuming sexual relations with my husband every month (except when I was pregnant:)) I do think the attitudes and understanding about menstruation needs to adapt to modern medical knowledge and cultural sensibilities, but the Hebrew word “tamei” is mistranslated as “unclean”— it means ritually impure— it’s a spiritual status. Men become ritually impure after ejaculation as well . (But don’t need to go to a ritual bath for sexual reasons though some go before praying as a custom). I personally love the idea that the sexual rhythm of my marriage is based on my body and I find going to the ritual bath a time to introspect and I don’t take sexual relations for granted since there are times where it is prohibited and times where it is enthusiastically encouraged. I like the idea of a ritual beginning the sexual aspect of our relationship anew each month. Thanks for having such important conversations in such a candid and understanding way.
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