Finding Arizona Podcast
Finding Arizona Podcast
Jose Acevedo
41 minutes Posted Dec 2, 2023 at 4:46 pm.
Remembering James Reams
The Purpose of MIM
Richard's Background .
Acoustic America Exhibition
The Power of Music History
Curating the Exhibition
Preservation and Care
Goals of the Exhibition
Venue Information
Website Features
Podcast Commercial
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Dr. Richard D. Walter is a dynamic curator whose expertise lies in the preservation and celebration of musical instruments at the Musical Instrument Museum in Arizona. With a background in ethnomusicology and folklore, Richard brings a deep understanding of the cultural significance of music and its instruments. His passion for learning about people and the objects they hold dear led him to pursue a career in curating, where he can explore the rich tapestry of musical traditions from around the world. Richard's commitment to showcasing authentic instruments and their stories is evident in the unique exhibitions he curates at the museum. Through his work, he invites visitors to not only appreciate the craftsmanship of the instruments but also to connect with the people and cultures behind them. With his expertise and enthusiasm, Richard plays a pivotal role in preserving and sharing the diverse musical heritage housed within the Musical Instrument Museum.
Music taps into emotion and identity and sentiment and so many really deep human things. - Richard D. Walter
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