Fluffy Town
Fluffy Town
Yamina Nater
Whether you're a new fan or you've rewatched Community multiple times you'll want to join host Yamina in Fluffy Town.
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Jun 1
1 min
25 - Part 2 - Hiiiiiii!
In part 2 of Yamina and Jaime discuss Pascal's Triangle revisited they recap the episode, try to figure out why anyone does any of the things they do in this episode, and they get real about what it means to be a flawed human being. Hope you've enjoyed season 1! Make sure to rate, review, subscribe and tell your friends.
May 21
1 hr 23 min
25 - Not Much Could Ruin Today
In the first of 2 episodes Yamina is joined by Jaime and they discuss Communicon, why Pierce isn't the worst (though he's not the best) and the importance of the Dean's open queerness. Make sure to come back next week for more conversation on Pascal's Triangle Revisited
May 14
33 min
24 - Alert Nerd!
It's the penultimate episode of season 1 and so we're talking about English as a Second Language. Yamina is on her own this time as she discusses Good Will Hunting and Jeff's great life advice.
May 6
20 min
Bonus - Tell Your Disappointment to Suck It! I'm Doing a Bottle Minisode - 8
In this minisode Yamina is talking about Elizabeth Holmes, the Theranos founder. That's right, we're talking about grifts again! And this is a very recent grist that feels surprisingly relevant given current situations. Make sure to Rate, Review and Subscribe.
Apr 26
13 min
23 - Jeff Winger! You Son of a B*tch!
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Nope, its not that our team is walking with god. I'm thinking that its about time we talk about some Modern Warfare. This time Yamina is joined by the lovely Lalu and they chat about Die Hard, Predator and....Vibes? Listen to learn more!
Apr 22
55 min
22 - I Think Schmitty Means Loser
Yamina is back in the blanket for and this time she's joined by Mike aka @communitynut aka one half of the dynamic duo that brings runs @communies. Brace yourself for all of the cringe as they discuss The Art of Discourse and try to figure out why this episode even exists!
Apr 15
50 min
21 - As Far Back as I Can Remember I've Wanted to Talk Contemporary American Poultry
It's time for another episode of Fluffy Town! This week Yamina is joined by Bobby from the Community Fans Facebook group. Besides laughing at every other line from the episode they go on an epic Rambo tangent, bond over how hard it is to connect to other people, and recap Goodfellas for you!
Apr 7
59 min
Bonus - Tell Your Disappointment to Suck It! I’m Doing a Bottle Minisode - 7
Welcome to My Favorite Grift! In this bottle minisode Yamina is talking about the "Salt the Mine Grift" and past examples of it being implemented.
Apr 4
18 min
20 - March 32nd
It's officially March 32nd and Yamina is joined in the blanket fort by Marina! Listen to them chat about The Science of Illusion, their shared love of true crime, and over the top April Fool's pranks.
Apr 1
43 min
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