Film Alchemist
Film Alchemist
Joshua Griffey
A weekly Film Podcast featuring Griffey and Dandino exploring movies they love and what makes them magic.
The Alchemist get our war paint on to retrieve our "daughter" in Commando. Key Elements: Green Beret Breakfast, Jason Shed, Steamed Bennet
Nov 19
56 min
Demolition Man
The Alchemist wake up in utopia and proceed to burn it down in Demolition Man.  Key Elements: Taco Bell, Three Sea Shells, Hunka Chunka
Nov 12
1 hr 6 min
The Alchemist jump in a stone head to the funny farm in Zardoz. Key Elements: Red Speedo, iRing, Crystal Ball
Nov 5
1 hr 5 min
Evil Dead (2013)
The Alchemist fight through blood rain and gore to defeat the Evil Dead.  Key Elements: Hot Shower, Hipster Destruction, Abomination  
Oct 31
59 min
Army of Darkness
The Alchemist grab our Boom Sticks to battle the Army of Darkness.  Key Elements: Hail to the King, S-Mart, Tiny Ashes
Oct 30
50 min
Evil Dead 2
The Alchemist return to the cabin to fight out hand in Evil Dead 2.  Key Elements: Evil Ash, Chainsaw Hand, The Promised One Watch this on our Youtube Channel Nerd Alchemist:  
Oct 29
55 min
The Evil Dead
The Alchemist regret reading from the Book of the Dead in The Evil Dead. Key Elements: Necronomicon, Floating Camera, Creeper Trees
Oct 28
52 min
Phantom of the Paradise with Molly Henery
The Alchemist do everything they can to save their music in Phantom of the Paradise.  Key Elements: Beef, Vinyl Pressed, Contracts Find Molly's work: Twitter: @BloggingBanshee Instagram: @Blogging.Banshee Watch this talk on Youtube:        
Oct 27
1 hr 13 min
Possessor with Josh Lobo
***Spoiler Alert*** The Alchemist assassinate minds and bodies in Possessor. Key Elements: Red Butterfly, Mama's Boy, Face Mask Find Josh Lobo's film I Trapped The Devil where ever you rent or purchase films.  Twitter: @IAmJoshLobo Instagram: @joshlobo / @film_grab
Oct 26
1 hr 31 min
Doctor Sleep
The Alchemist wake up the Overlook Hotel one more time with Rose the Hat in Doctor Sleep. Key Elements: Soul Vape, Lloyd Torrance, Mind Box
Oct 25
57 min
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