Fibromyalgia Podcast
Fibromyalgia Podcast
Tami Stackelhouse
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A normal woman who relates to us as normal people. She does not talk real slow like a lot of podcasters do, as if we are stupid. She really talks the talk and walks the walk. A pleasure to listen to and learn from. She does understand all of us and through this horrible disease she helps in all ways. Yes people,finally a real good person. Hope you all enjoy her as I am. 💕
Figuring it out!
I was diagnosed when I was 23 I am now 27. For years I have been fighting the diagnose. I had it under control for years and now am staring to have more and more flare-ups and more fatigue. Through this podcast I am now starting to understand and accept my diagnoses. I now want to know as much as I can about this thing that I have. Thank you for helping me through this process and helping me understand/ accept this. I am now trying to figure out how to help myself and my BF understand this diagnoses and live our best lives!
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no more fighting
Just diagnosed
My 17 year old was just diagnosed after years of “trying to figure out” what was going on. Your podcast is exactly what I need! I started on episode 1 and am listening to all of them. Thank you for your compassion, advice and skill at addressing Fibromyalgia in a complete way.
Life changing
Thank you for doing this podcast! It has really changed my outlook. Until I found this podcast I was frustrated and angry with my condition. I am a professional nurse with a highly demanding job that included travel and higher stress situations. It seemed like I was in a constant fibromyalgia flare. Nothing helped. My Dr. tried everything. No medicine helped. When I heard about Coaching I explored the idea and even had a consultation. I was interested but not convinced it would help. Once I learned you started a podcast I was excited. Now was my chance to learn more from the coach herself! Your humor, knowledge and no nonsense approach to teaching is wonderful. I have learned so much that has helped me to manage my life and job better. I am no longer angry or frustrated. Every day is approached as a chance to learn and grow. I am thankful for this journey and look forward to each day! Thank you Tami for every episode! Anne Johnson
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So much information!
Tami tells it like it is and helps you in so many ways to be better! I love how much she supports others and shares her journey
Thank you for giving me a reason to keep fighting.
Awesome podcast. It’s a easy listen and so much great information. Grief of loosing my parents and in laws in the last two years have really made me fall back to square one with my health issues. This podcast is a great go to when I need to know I’m not alone. I also like to share it with my spouse so he knows this isn’t something that I’m just making up in my head.
Tons of current and actionable information
I have hope now.
Such great information
I was diagnosed with Fibro 3 years ago. I’ve recently decided to try CBD Oil. I really really appreciate the insight and great information. I’ve done my own research but this has helped me so much more. Thank you Dr Liptan & Tami for sharing. Also happy I found your podcast.
Poppy Sage
Wow. I’ve been looking for a fibro podcast ever since podcasts became a thing. Thank you Tami for this gift. How do I submit for a free consultation?!?!! :)
This is spot on! So glad I found this!!
This podcast is a true blessing!
Connection to this Podcast
I feel a total connection to this podcast. It is 100% comforting that another woman is living this journey with me. Her authenticity and candor is refreshing. Xoxo
Yoga 4SoC
Hope for people with fibromyalgia
I’ve listened to the first four fibromyalgia podcasts, and can report that Tami offers wise counsel, so far, in ways to reconsider how to live your best life while also living with fibromyalgia. Tami is knowledgeable and devoted to sharing that knowledge with other fibromyalgia patients. Her effervescent personality and enthusiasm for sharing information makes listening delightful and learning fun. I am most grateful for a fresh perspective as to how to see fibromyalgia and how to see yourself living your best life while living with fibromyalgia. At last, some optimism for the lot of us! I eagerly await future podcasts and highly recommend the podcasts for anyone trying to put all the pieces of the fibromyalgia puzzle together.
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Joan in Kansas
Mary Chapman
I’ve struggled with fibromyalgia for 20 years and counting. This podcast gives me hope again. Thank you!
Big shout out and thanks!
I have been struggling with fm for many years and have tried so many docs. Some nodded thoughtfully but weren’t not much real help. I have enjoyed Tami’s books and have started the supplements regimen. My next step is a trip to see my newest doc and talk about some different meds, perhaps naltrexone (low dose). I am excited to feel better!! Thank you so much for helping us all.
Awesome resource!
This podcast is an awesome resource for the fibromyalgia community. We desperately needed this. Thank you so much Tami!!
What you can expect from Fibromyalgia podcasts
So very grateful to Tami...Our fibromyalgia Angel!! The information I have already learned in these podcasts is Invaluable... and she’s only just begun! Wow, looking forward to learning so much more from these podcasts. 🙏 💜