Finding Therapy
Finding Therapy
Clay Cockrell
Going to therapy can be hard. Finding a good psychotherapist shouldn’t be…but it is. Clay Cockrell, a psychotherapist in New York City has spent years helping family and friends find the right counsellor for their needs. His new podcast is his step by step guide to understanding therapy and searching for the right therapist.
Episode 8: Mercedes Samudio
Episode 8 As our quarantine continues, many parents are struggling with having their children home 24/7.  Today’s guest is an expert in parenting and coaching parents through difficult times.  So if you are a parent who is looking for a therapist that addresses your particular needs, Mercedes Samudio is here to help!  She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the author of Shame Proof Parenting.  In her practice, she coaches parents on a wide variety of topics and has trained many therapists to follow in her footsteps.  We are so lucky to have her on the show!   Website:
Apr 28, 2020
34 min
Episode 7: Amber Lyda – Finding an Online Therapist
In this challenging time, many people are looking for therapy online.  Dr. Amber Lyda, PhD is THE go-to expert on online counseling.  She has the largest FaceBook group dedicated to online therapy, the host of her own podcast on this subject and has a training course to teach therapist how to be effective when doing online counseling.  I can think of no better guest to talk about “How to find an Online Therapist”.
Apr 22, 2020
36 min
Finding Therapy - 006 - David Morgan
How to find a therapist for Anger issues.  In this episode, we interview David Morgan, the director of Long Island Anger Management, Inc.  He is a licensed clinical social worker who is on the leading edge of treating anger issues, having worked with children, adolescents and adults on these issues.  He has co-authored the book: Managing Our Anger, Managing Our Lives and has a workbook: Training Your Anger Monster - A Top Secret Manual.  I can’t think of anyone in the field who is more knowledgeable on this subject and he was kind enough to give us some direction on how to find help when you are struggling with anger issues.
Apr 14, 2020
33 min
Finding Therapy - 005 - Jeff Guenther
An interview with Jeff Guenther, founder of Therapy Den. Jeff Guenther is a licensed professional counselor and the founder of Therapy Den – a unique directory of psychotherapists that aims to be inclusive of all needs and works to promote diversity. Who better to talk about directories, than the founder of one?! Jeff has a wealth of knowledge and his site is full of information – including a great list of questions to explore on your initial consult call. Site: Consult questions: what-to-ask-in-the-consult
Feb 10, 2020
46 min
Episode 4
Part Four of Four – in this final episode of the initial four-part series of “the basics”, we discuss the action steps that must be taken when beginning therapy. A simple how-to guide for consult calls and expectations of the first few sessions. Future episodes will go into details of specific specialties and will include expert interviews.
Aug 21, 2019
10 min
Episode 3
Part Three of Four – we finally get to the heart of the matter by going in depth in the process of evaluating therapists. We discuss what to look for and how to judge the suitability of a therapist for a person’s needs and issues. How to evaluate a psychotherapist? We answer this question in this episode.
Aug 21, 2019
22 min
Episode 2
Part Two of Four – we go further into the process of finding a psychotherapist by exploring the Who and Where. The different types and licenses of psychotherapists are explained and contrasted. We then begin to discuss the different places to look (and avoid) when searching for a counselor.
Aug 21, 2019
16 min
Episode 1
Part One of Four – this first episode explores the challenging process of finding a psychotherapist. Host, Clay Cockrell, explains the reasons why finding a mental health professional that meets your specific needs is incredibly important…and incredibly difficult. By following the structure of Who, What, When, Where, Why and How – he lays out the initial steps to follow in the process.
Aug 21, 2019
19 min