Firearms Industry News
Firearms Industry News
Caleb Giddings
Weekly news from the firearms, shooting sports, hunting, and outdoor industry as well as interviews with industry professionals!
Firearms Industry News: Friday the 13th
It's time for Firearms Industry News for Friday the 13th, and we have some spooky news. In this episode: the ATF is already conspiring with the Biden transition team to infringe your rights, and the FPC is suing people like a boss!
Nov 13
8 min
Firearms Industry News, November 6 2020
Welcome to Firearms Industry News for November 6, 2020. We still don't know who the president is, but hey who cares because we sold almost 2 million guns in October! Woo hoo freedom!
Nov 6
6 min
Firearms Industry News: SHOT Show cancelled due to COVID
Let's be honest, we all kind of saw this coming
Oct 30
4 min
Firearms Industry News, October 23 2020
In the news, the Coasties are getting a new gun, Clark County Nevada has released large event guidelines that will surely affect SHOT Show, and the Red Ryder is back for Christmas!
Oct 23
7 min
Biden's Gun Control Plan
On this special edition of Firearms Industry News, we take a look at Joe Biden's plan for Gun Control if he gets elected. The goal with this episode is to provide analysis and probability of each plan happening, not to fear monger.
Oct 6
38 min
Firearms Industry News Special: Who is Roundhill Group?
In this special episode of Firearms Industry News, we go into detail on who the mysterious purchaser of Remington's assets is: a company called Roundhill Group, run by Scott Soura and Richmond Italia, which has a suspicious connection to the current leadership at Remington.
Oct 2
6 min
Firearms Industry News, October 2 2020
In this week's episode of the news we have: Steel Challenge Results, good news for SAF, and a sight that looks like a boob.
Oct 2
12 min
Remington Announces Asset Sale, Ruger will acquire Marlin
Yesterday, Remington announced the winning bidders in its bankruptcy asset sale. The big news is that Ruger is going to buy Marlin firearms, and the Round Hill Group, a property investment company, will buy all the Remington firearms assets. Vista Outdoors, owners of Federal, CCI, and Speer will buy the Remington Ammo business and license the Remington brand name from Round Hill Group.
Sep 28
14 min
Firearms Industry News, Sep 25 2020
Today in the news we've got some match results, SHOT Show is still on, and Democrats want to ban online ammo sales
Sep 25
9 min
Firearms Industry News, September 18 2020
Hey it’s the news! And Max Michel is hella good at shooting
Sep 18
4 min
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