Film Alchemist
Film Alchemist
Joshua Griffey
A weekly Film Podcast featuring Griffey and Dandino exploring movies they love and what makes them magic.
Love and Monsters
The Alchemist trek across a giant bug infested apocalypse for Love and Monsters. Key Elements: Red Dress, Needle Through Water, Boy
Jan 26
41 min
Requiem For A Dream
The Alchemist deal with addiction and infomercials in Requiem For A Dream. Key Elements: Money Box, Juice by Shooter, Angel Fridge
Jan 21
58 min
About Time
The Alchemist search for happiness in our own timelines in About Time.  Key Elements: Father, Son, Patriarchy 
Jan 14
48 min
Grizzly 2: The Concert
The Alchemist fight to survive a killer bear and reshoots in Grizzly 2: The Concert. Key Elements: Man Smells, Tom Baker Experience, Bouchard
Jan 12
47 min
The Alchemist lose weight and gain pie in Thinner.  Key Elements: Sling Shot, White Man From Town, Cherry Pie
Jan 7
56 min
The Poseidon Adventure
The Alchemist try and survive New Year's Eve aboard the Poseidon Adventure. Key Elements: Woman's Swimming, Hell Fire, Coach God
Dec 31, 2020
48 min
The Beast
The Alchemist drive a Russian tank through the desert and the dark heart of man in The Beast.  Key Elements: Dog Grenade, Tank Tracked, Bloody Boots
Dec 30, 2020
49 min
I Am Not A Serial Killer
The Alchemist battle a monster and our own inner killer in I Am Not A Serial Killer.  Key Elements: Dancing Knee, Spawn Fingers, The Tyger
Dec 29, 2020
49 min
The Santa Clause
The Alchemist kill Santa and become caught in the Yuletide nightmare that is The Santa Clause. Key Elements: Hell Denny's, Snow Globe, Assassin Elves 
Dec 25, 2020
1 hr 3 min
Oh, God!
The Alchemist become the savior of mankind in Oh, God! Key Elements: God's Quarterback, Mini-Miracles, Assistant to the Lord
Dec 24, 2020
55 min
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