Film Alchemist
Film Alchemist
Joshua Griffey
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Cool guys
Super fun to listen to these guys. Love how they just speak their mind, saying things we usually just think
Warrior Rod
Super fun podcast
Very entertaining film critiques and I completely agree: being the demolition man should not be a badge of honor.
If you like movies then you will like this podcast
I just starting listening to these guys and have loved every episode! Looking forward to going through their backlog and also any new episodes they come out with. A must listen!!!
Drew Zakmin
Great Psychology!
Very entertaining. They choose great movies and always provide a revealing look into the psychology of the movie. I have really enjoyed THE GOLDEN CHILD and CHRISTINE episodes.
Favorite movie podcast!
One of my fave podcasts to listen to. I am loving all the horror movies this month! Listening to you guys makes being stuck at home with my family a little more bearable :)
One of my new favorite podcasts
Stumbled on these guys last week and really love the shows they put on! It’s so fun and insightful.
This show rules!!
If you love film, check this show out. Great analysis and a bunch of laughs along the way.
Tickles my ears and my loins!
Cmon, keep it simple. Yes, I’m talking to you podcast review reader. You know what this about. You know what you like. If you’re reading this... stop... just listen already. You’re reading this review for a reason. Because you’re already interested dummy! Cmon. Stop being a slave to other people’s opinions. You’re still reading? You may not deserve to listen! But still... still do.
Great stuff
These guys always provide a unique perspective while discussing theories and details that I hadn’t considered before. Consistently great choices for the movies they cover. Highly recommended!
That’s the best word I can use to describe them. They see things in so many different ways. Love their enthusiasm!!!❤️
Amera's Phone
Awesome pod
If your looking for great movie podcasts that don’t take themselves too seriously but still manage to dive deeep, this is the podcast for you
No, I'm the duddddde
Top Film Podcast, definitely my most listened to
Found this searching for pods on old b-grade horror and sci fi flicks. Two really cool dudes (sometimes others fill in) talking about movies we love. They do all sorts of movies and are insightful, and more importantly, FUN. They’ve really expanded the types of films they cover and if you search for your favorite flicks, I’m sure they’ve done a bunch of them. Classic 90s, all sorts of horror and sci if, German arthouse stuff... so much awesome content. (A lot of stuff other pods aren’t covering). Def put this in your rotation!
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Davey boo 135
I love these guys!
I might be 12 to 15 years older than Josh and Alex, however, we've grown up loving a lot of the same movies. I can't say enough great things about this podcast. Keep up the great work!
Film Alchemist - Big Trouble in Little China
Enjoyed the trip down memory lane with one of my favorite obscure movies from the eighties. Nice tribute to one of the best directors of the eighties
The Fun Movie Podcast
Great movie choices!
Great stuff
A fun podcast with two energetic and entertaining hosts! Great discoursez
Consistently Great
A lot of podcasts have dips in quality, but Film Alchemist always comes through with compelling analysis and funny banter. The balance of discourse and comedy is just right. Keep it up, guys!
One of the guys sounds like Bill Hader...if that does anything for you.
Great show with hosts that are passionate and funny. One of the guys sounds so much like Bill Hader so that’s an added bonus.
Brilliant but not too High-Brow
Finally a film podcast with real, intelligent analysis! This isn’t just plot summary and what they think of the movie, these guys go deep without coming off as pretentious. It’ll make you smarter while feeling like you’re chatting about movies with your friends.
Listened to one episode and will now listen weekly.
Love it!
Truly great podcast! Do yourself a favor and subscribe
Friday 13th Part 2
This podcast deserves 5 starts based on it’s Friday the 13th Part 2 breakdown alone. Finally someone who know how to vocalize every facet of what makes that movie a top tier 80’s classic. Hooked from there and blasted through 10 shows in 3 days. Good work
Great Show!
Excellent show!
Different from any other Movie Podcast
Griffey and Alex make you feel like you are hanging out with them as they dissect some great films. What makes this pod different is that while they discuss classic films that everyone loves, they also cover cult classics and hidden gems that you never knew you needed to see. They put their passion into the podcast and it really shows!
This show is a lot of fun
My friend Chris was on the Terminator pods and I’ve been listening since. For me, there is nothing more fun than hanging out with my friends talking about the movies we love. This feels like being a fly on the wall in another set of friends conversations about a ton of great films. Lots of great takes on movies I already love and some flicks I have yet to check out. Keep it up!
Aaron Klepfer
What makes movies work!
Josh and Alex take you on an amazing journey into what makes movies tick. Informative, fun, and just overall delightful. They bring insight and knowledge to everything they discuss. Welcome to the chubby mansion. Praise black Philip.
Pure Podcast Magic
The Film Alchemist is a magical blend of insight, humor, fun facts, and co-host chemistry. The themed selections are awesome. So many movies I love have been discussed and I wouldn't dream of missing out on what the guys cover next.
Just like talking with my friends at the bar
If you’re the type of person that the majority of your bar conversations are debates about movies and fan theories while loosely tying them into modern politics and philosophy, this pod cast is for you. Thats what this podcast is, a bar conversation, and its perfect for anyone that wants to take deep dives while also having fun and engage in the conversation.
Scout C
Turns to Gold
The Film Alchemist shares a passion for movies and without forgetting the fun associated with watching them. While the hosts are insightful and informative, they do a solid job of making sure the show becomes self serious. It’s easy to listen to and perfect alternative to talk radio or other critical film shows. Give them a listen and a subscribe!
Griffey and Alex are da bomb, yo!
Great movie reviews that are in depth and fun! The themed months are quite a treat, whether it be about a Werewolves or the one and only Nic Cage.
Conn air
Us review
Very informative and interesting episode. Looking forward to some more good shows. These guys are great!
This podcast is both funny and informative. I love listening to them dive into movies. Recommend!
Everything they do is gold!
Whether it’s the Longbox Sessions or Film Alchemist, you just can’t go Alex and Griff’s takes. Funny but informative. A well designed format that will have you revisiting classics that you may have forgotten, or will be introducing you to gems that you never knew about.
JSK 3rd
Thank God
That Griffey is hosting. Wonderful to hear these guys going all in on movies! Loving the new show!
Angelic Vocalization
That Griffey guy has some pipes doesn't he? It's as if the angelic host burst from his vocal chords and spill movie magic upon me. Also Dandino shows up every week.
Man, that Griffey guy is some kind of genius. Reminds me of Rain Man but with a sultry voice. That Dandino guy also says words. I feel naughty enjoying a show this much!
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