Filter Free Amerika
Filter Free Amerika
Conversation with a Twin Cities Folk Hero Comedian (with Daryl Horner)
2 hour 59 minutes Posted Sep 13, 2018 at 2:36 pm.
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Show notes

There are some comedians in this world that you must meet to truly undertstand how unique and interesting they are, and that goes double for Comedian Daryl Horner. Truly a comic's comics and as polorizing of a character as you will ever find in stand up comedy.

Daryl sits down with Joey and basicly shares his story of finding stand up comedy and the path he took to become comedy fan favorite he is. He also pulls no punches and calls out a few names of fellow comedians he has issues with and shares some wild road stories too. This is a very long episode but as you will find out, Daryl has lived a wild life and there was much to cover.