Fighting Through WWII Stories & History
Fighting Through WWII Stories & History
Paul Cheall WW2
96 Christmas at War with the V1 missiles - 2023
1 hour 42 minutes Posted Dec 14, 2023 at 4:21 am.
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Show notes

Christmas at war, with more seasonal tales, including a special feature on what Christmas was like in various countries around the globe during WW2.   Specials in this episode:German Boy Soldier's Christmas Shoes V1 Doodlebug bombs over Manchester The Last Flight of Lancaster DV189 The Journal of Flight Sergeant Jim Browning Christmas at war around the world

And just to remind you, if you want to fill your December with a catch up on all the previous Christmas episodes for this podcast, you can access them easily by clicking on the episodes item on the website menu and selecting - Christmas!

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Manchester V1 attack WW2 and comments

Bomber enemies in WWII became friends

Eugene Fluckey’s book Thunder Below about USS Barb submarine.

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