FINE is a 4-Letter Word
FINE is a 4-Letter Word
Lori Saitz
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Rockstar podcast
Lori does an amazing job of bringing out these stories in a unique way. The combination of breaking out of what is “fine” and meditation is simply amazing. Highly recommend listening!
Keri S91
So Real
Lori’s approach is so honest. You can trust her to point out what is underneath what we say, what we believe, and even what we hope for. Let’s learn how to face the truth inside of ourselves. Lori helps us do that with deep compassion.
Doreen Downing
Leaves Me Feeling Much Better than Fine!
Lori does a great job if interviewing people with an array of experiences and backgrounds, and she also keeps these conversations concise so that it’s an easy morning commute listen. The meditations are my favorite part of the show because they’re so easily accessible and they have a different themes that help with whatever I’m feeling at that moment. Tune in!
Mindful Midlife Crisis
I’ve learned fine is not enough and I meditate
Since I’ve been working with Lori I have realized that I was confusing fine with great. I now realize that I have to always be leveling up and striving for great. I also mediate daily after some prodding from Lori and this alone has changed my life for the better.
Tapfish2 is awesome
Authentic empowerment
Within a few moments of connecting with Lori, I could tell she had a heart for authentically empowering others. Sometimes we were fine like a badge of honor, without even realizing it. But fantastic isn’t very far away if we choose it. There is so much wisdom packed into 30 minutes. Very encouraging!
Chelsie Summers
Pushing the envelop
Lori pushes the envelop to understand the deep challenges people experience to unleash their potential. Far worse than having a bad situation is living with mediocraty. Fast paced and challenging questions, Lori and the guest bring out amazing insight and actionable steps for eeryone to achieve their potential. Smart, edgy and intelligent.
Fabulous uplifting, inspiring, authentic female empowering podcast
I love absolutely everything about Lori’s podcast. Intimate conversations about the real-life issues women face but are often too afraid/ashamed/anxious to talk about. Thank you Lori for creating such a safe and welcoming space! Keep up the Badassery!
Fine is a Four Letter Word
Such enlightening conversations! None of us are odd when we’re not feeling fulfilled! These conversations are filled with helpful insights and epiphanies. 30 minutes of cliff-hanging wisdom from the hearts of other women, like myself. Lori gets to the core of helping others find their personal fulfillment in a non-judge mental acceptance. We are all unique with unique desires that leads to a unique path of fulfillment. Just brilliant conversations!
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Tracy Kay 1966
Inspiring and thought provoking!
Lori has found a niche here, revealing how women have tapped into and uncovered the magic that resides within them. An empowering listen reminding we all have that special thing within us and to keep exploring our gifts. Very uplifting! Love the format and meditations too.
We so often, without thinking, just respond to the ‘how are you?’ question with ‘I’m fine’. No one really wants to hear that we aren’t, even ourselves. Why should we settle for fine? Shouldn’t there be more to life? Lori’s guests share how they realized ‘fine’ wasn’t enough and how they took their lives back. Inspiring!
The Stylish Marketer
What a great podcast!
Lori does a great job of addressing tough topics in a fun and upbeat way that leaves listeners with hope and excitement! Great job!
The Heart of Storytelling