Feathers : Faith in Flight
Feathers : Faith in Flight
Amy J. Bennett
Feathers is a podcast which shares stories of God speaking and His people having just enough faith to believe Him and obey. Each week Amy interviews one guest who shares their story of faith. Perhaps God called them to something which seemed scary or crazy and they had to trust Him and obey or perhaps God asked them to travel a difficult road and asked them to remain faithful to Him. We hope Feathers inspires you and encourages you to take flight in your own faith.
Feathers Season 10 Episode 8 with Bette Bronson and Kailey Hall: College, Community, Faith, and Dating
Bette Bronson and Clemson student Kailey Hall share about the Clemson Table Gatherings. Kailey also shares about faith and dating as a single college student.
Nov 18, 2019
45 min
Feathers Season 10 Episode 6 with Jess Ronne: Heartbreak and Healing
After her husband's terminal diagnosis of brain cancer, Jess found herself as a widow and mother to 4 young children, including one with profound special needs. Jess shares how God provided a connection to a man who had recently lost his wife to the same diagnosis and was also raising young children alone. Jess, her husband Ryan, and their 8 children have been featured on the Today Show and continue to share their journey online.  Jess Ronne is author of the memoir, Sunlight Burning at Midnight and founder of The Lucas Project, a nonprofit providing respite care for families.   JessPlustheMess.com TheLucasProject.org
Nov 7, 2019
1 hr 2 min
Feathers Season 10 Episode 6 with Ann White: Courage for Life
After God restored her broken marriage, Ann White was led to start the non-profit Courage For Life. Courage for Life has an active prison ministry for incarcerated women. They most recently launched the only female-voiced bible app Courage for Life Bible.
Oct 21, 2019
45 min
Feathers Season 10 Episode 4 with Emily Wierenga: A Mama Kit Miracle
Emily Wierenga is the founder of The Lulu Tree, a non-profit dedicated to supporting mothers and children in countries across Africa. In this episode, Emily shares the beginnings of The Lulu Tree and her eyewitness account of a miracle that occurred during an outreach event to expecting mothers.   The Lulu Tree 40 Day Sugar Fast with Wendy Speake
Sep 23, 2019
46 min
Feathers Season 10 Episode 3 with Ruth Chou Simons: Parenting, Creative Work, Beholding and Becoming
Ruth Chou Simons is the artist behind the online shop GraceLaced. She discusses how GraceLaced came to be, her role as a mom to 6 boys, and thoughts from her latest book Beholding and Becoming.
Sep 9, 2019
42 min
Feathers Season 10 Episode 2 with Katie Page: A Miraculous Adoption Story
Katie Page shares the miraculous story of the hidden connection between two of her children.
Aug 27, 2019
1 hr 1 min
Feathers Season 10 Episode 1 with Amy Bennett: Healing and Provision
Host Amy Bennett shares the journey her family has been on during the sabbatical between seasons 9 and 10 of Feathers. Links: The Body Keeps the Score Podcast with Dr. Caroline Leaf Access Counseling & NeuroTherapy Heavy Metal Toxicity Test How to Get Your Child Off the Refrigerator and On to Learning FASD Webinar
Aug 27, 2019
17 min
Feathers Season 9 Episode 16 with Katherine Clark: Of Trauma, Miracles, and Hope
Katherine shares the story of her being diagnosed as a quadriplegic and miraculously recovering much of her mobility. 
Dec 17, 2018
47 min
Feathers Season 9 Episode 15 with Bethany Tran: Being the One
Bethany Tran shares her story of leaving corporate America to start The Root Collective to help women escape the cycle of poverty.
Dec 10, 2018
43 min
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