Fiber Talk
Fiber Talk
Gary L. Parr
A twice-weekly podcast for Fiber Art hobbyists.
Fiber Talk with Natasha Kellerman
We’re joined this week by Natasha Kellerman, owner of Dice & Needle, a shop in Batesville, IN. What makes Dice & Needle unique is that it is as much a cross stitch shop as it is a gaming shop. There is no other shop, likely in the world, where you can stitch and play Dungeons […]
Feb 18
Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 2-14-24
We found the next Wednesday in the progression and gathered to chat about needlework. This week’s topics: Cindy finishing Debbie Rowley’s Fantasia, Honduras Threads, Fibonacci Squirrels? Swirls?, and using adequate light when stitching. We also have an extended discussion about the Craft Optics vision device. If you’ve ever considered buying one of the devices or […]
Feb 13
Fiber Talk with M’Lou and Bill Bancroft
This week’s show is sponsored by Sassy Jacks Stitchery. Our guests are M’Lou and Bill Bancroft, originators of Honduras Threads, which started with a church mission trip and has become a life-changing operation for the families in Honduras. M’Lou and Bill guided the business through its initial growing pains to become a significant income generator […]
Feb 11
Fiber Talk with Deb Rucker
Our focus for this first Sunday of Black History Month is Afrocentric needlework and our guest is Deb Rucker of Stitches of Heritage. Sassy Jacks Stitchery is our sponsor and to help recognize Black History Month, Sassy Jacks is offering a free pdf download of the Sassafras Samplers Rosa Parks portrait sampler. To obtain your […]
Feb 3
Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 1-31-24
It’s time for another Midweek Chat. This week Cindy and Gary discuss counted-canvas work and how it fits in the stitching world, ANG and CyberPointers, beginning and ending threads, and keeping a project notebook. Overrated/underrated topics include corner measuring squares, adjustable stretcher bars, and stitching chairs/ergonomics. Be sure to check out the Jan. 28 podcast […]
Jan 30
Fiber Talk with Nicola Jarvis II
Nicola Jarvis returns this week to talk about her new book, “Life in Seasons: The Embroidered World of Nicola Jarvis.” The show is sponsored by Avlea Folk Embroidery and CyberPointers. Nicola’s book is published by the folks at “Inspirations” magazine. While it’s filled with beautiful projects, presented in the familiar “Inspirations” format, it’s much more […]
Jan 27
Fiber Talk with Dr. Susan Kay-Williams V
Dr. Susan Kay-Williams, Executive Director of the Royal School of Needlework, returns this week in a show sponsored by Sassy Jacks Stitchery. We cover a long list of topics including what’s new with the RSN Stitch Bank (, one of the best, no-cost resources for needleworkers; revamping the RSN Tutor Training program; and the RSN […]
Jan 20
Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 1-17-24
It’s our first Midweek Chat of 2024. Among our topics are Gary’s finish of the Sarah Parr 1825 sampler, the re-start of the Sassy Jacks Cosmo thread club, changing colors in projects, dealing with dry hands, perforated wood shapes from Michaels, slate frames and trestles, stitching Beloved, having enough thread for a project, and Beth […]
Jan 17
Fiber Talk with Hannah Crump
Hannah Crump, of Juniper Forest Embroidery, uses her art to talk about the importance of nature on our health. This week’s show is sponsored by Sassy Jacks Stitchery and the Embroiderers’ Guild of America. Hannah has considerable education in textile designs, management, and marketing. Her business progress was curtailed by lifelong anxiety issues until she […]
Jan 13
Fiber Talk Remembers Carole Lake
Carole Lake of Stitch Play Designs departed from us on January 5. If we can have legends in the needle arts community, Carole certainly was one. Her designs and books, solo or with her needlework partner Michael Boren, are some of the best we’ve seen and owning some or all of her books is almost […]
Jan 7