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Back again
I gave up this Pod when Dan left (back when he was solo with Tuma) but have just come back since now Dan is back. Love the show except... all the DFS at the end. I get that betting is the future of sports but I’m just not interested. With that being said at least it’s at the end and I can just skip the last 10 minutes. Overall great. Would even like a longer (hour’ish) show with these two guys. Maybe once a week? Maybe more often.
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Great show
Big fan of the daily fantasy baseball analysis
Love the podcast!
Watch pretty much every day! Joe and Dan are an awesome compliment to one another! Keep up the hard work!
Ryan Hedgecock
Solid content, entertaining hosts
First year listening to Fantasy Pros but I’ve been impressed thus far. DJ and Joe have good chemistry and have some fairly good takes compared to a lot of so called experts.
louie Winthorpe
Pretty solid analysis
They have upped their game this year. Seems like more content this year and plenty of hosts all with differing opinions to let you see different perspectives. Love Leading off!! Highly recommend.
Best fantasy baseball podcast out there
Joey P and Danny H are two of the best. I listen to Leading Off every day and I love it. They have helped me win several championships in my leagues over the years. They also hit dingers!
Clay Miller 123
Great AM fantasy warm up
Love the pod! Great analysis good feel for the league
Bad/dad jokes
Excellent show,Joe & Dan keep the show moving with great banter between them great insights (except their HR calls, come on just stick with the homer hitters,Buxton, Tatis, ect)they move along not like another BB fantasy show where 1 guy takes ffffoooorrrrreeeevvvvveeeerrr to talk! bad/dad jokes.. I like them reminds me of playing Strat baseball against my brother and pissing him off with guys like Ivan “boiling” Calderon,Jeff Conine “the barbarian “ and Freddie “take a bite out of crime “Mc Griff who would crush him!
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Great detail and helpful pointers!
Look, they're not always right, but they have definitely helped me more than they have hurt me. And no one is always right. They put their money where their mouths are, as they are in several leagues and are free to tell you who they have on their team(s). They are also very pleasant to listen to, and they give reasonable feedback on listener questions and trade scenarios. They're on my daily podcast slate!
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Han Anormicz
Excellent show
Joe and Dan give you pertinent information in a timely fashion. When you don’t have two hours to listen to some of these other podcast you go here for laughs and excellent information
Mario Dee
Good podcast, but lacks 1 thing
It lacks “Hey Yo!”
I never miss a day!
I’ve this podcast! Never miss a day. The baseball insight is great!
Greatest Fantasy Baseball Podcast
Guys this one is the best, you will get two guys smart enough to make you be at the top of your Fantasy Baseball Leaderboard. Awesome having Joey and Dan insight.
Great way to start the morning!!
Fantasy Pros
Love leading off guys, it’s what I digest on my way to and from work every day. Concise and entertaining content that I look forward to everyday. Keep up the good work guys.
Daily Updates!! These guys are the best.
Being in a league where the rosters can change daily, I love that these guys provide you with insight into what each day holds, and this info comes on the day of. I usually listen to the podcast as I’m out grabbing lunch, so it’s perfect to be able to make last minute roster adjustments before midday games. I definitely recommend this podcast to anyone listening for season long or daily cash play fantasy.
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The best Podcast!
Leading Off is the best way to start my day!
My morning daily show👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Excellent show, funny, very good information for fantasy and dfs!!!
Daily listener
This is a comprehensive and fun fantasy baseball show. The hosts cover a lot in this compact show including when to be patient with a struggle player, prospects, spot starts, and what to buy/sell. If you play in daily, HTH, roto, etc. this show will give you good advice and some laughs.
Fantasy football wizard
The show provides great content and I listen daily. Extremely knowledgeable hosts and great advice.
Favorite MLB podcast
My favorite mlb podcast. Listen everyday.
One more closer to 1k
Listen to you guys every morning, really enjoy the show and how you start off early. Keep up the good work guys
Wes Tatis Jr
Perfect baseball podcast
Good, relevant, concise information on fantasy baseball. Good advice for DFS and season-long play.
Chunk shy
Give Joe a Raise
Love the energy, enthusiasm, chemistry and knowledge! Great work guys!
Awesome Podcast!
Love the’s the the way I start my mornings every day! I love baseball, I love fantasy and Joe and Dan are the absolute best! Great content.
FantasyPros Team is #1
You won’t get a better or more comprehensive take on all things Fantasy Baseball than these guys. Dan Harris and Joe P’s Leading Off pcast is great with your morning coffee!
The Ex-Commissioner
Listen every weekday
Gives a quick 30 minute of the news and notes going on in baseball. Perfect way to keep up to date
Ken Desisles
Helpful recap
I listen to this pretty much daily. It’s a helpful recap especially for the west cost games I can’t stay up for. Just wish it came out earlier in the day.
place holders
Loyal Peanut and Cracker Jacks Gallery Member
Hey, Guys! I’m a first time fantasy player, and Leading Off has been my daily morning lesson in my fantasy crash course! And, with your assistance, I finished my 1st week in 1st place in my league (and I’m on my way to winning my 2nd week)! Thank you! Love the show - fun and informative!
Saint Cristopher
it’s such a bright spot of my morning routine- listening to these angelic voices each day!
Great Podcast
Love listening to Joey P and Dan each morning. Leading off is great. They make sense of the previous day and provide helpful tips and analysis for who to start and for DFS. (Gotta respect the enthusiasm that Joey P shows for the Manscape ads 😆😆) Keep up the great work!
10 stars
Of course I enjoy listening everyday! Huge fan!
It's a Must
Funny and insightful. They bring it from every aspect and it's a must listen for any baseball fan.
Great info and very entertaining.
Great info and very entertaining.
dan is the man
by far favorite radio personality on fantasy sports. less daily or no daily would be appreciated. thx
Love the Pod
Joe is my paisan!!! Love listening to the POD. The mock draft capabilities are unmatched. Great site/ Pod / help.
Bad jokes, bad takes. No one wants to listen to you whine about how baseball isn’t the same as it was in the 80s. Go listen to the CBS guys for a real fantasy baseball podcast.
Great Show
Thank you for a great show. The show is insightful and funny at the same time. The hosts have a great rapport and sound logic behind all of their recommendations.
Kevin F Jr
Joe and Dan are awesome. They keep the show fun and do not throw to many numbers at you. Too many numbers get boring. That is coming from an accountant.
Fantasy pros baseball pod
It’s fun listening to people who love fantasy baseball as much as I do. Keep digging deep and giving me the info (pick ups and drops)that will win me another banner!
Love the podcast, I try and listen every day when I get some time whether it be in the car, on my break or even in the shower. These guys really know their stuff. My only suggestion would be to say the players name you’re speaking about a little more frequently. Sometimes when driving or listening while doing another task it’s easy to miss who’s being spoken about and then there’s a lot of “he, him” etc so it’s hard to figure out who’s being discussed. Keep up the great work though, the fantasypros football podcast led me to my first title last year and I’m hoping these guys will do the same for baseball!
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Best All Around Baseball Podcast
Amazing podcast that’s always ready to go for my morning routine! Catch up on the games from the night before with great fantasy advice, plus some DFS at the end.
Great info
These guys bring good info during the season for any fantasy fan. Thank you!
Enjoy the show
Love it
Podcast Commish!
In my league last year, I didn’t do so well. I went with my gut and found these guys when I was prepping for baseball this year. I look forward to their banter every morning and helps me get started for the day. Their podcast is quick and to the point! Love it.
Love these guys!
Joe & Dan are freaking awesome! Very informational! I listen to these guys everyday before work to get sleeper news and line up suggestions. Just some guys talking about America’s past time, baseball keep it up fellas!
Worth Your Time
I’ve been listening to the FantasyPros podcast for a few years now. I was drawn to, and I stay for, usable fantasy news and information, and now they are including DFS, too. Joey P. and Dan Harris, and friends, bring a wealth of knowledge and mix it with humor and fun. I listen to this podcast every day to hear what happened around the league the night before and to get myself ready for the next days’s slate of games. I almost don’t want to write this review so I can keep this pod to myself and beat my league mates! Happy listening, and winning.
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Eric G.G.
Entertaining and helpful
Joe and Dan are helping me keep my sanity while I am stuck at home. If you’re a seam head it’s well worth a listen. They both need craft beer in their life but I can’t hold it against them they aren’t beer guys yet. I love the DFS addition to the show but wish they incorporated a longer format week in review periodically. Warning I swing on 3-0 counts!
Quick-Paced, Informative and Fun!
This podcast is exactly what I was looking for! I love fantasy baseball. I’ve been playing since the early 90’s (harkening back to the days of writing drafts by hand and newspaper stats). I also really enjoy listening to podcasts while I clean the house, wash my car, fold laundry, rinse baby bottles and complete other menial tasks. I was looking for a fantasy baseball podcast that was light-hearted and informative. The content is released daily which is terrific for setting my line-ups and mulling over the latest waiver wire candidates. After listening to the show, I finally took the plunge and started playing DFS as well. The advice is excellent, but as they mention on the show frequently, there’s a 70 percent failure rate baked in to baseball, so we all know they won’t always be right about players (ahem, Randy Arozarena). Their energy is positive, the pace is quick, and there’s humor, but not 7-minute long rants and contrived shenanigans like other fantasy podcast hosts indulge in. Baseball is about having fun, adults playing a child’s game. And the same should be true for fantasy sports and the podcasts covering them. Thank you for your daily content and bringing brevity and joy during this time when many of us are isolated and seeking ephemeral sources of escape. Keep up the good work!
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New favorite baseball podcast
Avid fantasy player here. I’ve been looking for a baseball podcast that wouldn’t last/drag for long periods of time. FantasyPros goes straight to the point, definitely cover the most relevant news/advise for the hectic world of baseball. Appreciate the help and value offered to us listeners.
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