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The FT team are here to bring you family history interviews, news, stories, discoveries, research tips and so much more. Get started on your family tree, discover your story, take your timeline back further, and join the genealogy community. The Family Tree podcast is brought to you by the team behind the hugely popular British magazine Family Tree and the website.
Episode 12. Postal workers of the past and discover Name & Place
We chat to Dr Kathleen McIlvenna about her research into 19th-century Post Office staff, and talk to Paul Carter to find out more about the Name & Place, designed for one-place studies, one-name studies and local history research projects.
Aug 14
36 min
11. Discover how to unlock the secrets a house history
House history enthusiast and professional researcher Adele Emm shares tips on how to trace the history of your home and the lives of the people who once lived there. Plus we speak to Julia Pascal about her two year project to investigate the Sephardi Jewish community and their return in England in the time of Olive Cromwell, and the launch of the One Lost Stone project on 5 July.
Jun 30
35 min
10. First steps in researching the history of your road
Inspired by our #StoryOfOurStreet challenge, we chat to Rachel Bellerby about her first steps into researching her road. Plus – if you like a new angle on history, don’t miss Dr Vivien Newman speak about her new book Children at War 1914-1918.
Jun 10
19 min
9. Discover how to join in with #StoryOfOurStreet challenge
Learn about the history on your very own doorstep with you join in with the #StoryOfOurStreet challenge. Plus military historian Simon Fowler shares useful tips for tracing your WW2 family heroes and heroines. And author Louise Fein speaks about her debut novel set in Nazi Germany, People Like Us.
May 28
32 min
8. Research hints & hacks to help solve names and dates
Confused about something you’ve found in the records. Tune in for Family Tree Academy tutor David Annal’s useful hints. Plus reflect on the value of family history to museum collections with Senior Curator at the Royal Museums Greenwich, Claire Warrior.
May 20
46 min
7. Remembering and celebrating our Second World War ancestors | VE Day 75
We chat to John Dickson, born in London in 1936, about his childhood memories of the war, and we listen to Churchill’s rousing 'Victory in Europe' speech as voiced by actor and Churchill fan Derek Herbert.
May 6
30 min
6. Learn about free UK records at Ancestry & The National Archives
Free records for your VE Day research. Helen chats to Simon Pearce, Pro Genealogist and military researcher at Ancestry for advice on how to research our Second World War heroes, and discusses new book ‘A Soldier’s Story’ with author Mike Wood.
May 1
37 min
5. Voyages from the past, Humbugs and Doodlebugs, and Family Tree (virtually) Live
Dr Simon Wills describes the voyages across the seas our ancestors would have taken. Helen speaks to Stephen J King about his new book Humbugs and Doodlebugs, and we get the latest news (including details of Family Tree virtually Live) from Rachel.
Apr 20
20 min
4. More at-home inspiration, genealogy in Italy, latest news
Paul Chiddicks provides more at-home inspiration to help you keep researching, organising and discovering. We speak to Vincenzo Alfano and find out more about genealogy in Italy, and Rachel and Helen discuss the latest family history news.
Apr 10
21 min
3. DNA during the lockdown, latest news & the psychology of searching
DNA expert Karen Evans chats to Helen about DNA during the lockdown, Rachel gives us an update on some very welcome good news stories, and Dr Penny Walters discusses, the psychology of searching, the subject of her latest book.
Apr 6
19 min
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