Ben Dale
Dr. Dale, recently retired after over 25 years in education, explores the topic of retirement for Generation X. If you're retired, close to retirement, or looking down the road, take this journey together.
Beautiful Mess - A Conversation with Jeff Rohrer
Jeff is one of the most interesting people I know. He's a wonderful walking and talking complicated beautiful human. I really admire how he has created four or five stages of his life, doing only what he's passionate about, and making a good living at it. All my passions are just buckets into which I pour money...not Jeff. He found a way to make money only doing and working on projects he loves.
Oct 25, 2022
41 min
FEAR OF RETIREMENT - Gumbo, Boudin, and Politics with Glenn Marx
Mr. Marx shares his unique perspective on life, politics, and getting the most out of every opportunity. Mr. Marx candidly discusses retirement only a few months before announcing publicly his own retirement.
Aug 30, 2022
35 min
FEAR OF RETIREMENT - Swedish Death Cleaning with Dr. Deborah Hofreiter
Dr. Hofreiter talks about her retirement, the Pandemic, how to find passion projects that play to your skill set and strengths, as well as the virtue of Swedish Death Cleaning.
Aug 30, 2022
38 min
FEAR OF RETIREMENT - Working Smart and finding your Happy Medium with Jessica Swarbrick
Volleyball National Champion and former professional athlete, Jessica Swarbrick talks about her career trajectory and thoughts on the FIRE movement. Maximizing your life now, not just your career. Jessica talks candidly about putting an emphasis on quality of life, while having success in real estate. Dr. Dale again tries desperately to understand a mindset of having a meaningful career while living your best life daily. Jessica's perspective on her career is brilliant, seeing it as a vehicle to another opportunity. Don't miss Dr. Dale's pep talk to a struggling student.
Jun 6, 2022
53 min
FEAR OF RETIREMENT - On F.I.R.E. with Neal Perlmutter
Businessman and Coach Neal Perlmutter discusses his (and his generation's) approach to career that allows time in life to do those things he REALLY wants to do. The F.I.R.E. movement approach to living allows him to make a good income, while living a life that looks retired to the rest of us. There is no distinction between productive years and retirement years.
May 11, 2022
0 sec
FEAR OF RETIREMENT - Seeing YOU from the back of a tractor with Amy Howorth
Dr. Dale discusses with Amy Howorth the art of empathy and seeing others necessary in all great leaders. Amy is a political powerhouse, and leadership consultant to city and statement government agencies and entities. She and Dr. Dale talk about her background and career from rural Ohio to the mayor's office in Manhattan Beach. Amy's approach to life as updated versions of herself is an essential lesson to every Gen-Xer. Learn more about Amy 5.0 at https://solutions-mrg.com/amy-howorth/
May 3, 2022
56 min
FEAR OF RETIREMENT - No cameras allowed with Eric Karros - LA Dodger
In this episode Dr. Dale and LA Dodger legend Eric Karros discuss championship drive and mentality. Together he and Dr. Dale explore Mr. Karros' outlaw obsession with cameras, his uncomfortable lack of preparedness to be a grandfather, and his initial thoughts on 'what's next.'
Apr 26, 2022
54 min
FEAR OF RETIREMENT - Even goats are afraid to put down the toolbox
In this episode Dr. Dale discusses ego, pride, and the real reason it is hard to give up "the game." Everyone who has ever been at or near the top of their respective game has developed a toolbox full of skills. Setting down that toolbox is the hard part, but what if it can be picked back up somehow? Let's look at that together.
Apr 7, 2022
29 min
FEAR OF RETIREMENT - Keep your eyes up and don't stop pedaling
In this episode Dr. Dale discusses the mental game of retirement. Most of society cannot accept retirement as anything other than becoming a sedentary being. Let's talk openly about retirement as a new beginning, not an ending.
Apr 7, 2022
21 min
FEAR OF RETIREMENT - Rebranding...not retirement
In this episode, Dr. Dale proposes "rebranding" as an approach to retirement. In this new paradigm, retirement as a term or concept may become obsolete. The human pathway may become one of phases among various passion projects, or varying focus on different pursuits. What do you think?
Apr 7, 2022
25 min
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