The FIVE Minute Bark
The FIVE Minute Bark
Dennis Langlais
How to Drive Results Without Damaging Relationships
30 minutes Posted Jun 26, 2020 at 10:09 am.
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Show notes

As Founder and CEO of Workplace Warrior, Inc., I  partner with executives who have an uncommon desire for results, who take charge, lead their teams and accomplish the mission. I believe they are critical for success in our volatile, complex and uncertain times. Often, they are experienced as abrasive and get called names like bully and jerk. My mission is to help you be completely authentic, protect yourself and your team and take performance to an even higher level. My name is Jordan Goldrich and I come to you as one of those people. I once lost a job because I was experienced as disrespectful. I made the commitment to communicate respectfully even when my brain was telling me they don't deserve it. I have helped many others do the same.

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