First Contact with Laurie Segall
First Contact with Laurie Segall
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Phenomenal Content
Highly recommend this podcast!
Diversity everybody.. The answer to all our problems! Hey! let’s all replace the ppl who doing their jobs in tech with with like.. slightly less qualified individuals? Why you ask? Well, they LOOK DIFFERENT, you see. DUH.. Diversity, ppl! This is how we’ll fix this country 👌
Great podcast!
Really enjoying!
Great podcast
Love the interviews. Such interesting people and really thought provoking discussions. I highly recommend.
One of the most interesting podcasts out right now. I’m not in tech, but really enjoy the discussions framed with a focus on how tech affects society and people. Laurie is a brilliant interviewer & has a wonderful voice.
Awesome tech podcast
This podcast is one of my favorite tech podcasts out there! Laurie’s conversation guests have extremely intriguing things to say. Her questions are provocative but she maintains a friendly and enjoyable conversation throughout. There are so many good eps but my faves are “Techs Next Threat” and “Hacking Your Brain.”
I’m not an intellect, but love listening to them.
I found your podcast searching for something great and I did find something great. You ask the great questions and expect the answers. Your guests are thoughtful and intellectual. I love hearing entrepreneurs talk about their personal journeys and how it affects their decisions in business. I have not listened to the radio for months now and can’t wait for the next episode. Keep asking the hard questions, so we can hear the thoughtful and honest responses.
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Love this podcast
This is a great listen, only minor criticism is the “First Contact schtick” it just seems forced, aside from that, this show is amazing and I look forward to new episodes. Great job!
This is beyond fascinating and Laurie is so smart, funny and interesting. I highly recommend everyone subscribe to this podcast and also check out Dot Dot Dot Media! You’re welcome 😉
This is such a captivating and intriguing podcast. Hooked after the first episode and have enjoyed every episode since.
New Fan of Laurie
I like the podcast topics but hate the Ads. There are too many ads.
I’m obsessed with this podcast and I am now Laurie’s number 1 fan. I cannot recommend this show enough and some of the information covered is truly mind blowing
Laurie is top notch
Laurie is such a great journalist. She does an incredible job with this podcast drawing out stories and compelling ideas from her guests. One of my new favorites.
I always learn something new about the tech world thanks to the quality of Laurie’s guests and the caliber of her questions
Best podcast ever!
This is my favorite my new podcast! Laurie has smart, interesting and nuanced conversations about tech and humanity that we don’t often dont get to hear. Technology can be dark and creepy and Laurie is not afraid to delve into the gray area of a lot of these issues. We need more content like this!
Love it
Great Podcast, Laurie is Amaaaaaaaaaaaazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good podcast
Very interesting guests and topics but the host talks too much and over talks the guest. Would like to hear more of the guest speaker instead of the host reflecting on her own experiences
Frieghtning and fascinating!
Laurie exposes the scary side of the technology all around us with interviews of the biggest players in the tech world, some who’s names you know and others you’ve never of heard of, but ought to!
Fascinating and Engaging!
Every episode leaves you with so much to think about. AI is blurring the lines between the real and virtual worlds, and Laurie dives right to the forefront of the ever evolving tech landscape with an insightful, fun and engaging interview style!
Moran Cerf ep
Wow the Moran Cerf episode was soooooooo good/cool. The limitless mind would be great but I can see how it could be horrible too lol. Psychology is so cool I love it
Best Tech Conversation-based Podcast
this is my favorite new tech podcast. usually not a fan of super conversational, hour long + podcasts but Laurie is a genius. She picks great topics but isn’t afraid to ask guests what everyone actually wants to know and goes pretty deep into sub-topics that I think can apply to all aspects of life and attract listeners that aren’t even super techy. Love the real life implications incorporated into the conversations and think this podcast is important for any/everyone to listen to. Lookin forward to more quality content 💖
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Way too long
Interesting topic, but it becomes tedious. I’d thus was edited down to less than 45 minutes it would be so much better.
She more interested in her own thoughts than those of her guests
She had an interesting guest, but she got so caught up in talking about herself and her own ideas that she walked all over her guest most of the time. I was cringing listening to the guest take a breath to try to speak but not getting near enough chances.
Clear-connected and super relevant interview.
Honest and insightful
I listen to a wide variety of podcasts, but this one has already made its way to the top of my list. Laurie's impressive pedigree in journalism shines through with her candid and relatable approach to her interviews. The discussions feel honest, and we are afforded some incredible insights from some of the most accomplished minds in tech.
Not your average tech podcast
Just a few episodes in and Laurie is off to a great start. She asks challenging, thought provoking questions and helps the listener understand the ethos behind the tech without taking the typical luddite approach of fear. A must-subscribe.
Great New Podcast!
Love the rapport that the host already seems to have with the interview subjects. Feels like the familiarity allows these chats to start on 3rd base and remain interesting from the get-go. Really interested to see how this sho evolves. Highly recommend!
Love the content from Laurie - looking forward to future podcasts! 🙌🏼
Great content!
Always love to hear from industry professionals. Please keep this up! And congratulations on the launch!
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