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Fantasy Footballers - Fantasy Football Podcast
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We don’t need all the personal stories your podcast way too much about you and ads.
Entertaining. Not quite as helpful.
It’s the most entertaining fantasy football podcast. They’re fun, energetic, funny, and family friendly. Major kudos for that. For actual fantasy analysis, I haven’t found them super helpful. Repeating a lot of the same stuff you hear everywhere, with the same reasons. It feels like a lot of reading the spreadsheets without digging into talent. Honestly, I listen leading up to draft time because I know most of my league mates eat up the show, so I know which guys they’re all probably gunning for, and who they’re probably overlooking. I have a hard time finding a reason to listen once the year starts. Also - I dig that they are independent, doing their own thing. But I’ve felt like as a result, they had some questionable sponsors propping them up over the years. Pristine Auctions is one of their biggest supporters, which is really full of unreliable trash memorabilia. I know it pays their bills, but it feels like getting sponsored by the payday loan place on the bad side of town.
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Smarky Mark
The champs are here!
This show is a top notch must for any fantasy football fan. Great content, great chemistry between Andy, Mike, and Jason. I’m always in a state of wanting more from these gentlemen. Plus as a Raiders fan it warms my heart knowing Andy is a huge closet Raiders fan as well. For sure his AFC team and second closest team to him so the math checks out.
My favorite people
I found this podcast a few years ago while trying to get an edge on my friends in our league and I felt like part of the family from day one. Seem to be great dudes behind the mics with family friendly jokes along the way but also some of the most accurate fantasy football analysts out there. Love the show guys keep up the great work
absolutely the best fantasy football pod. this podcast not only helped me repeat in my league, it helped me threepeat!!!
I Love Michael Keaton!
By far and away the most entertaining fantasy analysis podcast. Although I have not yet won it all, I have placed 2nd the last four years in a row and the consistency is due to the UDK and listening to the ballers. Just have had some bad luck with injuries down the stretch. Love the guys and am totally a bitter, biased, fan. Go Cards!
You won’t be disappointed
I’ve been listening to these guys for about 5 years. Not only are these guys giving you great fantasy advice but they are incredibly funny. There are a lot of really good fantasy football podcasts but Gold Medal has to go to these guys.
Chris Epperley
Best Fantasy Football Podcast By Far
I’m gonna keep it short and simple. These fine gentleman bring the perfect combination of hard hitting fantasy analysis along with great humor. Everything you could want… and more!
The Best
Very entertaining. Keep up the good work.
Best overall fantasy podcast
Easily the best fantasy podcast available. Most in depth coverage of all league types. Also most entertaining.
Best Fantasy Podcast. Non-debatable.
Hands down the best fantasy football podcast out on the air waves. No one does it better than dirty Mike and the boys. Your children’s children will be talking about these guys. Living legends. Men among boys. Gods among.
Best podcast ever
Funny, smart, clean, this podcast is everything I want in a fantasy football podcast
love your pod
Love listening to The Fantasy Footballers, both during the football season and also in the off season. Good analysis and fun commentary. You can tell that they are great friends & enjoy podcasting together. Cheers Ballers, keep up the good work, love your pod ;-)
Pleasure B4 Bidness
Best show period
Look no further as this is the best fantasy football podcast you can find. All the information you need to win at your fingertips paired with fun and laughter. Love to listen, but watching on YouTube is even better! Jason is my spirit animal #teamheftyboys.
They are who we thought they were
Great fantasy show for all sorts of fantasy players. Only problem with the show is that Andy is the biggest bears hater on the planet. Worse than any packers or vikings fans I have ever met and I went to school in Wisconsin. The man cannot go an episode without a shot at the bears. I guess he still isn’t over the 06 bears-cards game.
The Best
The best combination of great advice/analysis and entertainment out there! Enjoy!
So good
Entertaining, funny, knowledgeable and great hosts
Josh Brownbear
Best Football Pod. Period.
Love the Footballers. They are a critical part of my fantasy football routine. They’re knowledgeable, smart and most importantly entertaining. So much better than the dull and boring tones of other podcasts! Must subscribe for any fantasy footballer!
Rad and Awesome!
Love the show! Thanks for doing what you do and being awesome!
DeVante's inferno
Covid podcast
I just started listening to this podcast when covid started. It is the only fantasy podcast I listen to because it is the best one available. The guys are awesome! Cant wait for future episodes !
Tired of losing against your friends and coworkers? Look no further!
Since starting to listen to the fantasy footballers I have not finished lower than 3rd place in the past 4 years. They are a prime exhibit of superior physique, football knowledge and pure entertainment. Also, make sure to check out their comedy podcast the Spitballers for some comedic gold that the whole family can enjoy. Keep up the great work lads 😎
Best show
Most entertaining and accurate fantasy football show on the market!
Listening until I’m 55!
Although I haven’t won my league yet after 15 years, I’ve gone from a casual player to a knee deep in research fanatic. Listen to every show and since I’ve been in the playoffs every year ( have to avoid those losing penalties). You guys are great.
Thorough, informed and entertaining.
This is the best long-form fantasy show out there.
DJ Daddy B
Best podcast ever!!!
I love this podcast. They really got me in to fantasy!!
This is single handedly the best fantasy podcast ive ever heard...seriously
With a brilliant mixture of witt, chemisty, and just out an out facts. These three bring home the bacon in one of my favorite free wheeling podcasts. I have the daily tradition of listening to this everyday from August till the end of the season at work. My views often align with Jasons on many issues, but im coming around to Mikes side especially on Washington. GIBSZN BABY!! While i write this with the attempt to win the mini helmet giveaway because again...gibszn I have never written an actual review on here. If you reader are looking for a rip roaring and often times quite accurate fantasy football commentatry from three of the biggest goofballs (Dean Pees...come on hah) ive ever had the joy of listening to. Then i heavily recommend this podcast to you individual whom views this. Thank you for your time in reading this and i hope you are having a wonderful day.
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Everyday August
Great show guys. Can’t wait for everyday August.
Great Fantasy Football advice, Better entertainment.
These guys created the nickname Gigantour so they are automatically legends.
Lets do this 123456789
Very insightful and well put together
Great podcast for Fantasy Football
They are great! I feel really prepared for my FFL.
T. Mancuso
The biggest shimmy!
You won’t find any more entertaining and knowledgeable fantasy football podcast ANYWHERE EVER! Their shimmy is the biggest.
Best Fantasy Football Podcast Out There!
I love this show. Constantly getting updates and advice from Andy, Mike, and Jason is what helps me really excel during the fantasy football season. These guys are fun, interactive, and put on a great show. They get me through my workdays and get me to the playoffs 😎 Tune in!
Bray Forte
Great pod
Thanks for the free entertainment
Highly recommend
Listening to these guys is basically a cheat code for winning my league
The best.
Simply the best fantasy football show out there. Entertaining, multiple ways to look at situations and the best drops!
Best Fantasy Show
Great show with very entertaining and funny hosts. Also gives great football advice and helped me dominate my leagues
Head soccer!!!!!!!
Great show as always, fun and relatable
Nick PPS
Best Podcast Ever!
None of y’all look the way I pictured, while listening on Spotify, but when I went to YouTube one day to watch & listen- what a surprise! But this is my favorite podcast of all time, y’all are hilarious and I learn something new every episode. Keep up the awesome work guys. Much love
The Footballers are fun, energetic, and bring excitement to Fantasy Football
The Footballers all have amazing personalities that mesh well together. They’re best friends, of course! They are extremely knowledgeable and are legit some of the most likable people in the fantasy industry. If you aren’t subscribed to their podcast, do you even like fantasy football?
Best Fantasy Football Podcast...Period
The humor that the guys provide is surpassed only by the quality of the knowledge they impart! And a Owl Borland doesn’t get enough respect! And J Griz is my favorite!
Fun and factual
Best FF podcast around! I feel like I am in the room when the comedy flows, and I am listening intently to the differing opinions on fantasy football. Love it all!
Fantasy experts
These are the best fantasy football analysts you could possibly have for a podcast. Not only are the very relatable and fun, they are extremely up to date with all things fantasy football! I highly recommend!
Great Show
This is a great show, they know what they’re talking about, are funny, and are the best in their field.
Suns in 1
Great show!!
The best thing to listen for fantasy football, comedy and life in general!!
You Just Won Your Fantasy League
These three guys and their producers are the best in the biz. They make listening to stats and numbers so enjoyable! A lot of talent out of this crew from AZ. Having been listening to them for 4 or 5 years, I can really tell you that they have helped me in my leagues. Their accuracy and fairness (unbiased) of information is the best!
This is the best fantasy football podcast I have ever listened too, they are extremely funny and always reliable on helping you win your league!
Dakota Deuel
Best sports podcast
Best fantasy football podcast, period.
Can get the same analysis elsewhere
Thanks for the emergency pod on the Cam Akers injury fellas. So glad you guys were there for me in that regard 🙄. Fortunately there at least 3 emergency pods from other groups in my feed that I was able to listen to. Guess they’re more dedicated than you three fools.
Best Fantasy Football Podcast hands down!!
Funny, entertaining and helped me win my league.
The Best
Been listening for years. They are educational and incredibly entertaining.
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