FBC Jacksonville
FBC Jacksonville
First Baptist Church of Jacksonville
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Bigots spreading hatred instead of love while handpicking which parts of the Bible support their homophobic ideology while ignoring the parts that speak of caring for your neighbor and loving people as they are. It’s really not surprising their memberships are declining and they’re going bankrupt. It’s probably God’s will.
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I start out with the title of Thankful. My dear pastor I sat under in the 90’s and until he passed on to Glory , taught us to make list, of what we are thankful for, God has blessed us. Then we won’t be “ungrateful people of God”….and wonder around. Lost in our wilderness… We are blessed at FBCJAX to have an amazing Pastor(s) once again. Rich history in my home church. My body of Christ , to serve. All our pastors live out what they preach in the pulpit. Live out Gods Word. Thankful they teach us too! Loved the last three sermons from Pastor Sean Perron too. “What Every Pastor wants you to know”
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Pastor Heath Lambert
Preaches Only the Word of God! He is a Shepherd to the sheep! Man of God with Faith and Strength! BLESS HIM (and his precious family) Please Lord Jesus!
One on many, praying sheep
Preaches the Word of God
I highly recommend Pastor Mac Brunson & his staff
Awesome Sermon
Pastor Munson certainly has great insight into the world and the Sin of Discontentment. He hits the nail on the head with this sermon.