Finding Favorites with Leah Jones
Finding Favorites with Leah Jones
Leah Jones
Finding Favorites explores how people found their favorite things. Primarily focused on media and art including bands, podcasts, actors, authors or artists, Leah explores the non-algorithm journey to and from favorites with her guests.
Shai Korman feels jellicle and ineffable about CATS the musical
Shai Korman, from Friday Night Movie Podcast and the Goldnerds, joined me to talk about his devotion to the musical CATS. We do talk about the How Did This Get Made livestream show about CATS a fair amount, but I think we limited the inside baseball to a low roar.Show LinksFollow Shai on Twitter and InstagramFemmebot PhD: CATS One Person Show - CATThe Amazing Alexander - "it was better than Cats, I will see it again and again."Beautiful Ghosts lost to Shallow by Lady Gaga in the 2019 Oscars (but not being submitted to compete at all)Everyday Sunshine: The story of FishboneMantzoukas-Fest on Friday Night Movie Pod
Oct 18
1 hr 1 min
Adrienne Ciskey is ready to talk about The Sims
Adrienne Ciskey, aka @solarpowerspork, has been playing Sims for 20 years and is only recently willing to talk about her love of the game in public. She walked me through the different types of players, things that The Sims is famous for, what she hopes for the future of the gaming franchise and how The Sims can teach us to build a more equitable world.LinksLift Every Voice and Sing arranged by Jarrett Johnson (fellow Millikin grad)Hey Harrie is on Patreon and YouTube with custom builds and modsJim Pickins on YouTube is The Sims + ComedyFreezer Bunny is an architectPlum Bella livestreams on Twitch and YouTubeDevon Bumpkin has a very nice Twitch communityElectronic Arts statement on #BlackLivesMatter
Oct 11
1 hr 11 min
Whitney Wasson loves propagating apartment plants
As the saying goes, "teach a girl to propagate a cactus and she'll eat fish for a lifetime." That's not the saying, but Whitney Wasson, who makes jokes for a living, joined me from her plant-filled Uptown apartment to talk about what it takes to keep all sorts of plants thriving during a quarantine. We also talk about the business of stand-up comedy, sobriety and the theory of dumbbell maps. Just this week she released a Sober Rabbit coloring book that you can grab in her Big Cartel shop.Link round-up!Whitney on TwitterSober Rabbit - on Instagram, Big Cartel, Patreon and ThreadlessRachel Lynett Theater CompanyAdams and Sons in ChicagoJackie and Laurie Show How to care for your moss balls
Oct 3
54 min
Bonus Clip: I thought shamrock was Irish for clover
Show and tells don't always translate to podcasts, so here is the tour that Whitney Wasson gave me of her houseplants - which includes Shamrocks, bunny cactus and scallions. Follow Whitney everywhere!
Oct 3
7 min
Bonus Clip: Extended Screenshare of #KPopDollstagram with @KDC
In the full length episode of my interview with Keidra Chaney, I deleted a 10-minute segment of us oohing and aahing while we looked at Instagram. It was some of the most fun we had during our interview and so here's the clip. Hit up #KPopDollstagram on Instagram and scroll for cuteness. Here are some of the specific dolls that we adored during our chat.Knitted French and English overallsGoing to school in tiny backpacksDanity as a dinosaurA "side by side"
Sep 26
11 min
Keidra Chaney loves #KPopDollstagram
Keidra Chaney, known to most of us as @kdc, is the co-founder of The Learned Fangirl and the person who introduced me to KPop music as I followed her trips to Japan to see a band called Shinee. In this episode we talk about KPop fandom as a whole, but then do a deep dive on #KPopDollstagram - the Instagram hashtag you are going to love before the episodes ends.Episode LinksFan Studies NetworkNami AmuroThe 'K-pop fans will save us' narrative misses the bigger social justice picture Shinee's big on Twitter
Sep 25
1 hr 9 min
Adam Phelps loves Hapkido
Adam Phelps, owner of Ghostwood Farms and an instructor at Lee's Martial Arts, loves Hapkido and martial arts. He was also the college radio DJ that Leah listened to every Sunday night in high school. This episode is mostly about martial arts and coming to martial arts as an adult, but also about music, COVID and farming.Related LinksLee's Martial Arts Bloomington (for Wednesday classes with Adam)Ghostwood FarmNeko Case on 3 Questions with Andy RichterNeko Case on NPR Tiny Desk ConcertBillie Eilish on Carpool KaraokeAdaptive ballroom dance with Vital Zinger
Sep 13
1 hr 12 min
Steve Higgins loves Doctor Who
Steve Higgins is an award-winning English professor at Lewis and Clark who loves all things Doctor Who. We had a lovely conversation about how he first found the Doctor on two local PBS stations near St. Louis and rediscovered the Doctor in a clearance bin at a record shop.Related LinksBroaDWcast.orgDavid Steel: The Power of 3 PodcastInk and Drink ComicsComic Nurse: Taking Turns and MenopausePluto TV Classic Doctor Who StationParty Animals on BBCThank you to fellow Millikin alumna Denise Meyerkord for introducing Steve and I for this conversation!
Sep 7
1 hr 5 min
Jen Myers loves Mystery Science Theater 3K
Jen Myers, a Chicago-based technologist, writer and podcaster, loves the movie-watch-along show Mystery Science Theater 3000. We talk about her earliest fandom to how she's trying to figure out how to take a life size Tom Servo along with her to Comic Cons. Related LinksMystery Science Theater 3000 IMDBFollow Jen on Twitter and check out her website for news about projects.Quiet Little Horrors podcastRiff TraxShout FactoryThe Flophouse Podcast Thank you to sound engineer Nancy Caddigan who cleans up my zoomy audio!Stay home, stay safe.(Fresh file with music instead of dead air breaks, plus 19)
Aug 30
54 min
Jason Diamond loves the weird American suburb
Jason Diamond is a Brooklyn-based writer who loves the weird American suburb, so much so that he wrote the book on them. The Sprawl: Reconsidering the Weird American Suburb is available today and is Jason's exploration of the art and culture that is born of suburbs.We talk about so many of his favorite things, starting with a conversation about music and the Chicago live-music scene in the 90s, Romantic Comedies, independent bookstores, and great Chicago meals. Links!Follow Jason Diamond on Twitter and InstagramJoin Jason virtually at Volumes Bookstore on September 9thBuy The Sprawl from an independent bookstore or his first book Searching for John HughesLeah's profile in the 2010 Big Jewcy listJason drove all around Lake Michigan in NovemberAnd the Mother-In-Law sandwich is real
Aug 25
52 min
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