Fatal Voyage: The Death of JFK Jr.
Fatal Voyage: The Death of JFK Jr.
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Very nicely put together
I thought this podcast was very nicely put together with a lot of details that I wasn't aware of. I would highly recommend.
Not worth listening to. Repetitive nothing you don’t already know, poorly done; disjointed narration blah
Season Three
Don’t waste your time with this nonsense. Junior buys an expensive plane that he’s not qualified to fly, and then crashes and kills everyone on board. The only mystery is why his wife and her sister were dumb enough to get on board given his prior troubles in riding a bike?
Poorly Done Sensationalism
Wow. An interesting character done a disservice. Twelve episodes where 80% of the content is repeated 3-4 times. Could have been four episodes. Very disjointed and as speculative as the redacted documents they kept getting giddy about. Really quite an amateurish production. The National Enquirer would love it.
What is this?
The first 2 seasons were good but the JFK one is junk. It would be one thing if you made these accusations and backed them up with examples but you just spew dramatic innuendo with nothing to back it up. It’s cringe worthy and pretty disrespectful to a guy who had no control over his parents, having a bit of a bad steak in life and then dies. Be nice.
George Urban
Ugly George is full of hot air and spewed complete lies.
Not as good as it pretends.
The Natalie Wood season is pretty good. The Princess Diana season is old news, and calls itself “case closed” but doesn’t close anything. I’m only midway through JFKjr but good lord, just because the FBI has documents doesn’t mean the contents are true. I worry about the homicide investigations this guy worked on. (And I was pretty young in the 80s & early 90s but I don’t think JFKjr was ever considered the “crown prince” of the US, expected to be president, or “the most famous man in America” - gag.) — Having finished it, it’s just as bad as I thought previously. I really think someone decide it would be great to have a JFK jr season & then realized there’s nothing there.
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Repeats too much of the same conversational content, and what’s with the audio production? Sounds like they recorded everything in a tin can!
Season 4
When is season 4 happening?
Some interesting info and the reenactment of JFK Jr’s flight was worth a listen. For the most part it is full of ridiculous conspiracy theories about drug cartels. This was the hubris of a risk taking, egotistical pilot who lacked experience. Spatial disorientation is very real. I was only left with great sadness over the terror they must have felt in the last minutes of their young lives. Also, anyone who knew him as well as they guy on the podcast allegedly did would NEVER call him “John John”. It was well documented he detested being called that name. We also all got he was “wreckless”; It was only overused numerous times through the podcast.
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The tail of JFK, Jr.’s plane was detached from the fuselage. More than one person saw a mid-air explosion. This is nothing more than a character assassination of John Kennedy, Jr. These investigators should be arrested for this garbage. Shame on these morons.
Zero stars
Terrible and repetitive. Hate listened to the last few episodes. Why have a Brit “narrate” and immediately lose any credibility by calling him “Junior” throughout? No one including media referred to him in this manner. Was “John Jr” simply too difficult to say? The letter to Joe Biden is just laughable and they ignore the actual FBI analyst who dismisses their theory. Waste of time.
Each Season Is Well Done!
Loved all 3 seasons and waiting for Season 4!
Pilot Error
He was an arrogant and ill prepared pilot. End of story.
Rehash of a bunch of nonsense
I would like to know who these guys have for doctors. No reputable doctor I know would still be handing out opiates 8 weeks after surgery. That is a complete fallacy. Unless JFK Jr has a catastrophic break (which he didn’t because he up walking around) he shouldn’t have had opiates in his system.
Goes down too many wormholes
Repetitive, unsubstantiated interviews, very inconsistent portrayal of JFK Jr (was he the most famous man in America? Or was he “just a political kid” - nowhere near as famous as Madonna?) The people interviewed seem to be aware of only peripheral information. Often, they say they “heard” things. Waste of time.
My new fave podcast!
Love all the seasons!!!
Lurie Dav
Season one wasn’t great, season 2 AWFUL
Repetitive and tabloid-y. It’s an interesting case, though. But I’m not sure this is much of a true crime investigation (Natalie Wood season). Edited to add: JFK jr Season might be the worst pod I’ve ever heard. Factual errors, unsubstantiated claims, jumps all over the place, and repetitive. Used the plane crash of JFK jr as opportunity to rehash the assassinations of JFK and RFK and conspiracy theories.
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Zero stars
These producers clearly have an agenda that doesn’t involve the truth re: JFK Jr. They lose credibility almost from the start by continually referring to John as “Junior,” a name by which he has NEVER been known in the U.S. When they try desperately to suggest that JFK Jr wrote a letter to then Senator Joe Biden threatening Biden’s life and—listen to this episode carefully, because despite their repeated referral to a blacked out copy of the letter which probably never even got to Biden—there’s not a shred of actual evidence that connects it to to JFK Jr. Meanwhile they give short shrift to a legit FBI agent who dismisses their claim. The only thing that connects JFK Jr at all to the threat is that his name was signed to the letter, as if he would have signed it. Whoever sent the threat might as well have signed it “Mickey Mouse,” which is about the level of character these guys have the legitimacy to investigate. Shame on them. Don’t waste your time on this tabloid trash.
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Good podcast but seems very repetitive. They say the same things many times through out. Example would be how JFK Jr. would ride this bike in NYC and how his marriage wasn’t good. It doesn’t need to be mentioned in almost every episode.
What a joke
Wasted time on this 12 episode farce. Very little time was spent exploring all sides of this story, all filler. This guy is a detective? Hard to believe. I kept waiting and waiting for any sort of compelling argument for conspiracy or not and he gave none, just endless blather. I have never given a 1 star before, now I have.
Great podcast
The pandemic has given me more time to listen to podcasts and I love them. I just finished all 3 seasons of this one last week after listening for a couple of months. I knew some about Princess Diana and John F. Kennedy Jr. but not a lot about Natalie Wood. I was 4 when she passed. So for Natalie everything was new to me. It was fascinating. I can’t believe Robert Wagner was not treated more as a suspect. On the other 2 seasons there were some things I forgot about and some things new to me. I found it really interesting that the fiat uno driver wasn’t investigated more in Princess Diana case and that JFK Jr. sent that nasty letter to Joe Biden as well as there being no autopsy. I hope there are more seasons coming!
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This podcast and it’s seasons have put me on a roller coaster of whether or not I like it. I enjoyed the first season, enough to make me want to listen to season 2. Season 2 was so drawn out and repetitive that I lost interest and stopped listening. Had it not been for being about a Kennedy, I wouldn’t have listened to season 3. Season 3 is great except the last episode. You expect some grand solution at the end and you get nothing. Season 3 was also a bit repetitive.
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Cannot overstate how bad this is.
Unscrupulous speculation
There are factual errors and endless unsubstantiated speculation.
Take the A train
Nothing new here
This could have been interesting if they had presented any new information. Season 1 was decent but leaned a little too heavily on interviews with Natalie’s sister to be considered objective and was also quite repetitive. I got halfway through season 2 and couldn’t finish. It was repetitive, sensationalist, and pandering to conspiracy theories that are pretty flimsy in comparison to the indications that it was a horrific car accident that involved a drunk driver. The material in the first 6 episodes could have been covered in 1.
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Good show
Very interesting podcast. Good research. As others have said, too much repetition.
Dragging it Out
Overall the podcast was good, but it felt like the episodes started to repeat the same information over and over with nothing really added. Probably would have flowed better if they did the show in half the amount of episodes.
A Colossal Titan
Bomb yo!
I like this podcast but...
It has a pretty strong TMZ-type feel. I think there’s some real evidence in these episodes but there’s a really gossipy tone with a clear angle - it’s certainly not real journalism. But it’s interesting.
Isn’t this the same investigator that pushed that JFK was killed by a Secret Service agent accidentally? But now JFK’s death was the first of an ongoing strategy that included killing John Jr. The podcast is based upon the idea that JFK Jr. served as just as big of a threat to the right wing as his father and RFK? At one point in one interview the assumption was made JFK Jr. would be considered the Democratic nominee for President the next year even though the preceding part of the interview had John Jr. bemoaning he had never accomplished anything. So the party would have nominated a 37 yearold for president having never served in any political role?
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Very informative
It’s a good podcast and very informative.
I like the series but hate 20-30 min episodes and so drawn out (& repetitive). It’d be better with longer/less episodes that flowed.
A gaggle of Incels with dopey conspiracy theories. Skip this
Sensationalizing, speculation, padding, repeating incidents multiple times... and that highly-annoying, faky-sounding British accent. I was interested in the death of Natalie Wood, but this is a fluffy bio of her whole life, and not entertaining in the least. It takes these clowns a dozen episodes to present info that could have been covered in ten minutes. I’m out- didn’t even get to the part I was originally interested in. They’re just selling commercials—nothing here for those who know what a good podcast sounds like.
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Liberal junk
No wonder Fake news is such a popular saying in the USA
stu knodd
I binged season 1 & season 2 as soon as they came out. Excellent story telling full of information I had never heard. A riveting walk through history filled with intrigue & drama. Time to binge season 3!
JFK Junior, Hoax-Pod
The hosts are former investigators? HaHahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! The “experts” are so familiar with the Kennedy family, that they refer to John as “Junior” Like your bestie, right? This podcast sounds like all involved are Mafia thugs who read too many tabloids. Jealous misogynists who spew speculation. Extremely unprofessional. Don’t waste your time- they sure wasted Theirs.
Good start then misses the mark
I really enjoyed the family history but then e speculation/tabloid stuff became unprofessional feeling around episode 5. Also there’s one line where one of the men they interviewed says (the very liberal) JFK JR “would have applauded some of the stuff Donald Trump is doing to fight corruption/croneyism!” and I almost died laughing.
Pure Speculation
I felt like I was in the grocery store line reading a tabloid. No real facts about anything. It’s pure speculation and conjecture. All done for dramatic effects. No facts, no credible guests, just speculation and opinion. Poor, poor podcast. Won’t waste my time with anymore of it.
Do not waste your time or free wifi. You could have played the last episode and heard it all. No new info or perspective. A bunch of newspaper articles thrown together. Ugh, wish there was a zero rating.
Love it
Very good podcast.
Look forward to it every week.
Enjoy this podcast. Interesting, keeps your attention, and I learn facts that I wasn’t aware of.
Two disinfo clowns. Don’t think it was his own party? Jerkoffs, they are two wings of the same bird. Global canal killed him. Period. Jerkoffs. This series is a waste of time
Too much speculation
All done for drama, so much misinformation about someone who cannot defend himself.
Episode 10, about the crash, is loaded with ridiculous speculation, contradictions, falsehoods and conjecture, way too many to recount. What a complete joke. John was a mediocre pilot who cut corners and was flying in circumstances beyond his limited capabilities. He crashed because he was sloppy, arrogant and foolish.
Episodes are redundant
Each season seems like it will be an interesting story based on the subject but every episode within each season it a repeat of the one before it. Also the only advertisement that SCREAMS AT ME EVER 15 minutes will be a show I’ll never listen to simply for screaming at me and nearly causing a car accident while listening to it. I’ll finish out this season and delete from subscriptions. Each story could have been wrapped up with maybe 2 hours, tops
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This podcast has a great foundation in JFK Jr’s life, family history and tragic death. It is really frustrating that so much of the podcast is repetitive. I mean like 40% of it is said over and over. This could be a 5 part series if they eliminated the repeats and the hearsay.
Mel Mau
Waste of time... Story could be told in 1/4 the time... Drawn out, repetitive... One would need to be brain dead, bored to listen to this gossip
After three commercial breaks in the first 25 minutes, I realized they were the best part.
breakFAST manners
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