Flashbacks with Jessica Hall and DeAnna Stagliano
Flashbacks with Jessica Hall and DeAnna Stagliano
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Amazing Content!
Jessica and DeAnna do such a good job covering a variety of topics. The guests offer valuable insight as well. I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking to be entertained and informed!
Love these girls
Beautiful, fun and real!
Song and Wager
New favorite podcast!
Love this podcast. So relatable! Thank y’all! 💕
Super Fun
Very entertaining show, fun to listen to! She’s not telling you how to think she’s just asking if you’d like to :)
Great content. Powerful women. Funny and thought provoking.
Pretty Fun!
I wish Jessica would sometimes have less guests/cohosts, but she does a great job! Weird how Heather just disappeared, maybe I missed the announcement but wish it would be more addressed. Makes Heather look super lame, but it's better with out her. But Jessica is a great host!
I think you should change the name of the podcast if Heather is never going to make the podcast anymore. If you started a podcast you should finish it. If you have time for working out, going out, posting about everything you are doing, you can make a podcast. If you don’t want to do it anymore, than quit.
Broads being blessed
You should stick to the kitchen instead of the podcast , nobody cares about spoiled white girls🤭🤭 A tummy tuck too would help fattie
Da gameboy89
Best podcast?
Crazy enough, this podcast is the best motivation for a 30 minute workout. I love listening to them speak about their life and empowering women. Can’t get enough of this podcast.
Love DeAnna Stag on the show!
Loved DeAnna Stagliano on the "Holli and Michael" episode! Big fan of the podcast and seems like Jessica and DeAnna have a great dynamic together. Such honesty, and yet still so funny and charming. GREAT episode!!
5 stars for the podcast without Heather, sorry but it’s true! Please make DeAnna a permanent co-host! She’s so likable and allows Jessica to talk. All Heather would talk about was herself, her fiancé and the fact that she’s getting married 🙄
New fan
DeAnna and Jessica work so well together. Love herring all their stories and friend banter.
Love the new Co-host DeAnna!
Interesting show and love the dynamic and vibe with new co-host DeAnna.
Disco dj
Two powerhouse women! More please!
I absolutely love this podcast, and DeAnna is the perfect addition! These women have true chemistry, and on top of that, the content is intriguing, relatable, and hilarious. Keep it coming!
Better alone, Jessica!
Now I love this podcast since Heather has left! It’s so much better with just Jessica!
jfyu bc
Love the podcast!!
Love Jessica & Heather and absolutely LOVE when DeAnna is on! Such a fun, great show that gets me through my work day!!
Jenn in Chicago
So fun
Love the stories that take me back to Hollywood back in the days! So nostalgic! But honestly could do without heather.
Jessica love you and have for awhile...sorry to say but podcast would be better with only you. Hard to listen to your partner...
The show is literally so entertaining and even the girls have a different life than most of us, they both discuss the most relatable topics!! I love putting it on when I’m cleaning or working out :)
daniellee :)
Love flashbacks!
This is one of my fav podcast to listen to! Everyone needs to listen!! So underrated! Both of you are an open book and have no filter. Most people these days are fake on social media/podcast etc. Love all of the guest you have had on the pod!! 💜
Cringe Heather
You are not the mother, you are a bonus person. The parents set the rules, you do not. It’s so embarrassing listening to you. Jess should really do the show on her own. Heather sounds like a silly child.
Jessica should go solo
I love Jessica and think she is super relatable but Heather LOVES to talk about herself and will do anything to bring the conversation back to be about her. I feel like she doesn’t even care what Jessica has to say and only thinks about what she is going to say next.
Episode 26
Ok you girls have a fun chemistry and I enjoy the pod. But episode 26 was hard to listen too. I was an agent at an agency that repped Jessica Hall for a hot minute and we did get her real auditions. I recognized she was an eager go getter. However she never went to any of them and didn’t return my calls because she was so busy being Miss Mikita and hustling other jobs, she never booked out so was never available. But she did have real agents that would have protected her. But very happy to see her thriving in life. xoxo
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Love Jessica
Jess can totally do this show on her own. She’s a lot more relatable.
They’re best without guests. The banter is great, but the “women power” thing for 30 minutes is agonizing
Thank you!
I really want to thank you for opening up your lives and allowing us to listen into your memories. What a pleasure. It brings me back and reminds me of what I have to be thankful for in my life. Going through similar situations and struggles such as yours, I truly appreciate and love being able to look back now and laugh at what I once could not so much then. 🙌🏼
Love Jessica
I love listening to this pod cast! Super light hearted and fun!
Love you Jess! You are such a great host. Just came across your podcast a few weeks ago and love how down to earth and sweet you are. Def will be making this podcast a part of my weekly podcast routine!
Love the pod.... but can we not talk over each other or interrupt each other ... makes it hard to listen ... love the content
I can’t handle Heather’s voice! Omg. So valley girl sounding! And, it’s annoying how she’s constantly talking about her relationship with Tarek. I had to stop listening to the proposal episode... give me a break!!! You knew darn well what he was up to.., you guys are trying to get a tv show together, so let’s document our proposal so we can pitch it to HGTV. No thanks. The Selling Sunset show she is on is good, but it’s funny as she’s barely on there “working” and selling homes compared to the rest of the group. I think she barely works now that she met Tarek. Not a fan.
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Would love to hear your flashbacks
I would love to hear a flashback of your girls life before playboy and how you got to be on playboy. And what made you leave playboy and after!!
Absolutely love listening to these, real and fun!! Cracking up too, can’t wait to hear more...🙌🏻💕💕
Benton Skin
Flashbacks with Jessica Hall/Lisa Gleave Deal Or No Deal.
Had such a BLAST with the beautiful Jessica Hall & Heather Rae Young reminiscing about our Deal or No Deal Days. Soooo much fun ✨💋✨. Thanks ACTIONPARK MEDIA ✨✌🏼🙏🏻✨. Lisa Gleave
Like it
Pretty good love the honest and humor! Want more with other girls of selling suncet.
gf h it
So good!
Love how honest & REAL this podcast is! So entertaining!
Rhiannon Dourado
Love This One!!
I love the real, honest talk on this Flashbacks podcast! Light and fun with lots of laughs. I want to grab a glass of wine and reminisce all about the ridiculous things I’ve done in my past, but instead get to listen to more interesting stories than my own from way more interesting people than myself!
Love love love
Love these stories!!! I really appreciate the honesty and humor!!! Wonderful podcast
Yeah wright!
So entertaining!!
Love the real, raw and open book quality about this Podcast!! The stories are just the best and funniest!!
Entertaining and relatable
Entertaining conversations that involve humor, wit, family, and real life. Jessica knows how to encompass all aspects of a fun and balanced life that many can relate to. Keep them coming!
So funny!
I miss girl time right now and this seriously fills the void! Love it!
Okay, FUNNY!
Can she stop already?! Beauty, brains, humor! Love catching up with Jessica 💕💕So relatable!
Love listening to you all!! Brings back amazing memories with my besties! This mama needs this! 🙌🏼💕
So entertaining!
I love listening to this on the road, or while cooking. I can’t stop laughing! Thanks girls 😂🙌🏼
Podcast review
A New Fav
One of my new favorite podcasts!! These girls tell some of the funniest stories!!
Finally! A podcast that’s fresh and real! Love reminiscing on the good times and laugh along with Jessica and her friends
This is such a fun podcast to listen to right now. Sometimes you just need some good girl talk! Can’t wait for more episodes, this is my new fave!
Absolutely hilarious girl talk
Jessica is real, raw and hilariously funny. The perfect podcast for some good laughs.
Fresh and fun
Love hearing these girls talk! Their stories are hilarious 😂
My favorite pick me up
OMG I just love this podcast! When I listen I feel like I’m sitting around with my friends and I totally want to grab a glass of wine and chime in! Jessica and her guests are real, funny and I love that they don’t hold back with their personal details in the stories they share. Definitely my new favorite pick me up... HOOKED!
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