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The Heroic Act of Al Ditty that Ended in Suicide (with Sam Richards)
1 hour 37 minutes Posted Sep 3, 2018 at 9:16 am.
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Show notes

Independent journalist Sam Richards joins Joey once again to tell him about his investigation into the suicide of Minneapolis, MN city worker Al Ditty.

Al Ditty was a whistleblower who attempted to remain anonymous when emailing Twin Cities area news station Kare 11 about the dangers of a plan the Minneapolis Police had to bust up a protest encampment.

Al Ditty's identity was exposed when a memeber of the Kare 11 news team forwarded the email to her friend in the Minneapolis Police.

This lead to a suspension and the start of termination procedings for Ditty as well as bullying from memebers of the MPD. Sadly, after months of harassment and increacing stress related to his looming termination, Al Ditty committed suicide.

This podcast details this story. 


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