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Filter Free Amerika
Confessions of a Hotel Manager (with Bob)
1 hour 50 minutes Posted Mar 9, 2020 at 6:21 pm.
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Show notes

In this episode, Joey talks with "Bob" who has worked almost 20 years in the hotel industry and is currently a manager of one of the nicest hotels in the country.

Bob has withheld his actual name so he can share some of the wildest hotel related stories ever told. 

Drugs, Prostitutes, Suicides, Pest Infestations and poop clean-up are just some of the topics his stories are about. 

Also, Bob has plenty of stories about famous people too! 

Daniel Tosh and Lisa Lampanelli to name a few, 

There is even a story involving Eddie Van Halen and... a toilet. 

The episodes closes with some DIRT on one of the most famous athletes on the planet and a look into how the NBA covers-up form crimes committed by their players!

Also included, a very serious look at how the CoronaVirus is affecting the Hotel / Hospitality Industry and how hotels are responding to the threat.

All this and even more!